Chilly Chili Cook off Schedule

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					                    “Chill Out” Chili Cook-off Contest Schedule

                           Parking in the East Parking Lot
                          Enter through East Welcome Booth

8:30-10:00 am        Chili area available for set up

9:00-10:00am         Registration in Donor Area

10:15am              CASI cooks meeting in Donor Area – in Museum

10:15am              Business & Open cooks meeting in Donor area –in Museum

10:45am              Cooks start cooking

11:30am              Showmanship Judges meeting

11:30-1:30pm         Showmanship Judging

1:30pm               CASI Judges meet in Depot

2:00pm               CASI turn in – Donor Area

2:00pm               CASI Judging in Depot

2:30pm               Open & Business Judges meet in Depot

2:30pm               Open & Business turn in – Donor Area

2:00-3:00pm          Public Tasting on the Woodward Walkway

3:30pm               Awards in Depot

*Parking available in the Museum East Parking Lot, enter at the East Welcome Booth.
**To help keep you warm, we will provide free hot chocolate and coffee all day!
***Your paid registration will allow you to visit our campus the day of the event.
   One pass per cook.