SCHEDULE OF CURBSIDE RECYCLING – 2010
listed below on specific days of the week. Curbside pickup will occur on the listed day. Italic numbered dates represent fiber pickup. Bold number dates represent

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS include: aluminum & tin cans, glass (clear, amber & green), all plastic containers with codes between 1 PET and 7 OTHER (milk,
soda, detergent, bleach, yogurt cups, baby wipe contains). These items can all be co-mingled together in one reusable container, marked to indicate recycables.
RECYCLABLE FIBER MATERIALS include: corrugated cardboard & brown paper bags (bundled), newsprint, magazine, telephone books, junk mail, chip board
(food, cereal, tissue, shoe boxes and other gray and white paper board containers), office paper, and shredded paper. These items can also be co-mingled in one
reusable container, marked to indicate recyclables. NON-RECYCLABLE ITEMS are: drinking glasses, plastic bags, plastic toys, oil & paint cans, aerosol cans, coat
hangers, ceramics, window glass and wax coated material (juice boxes and mail carton).

DO’S & DON’TS OF CURBSIDE RECYCLING – DO provide a reusable container – 30 gallon maximum – rinse all recyclables clean – remove all lids and metal
neck rings – remove paper labels off all aluminum/tin cans – flatten corrugated cardboard & brown paper bags (bundled together) – place recyclable items at curbside in
accordance with the listed schedule. DON’T break or crush glass, don’t place recyclables at curbside in a plastic/paper bag, don’t recycle plastic bags.

Anthony Imbimbo, Recycling Coordinator, 973-729-6174

 MONDAY                     Andrea Ct.
                            Beacon Hill
                                                   Continental Dr.
                                                   Country Ln.
                                                                           Hunters Ln.
                                                                           Joseph Ct.
                                                                                                   N. White Birch Ter.
                                                                                                   Oak Hollow Ln
                                                                                                                          Shelly Ct.
                                                                                                                          Signal Hill Tr.
                                                                                                                                                   Warren Ct.
                                                                                                                                                   Warren Rd.
 Jan      4 11 18 25        Birch Tree Ln.         Decker Ter.             Lake Ter.               Oak Tree Ln.           Sleepy Hollow            Warren Ter.
 Feb      1 8 5 22          Brookside Dr.          Deer Run                Larikat Lane            Orchard Ter.           Snow Ridge               West Cherry Tree Ln.
 March    1 8 15 22 29      Byron Place            Douglas Dr.             Manor Dr.               Park Rd.               South Orchard Ter        West Windy Bush Ln.
 April    5 12 19 26        Cambridge Dr.          Fisher’s Ln.            Manor Sq.               Pierce St.             South White Birch Ter.   Westbury Dr.
 May      3 10 17 24 31     Canterbury Dr.         Forest Hill Dr.         Maria Dr.               Pine Cone Ln.          Squire’s Ln.             Willshire Dr.
 June     7 14 21 28        Cedar Tree Ln.         Green Apple Ct.         Marian Rd.              Polk St.               Stanhope Rd.             Windy Bush Ln.
 July     5 12 19 26        Cherokee Ct.           Green Apple Rd.         Mildred Dr.             Poplar Tree Ln.        St. Mary’s Place         Winthrop Gait Rd.
                            Cherry Tree Ln.        Green Road              Mountain Heights Dr.    Reynolds Ter.          St. Mary’s Ter.          Whitlins Way
 Aug      2 9 16 23 30
                            Cheyenne Trail         Griffin Ct.             Natale Dr.              Saginaw Dr.            Tall Oaks Rd.            Woodland Tr.
 Sept     6 13 20 27        Circle Drive           Gristmill               Nature’s Way            Sawmill Rd             Tomahawk Tr.             Woodlawn Rd.
 Oct      4 11 18 25        Cobbler Square         Heritage Dr.            Newstar Ridge           Seneca Lake Rd.        Tulip Tree Ln.           Woodport Rd.
 Nov      1 8 15 22 29      Conestoga Ter.         Hickory Tree Ln.        N. Orchard Ter.         Seneca Lake Tr.        Tyler St.                Wordsworth Pl.
 Dec      6 13 20 27        Conestoga Tr.          Hillside Rd.

 TUESDAY                    Arielle Way
                            Baldwin Dew Ct.
                                                   Davis Rd.
                                                   Deire Dr.
                                                                           Hideaway Ln.
                                                                           Hill Crest Dr
                                                                                                   Madison Dr.
                                                                                                   McCloud Ln
                                                                                                                          Price' Ln.
                                                                                                                          Pride' Crossing
                                                                                                                                                   Starret Ct.
                                                                                                                                                   Sterling Hill Rd.
 Jan      5 12 19 26        Benham Way             Demarest Rd.            Hopkins Corner          Meredith Dr.           Quarterhorse Crossing    Sunrise Ct.
 Feb      2 9 16 23         Bennet Ln.             Echo Dr.                Houses Corner Rd.       Mills Ridge Rd.        Radcliff Dr.             Sussex Mills Rd.
 March    2 9 16 23 33      Brady Ct.              Ella Rd.                Hyde Park Pl.           Millstone Ct.          Richmond Hill Dr.        Tracey Ln.
 April    6 13 20 27        Brandy Ridge Rd.       Ely Ln.                 Kari Ln.                Morgan Dr.             Rocky View Dr.           Triple Crown Dr.
 May      4 11 18 25        Briar Ter.             Farmbrook Rd.           Kimble Ln.              Mountain Spring Dr.    Saddle Ridge Rd.         Valley Rd.
 June     1 8 15 22 29      Briarwood Ct.          Father John’s Ln.       Krogh' Ln.
                                                                                  s                Mud Pond Rd.           Schindler Dr.            Valley Manor Dr.
 July     6 13 20 27        Bridal Path Rd.        Fiddler’s Way           Lafayette Rd.           North Church Rd.       Scudders Rd.             Van Kirk Place
                            Butternut Way          Fieldview Dr.           Lake Field Ter.         Old Cedar Dr.          Sequoia Ct.              West Mountain Rd.
 Aug      3 10 17 24 31
                            Carpenter Rd.          Fox Hollow Rd.          Lake Grinnell Ln.       Old Prospect School    Silver Ln.               White Lake Rd.
 Sept     7 14 21 28        Chapel Hill Ct.        Fox Ridge Rd.           Lambert Dr.             Rd.                    Skyline Dr.              Wildcat Rd.
 Oct      5 12 19 26        Clearbrook Tr.         Frizzell Terr.          Layton Ln.              Park Lake Road         Skyview Dr.              Windemere Way
 Nov      2 9 16 23 30      Cottage Ln.            Grandview Ter.          Limecrest Rd.           Patricia Ln.           Sparta Ave.              Wisteria Road
 Dec      7 14 21 28        Cottonwood Tr.         Graphic Blvd.           Links Ct.               Pegasus Tr.            (Andover Rd. - Twp.      Whispering Woods Ln.
                            Crownview Ct           Greenfield Hill         Malibu Dr.              Pinkneyville Rd.       Line)                    Woods End Ct.
                            Dahn Dr.               Heather Ln.
WEDNESDAY                   Arapaho Tr.
                            Angelo Dr.
                                                 Daniel Dr.
                                                 Deanna Ter.
                                                                     Glen Rd.
                                                                     Hamilton Rd.
                                                                                         Linden Dr.
                                                                                         Lindsay Ln.
                                                                                                                  Narcissus Rd.
                                                                                                                  Natasha Ct.
                                                                                                                                          South Haywards Rd.
                                                                                                                                          South Key
Jan     6 13 20 27          Belair Dr.           Deerfield Rd.       Hawthorn Lake Rd.   Llewellyn Dr.            Nazarene Ln.            Spring Ave.
Feb     3 10 17 24          Boulder Rdge Crsg.   Doe Run             Haywards Rd.        Mackenzie Ct.            Old Berg Rd.            Station Rd.
March   3 10 17 24 31       Brentwood Ct.        Dorothy Rd.         Hidden Glen Dr.     Main St.                 Overlook Rd.            Stonebridge Rd.
April   7 14 21 28          Burnbrae Ln.         East Mountain Rd.   Holland Circle      Margaret Ter.            Pleasant View Dr.       Summer Tree Ln.
May     5 12 19 26          Burnbrae Rd.         Edison Rd.          June Walk           Megan Ter.               Pheasant Walk           Sunset Lake Rd.
June    2 9 16 23 30        Camelot Rd.          Edison Ter.         Kennedy Pl.         Millcreek Rd.            Ridge Ter.              Terry Lynn Dr.
July    7 14 21 28          Castlewood Trl.      Elora Ln.           King Alex Ct.       Maxi Ln.                 Ridge Rd.               Under Rock Dr.
                            Celia Dr.            Evergreen Pl.       Lake Shore Dr.      Meadow Lane              Roamin Way              Under Rock Rd.
Aug     4 11 18 25
                            Christy Ln.          Fairmont Rd.        Lake Side Pl.       Milton Rd.               Rodgers Ln.             Village Lane
Sept    1 8 15 22 29        Concord Tr.          Fox Trail Rd.       Lancer St.          Morning Star Rd          Rose Ln.                Walnut Rd.
Oct     6 13 20 27          Crestview Ln.        Frederick Pl.       Limestone Way       Morris Lake Rd.          Sharon Dr.              Washington Dr.
Nov     3 10 17 24          Crystal Rock Rd.     Ginger Ln.          Lincoln Dr.         Mount Pleasant Rd.       Sir Arthurs Ct.                s
                                                                                                                                          Water' Edge
Dec     1 8 15 22 29        Dandelion Rd.

THURSDAY                    Abigail Way
                            Alder Dr.
                                                 Cicely Ct.
                                                 Columbus Rd.
                                                                     Hillspring Rd.
                                                                     Hilltop Tr.
                                                                                          Maple Tree Ln.
                                                                                          Mara Blvd.
                                                                                                                    Rainbow Tr.
                                                                                                                    Seminary Ln.
                                                                                                                                            Twin Elm Ter.
                                                                                                                                            Viburnam Ter.
Jan     7 14 21 28          Apple Tree Ln.       Dylan Dr.           Indian Ter.          Mohawk Ave.               Sparta Ave.             Village Dr.
Feb     4 11 18 25          Arrowhead Tr.        East Shore Tr.      Indian Tr.           Neally Dr.                (Main St. - Rt. 517     Wallkill Rd.
March   4 11 18 25          Balanced Rock Ter.   Fairview Ter.       Knoll Rd.            Nicole Ln.                Bypass)                 West Shore Tr.
April   1 8 15 22 29        Balsam Pky.          Fern Rd.            Lakeview Rd.         Oak Ln.                   Spear Ter.              (Tamarak Rd. - E.
May     6 13 20 27          Balsam Ter.          Friendly Ln.        Lewis Ln.            Oak Pky.                  Springbrook Tr.         Shore Tr.)
June    3 10 17 24          Bell St.             Glenside Ter.       Log Cabin Ter.       Primrose Ln.              Sunset Tr.              Whitestone Ln.
July    1 8 15 22 29        Birch Pky.           Glenside Tr.        Longview Rd.         Profession Quadrangle     Tamarak Rd.             Winona Pky.
                            Cedar Crest Dr.      Highview Rd.        Maple Pky.           Putting Green             Trepasso Dr.            Winona Ter.
Aug     5 12 19 26
Sept    2 9 16 23 30
Oct     7 14 21 28
Nov     4 11 18 25
Dec     2 9 16 23 30

FRIDAY                      Alpine Ter.
                            Alpine Tr.
                                                 Dennis Ct.
                                                 Dogwood Ter.
                                                                     Kathleen Ct.
                                                                     Kimberly Ct.
                                                                                          Partridge Ln.
                                                                                          Pine Ter.
                                                                                                                    Sparrows Dr.
                                                                                                                    Sparta Ave.
                                                                                                                                            Timberline Dr.
                                                                                                                                            Valley View Tr.
Jan     1 8 15 22 29        Andover Rd.          Fairway Tr.         Laurel Ter.          Powder Horn Green         (Lafayette Rd. -        Wagon Wheel Rd.
Feb     5 12 19 26          Bridle Way           Faith Ann Way       Ledgewood Tr.        Prosperity Dr.            Andover Rd.)            West Shore Tr.
March   5 12 19 26          Bromley Ct.          Ferncliff Ter.      Linwood Ter.         Pueblo Pky.               Stacey Ct.              (Tamarack Rd. -
April   2 9 16 23 30        Cardinal Dr.         Fox Run             Manitou Falls        Rocky Ter.                Staffordshire Rd        Byram)
May     7 14 21 28          Cardinal Ter.        Golfview Ter.       Memory Ln.           Saddleback Ct.            Stone Hedge Ter.        Westgate Dr.
June    4 11 18 25          Carriage House Rd.   Grove Ter.          Mountain Ter.        Sagamore Tr.              Stratton Ct.            Whipporwill Ln.
July    2 9 16 23 30        Carriage Ln.         Hayes Ln.           Mountain Tr.         Seneca Tr.                Summit Rd.              Windemere Way
                            Cedar Falls Ter.     Heighwood Tr.       North Shore Ter.     Seneca Ter.               Summit Ter.             Woodbine Ln.
Aug     6 13 20 27
                            Chickadee Ter.       Hickory Tr.         North Shore Tr.      Shady Ln.                 Summit Tr.              Woodbine Ter.
Sept    3 10 17 24          Coventry Ln.         Hummingbird Hill    Oakwood Tr.          Shawnee Tr.               Surrey Ln.              Woody Ln.
Oct     1 8 15 22 29        Crestwood Tr.        Island Tr.          Oriole Ter.          South Shore Tr.           Tennis Ter.
Nov     5 12 19 26
Dec     3 10 17 24 31

         HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: January 1, (pick up next day, Saturday, January 2) May 31, September 6, November 25 (pick up next day).

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