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					                                                                           If a customer buys
                                                                           p r o d u c t ” A” , w h at o t h e r
                                                                           p r o d u c t s a r e fo u n d i n
                                                                           t h e b a s ke t ?

                                                                           H ow d o e s s a l e s vo l u m e
                                                                           ch a n g e d u r i n g t h e d a y
                                                                           a n d we e k ?

                                                                           W h i ch a r e t h e s t o r e s ’
                                                                           “hot spots” and “cold

    Give us your
receipts and we will
 give you a report!

Let us help you out!                                       What is in the basket?
Do you want to do basket analysis but do not know          Now you don´t have to guess what is in the
how to get started? Don´t worry - we can help you          customer´s baskets anymore. With Sales Pattern
out! All we need from you is a file with receipts and      Optimizer you can analyze sales patterns based on
we will return reports with valuable information           receipts, i.e. Market Basket Analysis, Sales Volume
about your customer´s purchasing behaviour.                and Sector Analysis.
                                                           We offer you to do the job for you, but the Sales
Follow up your campaign                                    Pattern Optimizer can also be easily integrated with
When you have analyzed your customer´s purcha-             your database or sales system and be adapted to
sing behaviours you will gain knowledge that you           your specific needs.
can use to generate even better advertising cam-

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