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									                             Beginner 8-Week Triathlon Training Schedule
To achieve overall fitness, there is no better way than training for a triathlon. Swimming develops the upper body, cy-
cling develops primarily the quadriceps while running develops the hamstrings and calves. All three of these disci-
plines develop the cardiovascular system. It is, however, important to integrate strength training into your triathlon
training program. This program does not specify when to do this, but your goal should be twice a week.

This 8 week training program will prepare you for a sprint triathlon and will help you achieve the goal of overall total
fitness. It assumes that you are able to run, bike, and swim for thirty minutes without stopping. If you are unable to do
this, you may want to consider joining a beginner training group such as Women in Motion–
This program is written using timed workouts rather than distance for simplicity. It is important for you to know ap-
proximately how much distance you will cover in that time and possibly make adjustments to time if necessary. For
instance, if you don’t run at least three miles in thirty minutes, you may want to add a bit of time to your training run
since you want to be are comfortable running the 5k in the triathlon.

This training schedule incorporates brick workouts. Bricks refer to training on two disciplines during the same work-
out, one after the other with minimal or no interruption in between, just as you would do in a race. Bike/Run bricks are
very important because the transition between bike and run is the toughest of the two during a triathlon.

You, of course, will need to adapt this program to your own schedule and lifestyle. Remember that this is a guide. If
you miss a workout your training has not fallen apart. Listen to your body and make adjustments when necessary.

Happy Training!

 Week              Mon           Tue            Wed            Thu             Fri           Sat            Sun

                                                             Swim 20                                       Bike 30
     1            Swim 30       Run 30         Bike 45
                                                              Run 25
                                                                              Rest          Run 30
                                                                                                           Run 20

                                Bike 30                      Swim 15                                       Bike 30
     2            Swim 30
                                Run 15
                                               Run 30
                                                              Run 30
                                                                              Rest          Run 35
                                                                                                           Bike 20

                                                             Swim 30                                       Bike 30
     3            Swim 30       Run 35
                                               Bike 50        Run 20
                                                                              Rest          Run 40
                                                                                                           Run 30

                                Bike 40                      Swim 30                                        All 3
     4            Swim 30
                                Run 10
                                               Run 40
                                                              Run 15
                                                                              Rest          Run 45
                                                                                                           90 total

                                                              Swim 30                                      Bike 40
     5            Swim 30       Run 40         Bike 30
                                                              Run 25
                                                                              Rest          Run 50
                                                                                                           Run 25

                                Bike 40                      Swim 15                                       Bike 45
     6            Swim 30
                                Run 15
                                               Run 30
                                                              Run 40
                                                                              Rest          Run 55
                                                                                                           Run 30

                                                              Swim30                                        All 3
     7            Swim 30       Run 45         Bike 40
                                                              Run 30
                                                                              Rest          Run 60
                                                                                                           90 total

                                Bike 30                      Swim 30
     8            Swim 30
                                Run 30
                                               Bike 40
                                                              Run 30
                                                                              Rest           Rest          Triathlon

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