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Air conditioners are now used by people of all categories right from middle class to high class. Moreover the requirement of air conditioners has become more indispensable to overcome of global warming. Click here to know more

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Selecting Your Personal Air Cooler By Matthew Anderson

While selecting your personal air cooler, it is important to know which type will best suit your needs. Air coolers work best in low humid and hot areas. The Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling are the two basic types of air cooler designs. The air coolers are economic. catering both to your budget and need. They are noiseless and fill your room with cool, fresh air. Your personal Air Cooler, also known as Swamp Cooler, is best suited to cool room temperatures in dry climates. They make use of either direct or indirect evaporative cooling techniques. The air cooler will work best in places where humidity is low and the air is hot, If you are in search of an air cooler, you may easily get confused due to the huge variety of products available in the market. Thus, it is essential to judge your requirements before you start searching for an air cooler. Features Of Your Personal Air Cooler The air cooler comprises a fan centered inside a box. It consists of a number of pads made of PVC or wood shavings that are present on the fan’s suction side. Water is supplied to these pads with the aid of a small water pump. The pads are constructed in such a way that they break the water into smaller droplets. As the fan sucks in air, these water droplets cool the air that enters the box. Thus, your personal air cooler comprises a box, a fan, a pump, few pads and an air distributor to ensure that the cooled air is equally distributed in the room. Air Cooler Designs There are two basic designs for air coolers: Direct Evaporative Cooling - Also referred to as open circuit, this design reduces air temperature by making use of latent heat during evaporation. Water is evaporated using the heat in the air without altering the energy in the air. Indirect Evaporative Cooling - This closed circuit design is almost similar to the direct evaporative method in the sense that it also lowers room temperature by making use of latent heat. But the air that is cooled does not come in direct contact with the cooler. In most cases, the air coolers make use of direct evaporative cooling.They are either mounted on top of the roof or placed along the exterior sides of the walls. It is necessary to make a vent in the walls or the roof to allow constant air movement. It is also necessary to allow air circulation through the system,
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
failing which the cooling efficiency will fall due to air being saturated. The Portable air coolers have a throw of around 10 feet. There are other portable air coolers with larger cooling capabilities, but in most cases they are noisy. The lightweight portable air coolers have smaller water holding capacity and can work at a stretch for around 15 hours. Advantages Of Personal Air Cooler The personal air coolers have a number of advantages over the other cooling mediums. If your budget is low, the air coolers are best since they are economic with low initial cost. Even the cost of operation is less than air conditioners. The constant intake of air ensures that your room is constantly filled with fresh air. Moreover, they are noiseless and ensure an unperturbed sleep. Matthew Anderson is the editor of . A free online magazine that carries articles on coolers, and a guide on evaporative coolers here

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Personal Air Coolers For Everybody By Matthew Anderson

Learn about the variety of air coolers that are a welcome device on a hot day! In fact, when you get a personal air cooler, you won’t have to share your cool air with anyone. Learn about the variety of air coolers that are a welcome device on a hot day! In fact, when you get a personal air cooler, you won’t have to share your cool air with anyone. Life can be very stressful at times especially when you are working under pressure in sweltering heat! The good news is that you really don’t need to make a compromise on your comfort if you get yourself a personal air cooler. Efficient and best of all affordable, personal air coolers are now made for everybody, a strong reason why you should get one too! Sweat no more when you have a single-person air cooler The structure of a personal air cooler is rather simple. Each personal air cooler has an internal fan that blows air over a frozen water bottle. Although the personal air cooler may be smaller in size, it has the ability to cool areas as large as 7 square foot and lower temperatures by 12° C. Place your personal air cooler on your desk and your colleagues will not even know you are using one with the low noise levels. Personal air cooler operates on batteries so you can use the air cooler anywhere at anytime. Operating on just batteries, most personal air coolers are able to work at optimal levels of up to 5 hours with every water refill. Personal air coolers can also be powered by car adapters. Therefore, if your car air conditioner decides to let you down on a stifling hot day, just plug your personal air cooler into your car adapter to enjoy the comfort of cool breeze. With it’s small size, your cooler is also highly portable too! Sleep With a cool breeze with an air cooler just for yourself There are also some larger personal air coolers, known as portable air coolers. These coolers have the ability to cool the whole room. Personal Evaporative Air coolers work more effectively than fans as they are able to lower temperatures by 15°C. In comparison with air conditioners, personal air coolers possess lower energy capacities with no installation costs required. The 2-speed fan which pushes hot air into the cooler is also silent, promising minimal disturbance to anyone in close proximity. Just purchase one and you are ready to use it anywhere you wish too. As you will be provided with remote controls, you have the luxury to adjust the fan speed from high to low and if you desire you can set the timer so the cooler will automatically switched off within a selected period. With the advancement in technology, some personal air coolers are installed with activated carbon filters and germ-free water curtains to ensure that you are getting fresh air and breathe in germ-free air. The antibacterial water tank is another additional hygiene feature to help maintain clean water and to release cleaner air into the room. Finally, the casters beneath each personal air cooler provide easy mobility so you’ll enjoy the freedom of placing the cooler in any corner you wish.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Matthew Anderson use to write for . A specialized website with tips on custom personal air coolers at

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