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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard and Garden


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard and Garden By Neil Jones

Outdoor lighting, if done properly, can enhance the appearance of your home to an optimal level. The right outdoor lighting can do a lot more than just illuminating your backyard or porch. It can create a pleasant atmosphere in your backyard, garden or patio. This article will help you in selecting a lighting design as well as provide you with outdoor lighting iseas you may not have thought of yet. While planning, you should take into consideration the various aspects of outdoor lighting system. For instance you need to decide the number of light fixtures required to brighten up your outdoor space. Too much light may be uncomfortable if you plan to relax outdoors and can also be harmful to your eyes. Outdoor lighting can also be a part of your security system. Many people today do not have any security alarms installed in their house. In such a situation, outdoor lighting can be effectively used to discourage robbers from approaching your outdoor space. Lights that are sensitive to motion can prevent a robbery as they turn on when any thing moves in the area. As soon as the lights turn on, the burglar will be spotted and you can contact the concerned authority. Some outdoor lights also have timers that can sense darkness and automatically turn on. Outdoor lighting can also help you avoid any kind of mishap. You can fix lampposts all along the walkway of your outdoor space. Adding lighting near the main door is a must as you will be able to see the steps properly. Generally, dimmer lights are installed at the door as it provides warmth and you will be able to welcome your guests with flair in the evenings. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas for your backyard and garden: * Light trees: Trees look very nice when bathed in light as they shine elegantly * Light statues: If there are statues in your garden, you should light them from above which creates “monster lighting”. * Make ponds glow: Lighting ponds using LED light bulbs can create beautiful effects * Use motion sensor lights: If there is any kind of movement in your backyard, the space will be
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
illuminated instantly. * Your lighting design should create effects to highlight outdoor space and also create specific moods to make your evening more enjoyable. * Make sure that lights are properly placed. You can highlight your favorite shrubs, flowerbeds and fountains. * Use low voltage lights as they will considerable reduce your power cost. * Hide fixtures during the day so that they are not visible. * Lighting fixtures should be natural looking and less intrusive * Walkway lights must be 5 to 7 feet apart. * Ensure that buried wiring is hidden well, as pets can sometimes find them and then chew on them. Make sure that you feel comfortable in the lighting design that you select for your outdoor space. You should also check how your outdoor lighting design looks from all directions. With so many outdoor lighting ideas, you will definitely find one to suit your needs. For more ideas about how to install a nice outdoor lighting system and become the envy of your neighborhood visit

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
A Wooden Outdoor Bench to Beautify Your Garden By Florin Ciobanu

Do you find yourself wondering what you could add to your garden or your backyard to enhance it further? If you’re like several other people such as me, you want to make your garden or backyard the best it could possibly be. One of the easiest ways to solve this issue is to place a wooden outdoor bench out in or near it. A wooden outdoor bench can come in several different styles and types. Finding the benches is an easy task however finding the right wooden outdoor bench that matches your garden or backyard décor can be a little more challenging. Choosing Your Wooden Outdoor Bench You may be asking yourself what is a good way to choose a wooden outdoor bench? Well there are several factors that will go into your decision of choosing the right bench for your situation. There are a few factors that you should look at when you’re deciding which bench to get. A good example of this is to ask your self “Why am I adding the bench?” If you’re adding it so that you’ll have a place to sit then you will want to look at the larger types of benches. The sizes for a wooden outdoor bench can vary greatly from a small two seat bench all the way up to a bench that wraps around the whole tree. What Am I Looking For in A Wooden Outdoor Bench? On the other hand if you’re adding the bench solely for the added look to your backyard or garden then you may want to get one or two smaller benches. If you’re thinking about getting a wooden outdoor bench for the added look to your backyard or garden then you may want to consider getting one that has planters on each end of the bench. This is a great look for a garden as the bench blends into the garden much better and even becomes a part of it. After choosing the purpose for the wooden outdoor bench you will want to consider the style. If you plan to be sitting outside on the bench a lot you may want to consider getting a glider style bench. These benches are excellent for sitting outdoors and gliding back and forth admiring your garden. Now that you have an idea of what to do when choosing a wooden outdoor bench you probably are wondering “Where can I get started with buying one?” This can also become tricky as you will want to find a wooden outdoor bench that’s resistant to the weather and insects. Cedar is a great choice for the wood that your bench can use. It offers both of these qualities as well as sturdiness. All you have to do now is to take action and start looking at benches. By following these tips you will be able to choose the best wooden outdoor bench for your garden or backyard. Above all else you should remember to choose a wooden outdoor bench that will blend in well with your backyard or garden. If you forget to do this you may end up with a wooden outdoor bench that is very tacky and fails to do the job you intended for it. Visit!

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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