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Meet the Jobacle Resume Writing Contestants


									12 Resume Writers Enter the Ring for Battle
The 2008 Jobacle Resume Writing Challenge is officially underway, with my resume distributed to 12 top-notch resume writers. Over the next few weeks you'll learn more about the process of choosing and hiring a resume writer. And in the end, YOU will help decide who produced the best resume. I must admit that I can already tell that I underestimated the amount of work the resume owner must but forth. Often, we think of hiring someone to perform a service so we don't have to. When it comes to resume writing, the final product will only be as strong/directed/beneficial as the information you provide. I'll leave it as this: At the extreme least you will be forced to take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out exactly what you want out of the document. That’s an exercise that is advantageous to you. Now let's meet our contestants. Read their own words below and visit their Web sites for more information. From seasoned professionals to industry newcomers, you'll get to know them a lot better real soon... Howard Chai: Bring on the contest! Cliff Flamer: I see you're taking a different approach to career development. I agree the industry could use a breath of fresh air from the usual rigamorole that career experts spew. I take the same perspective. I like helping people be successful and be themselves at the same time. Andrew Greenstein: Owner of one of the largest resume writing firms on Earth. Elizabeth Hoffer: I am new to writing resumes for profit, but have been "unofficially" writing them for friends, family and those who hear of my skills through word-of-mouth. I enjoy highlighting workers' experiences and achievements in order to assist them in targeting the next step along their career path. I am not yet certifified, but am truly good at the resume-writing process. Rachel Kokosenski: Over 8 years experience as a Career Counselor/Coach, both at the university level and in private business. I have written thousands of resumes, coached hundreds of job applicants, and provided thousands of hours of training to job applicants of all levels of education and skill sets. Abby Locke: I am a nationally certified résumé writer and master résumé writer who has been quoted and featured as an executive career services expert in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal,, etc. I have distinctive executive résumé samples in several national career publications including Top Notch Executive Résumés, The Directory of Professional Resume Writers and more.

Linda Meehan: I was Controller for a Wine Country boutique inn/restaurant/spa. As such, I had exposure to all facets of the business. I left the hotel to start my own proofreading/editing business and was asked by a local hospitality/spa recruiter to write resumes for their clients. My focus is now resume writing, specializing in the hospitality & spa industries...specializing, but not limited to. David O'Neal: Considering launching a resume-writer-for-hire service...but for a lot less than $250 a pop. Expect to start locally and expand onto the Web if successful. Tracy Parish: Owner of CareerPlan, Inc., Executive Career Solutions, and Résumés For Success!, three top national résumé writing and career development firms. She has been a professional résumé writer and career consultant since 1994, with 10 years’ previous experience in the résumé writing field. Michelle Penn: Michelle Penn is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and experienced job search consultant. A member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) and the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA), she founded Resume Results in 2007 to provide industry-leading services to clients from recent grads to C-level executives. Teena Rose: I'm certified, published, and skilled. I've been writing resumes for just over 9 years. My clients encompass those who control their careers; those who continue their education because it's in the best interest of themselves and their employers; those who embrace new techniques, systems, and processes; those who outperform, outdo, and outwit. Miriam Salpeter: I've been helping clients with their resumes and job hunts for over 10 years, and I'd be happy to take a look at your resume!

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