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									Resume Writing Challenge: Lesson 1
When the idea of holding the first annual Jobacle Resume Writing Challenge popped into my head, it appeared to be a no-lose exercise. I would get to give readers a better understanding of how the resume writing process works, and in the process, get my resume revamped - 12 times over! Over the coming weeks I plan to share what I learned, and along the way, show you the resumes that our participants have produced. I think you'll like what you see. Some writers impressed me, others validated my fears. The first lesson I would like to share... When searching for a resume writer, have an understanding of how involved you want to be in the process and how much time you have to commit. This became abundantly clear to me as I logged hours upon hours of time talking and e-mailing with different resume writers. Does time spent yield a better final product? I'll leave that for you to decide, but it should be a consideration when you begin your search for a writer. Normally a relatively rigid planner, I foolishly launched the challenge ahead of moving into my first house. Needless to say, I found myself short of time. Of course I was dealing with 12 resume writers at once - and you'll only be dealing with one. However, depending on you who hire, you could find yourself needing several hours to devote to the process. Common sense dictates that the more time you are willing to give, the better the end result. But there might be times in your life (purchase of a new home, big project at work, family trouble, etc.) when you simply don't have the time to commit. You should probably wait until you do, but what if an opportunity presents itself and you need a new resume ASAP? So be aware, resume writing can be a time consuming endeavor, even for the consumer. Stay tuned to read about what I learned during the experience and see the final resumes for yourself.

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