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Learning How to Build an Outhouse


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Learning How to Build an Outhouse By John Grant

Outhouses are fairly common in third world countries. Not everyone in the world benefits from indoor plumbing; so many people content themselves with outhouses. Fortunately, you may not be one of them. However, there are instances when you may need to build an outhouse. For instance, if you just purchased a cabin or you setup a campsite, you may have to build an outhouse. This is the best way to avoid health issues arising from bacterial infection. You’d also feel more comfortable in a cabin or in a campsite if you have an outhouse. Now, do you know how to build an outhouse? What do you need to build one? If you want to learn how to build an outhouse, you should know what you would need for the project. You would have to prepare a 2×4” and 1x4” stock, 4x4” corner posts, screws, nails, shingles, roofing paper, piping and flange. Of course the sizes and measurements may be adjusted depending on how large or small you would like your outhouse to be. These recommended sizes, however, are the ideal sizes. Aside from these materials, you would have to prepare the tools you would need to build the outhouse. These include a hammer, tape measure, paper, pencil, level, circular saw and table saw. Learning how to build an outhouse needs careful consideration of your purpose and the conceptualization of the outcome of your project. First and foremost, it needs to have one rib at the base, another rib at its seating board, and the other rib attached to the roof. You would have to nail together these free frames. Once you are finished, you can then construct the outhouse’s lateral feet and then you can then complete the frame of the outhouse by nailing in the corner posts. Remember, however, that this is an outhouse. This needs to be moveable so that you can change its location every time your waste hole is full. When constructing the seating rib, you would have to elevate it at least 14” from the bottom. Of course, the height of the seat depends on you. Just make sure that the seat is comfortable for everyone who would use the outhouse. Learning how to ensure the comfort of everyone using it is just as important as learning how to build an outhouse. Also, make sure that you construct a rectangular seat that is not wider than 10” and is not longer than 20”. Once you have the seating boards prepared, you can then attach them to outhouse’s frame. When constructing the walls, you can use a canvas that you can affix to the roof or you can nail in a solid wall. Just make sure that you use light materials, so you wouldn’t have difficulty changing or
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
transporting the outhouse. When it comes to roofs, you don’t really have to place roof joists. Learning how to build an outhouse need not be complicated. You don’t have to learn how to place roof joists. However, you would need to make sure that there is a ventilation hole on the roof. You could also then attach the piping to the roof. Like the walls, you can use a canvas or screen doors. If you would like to build a wooden door, however, just make sure that the construction is simple and light. If you know how to build an outhouse, you wouldn’t have to worry about going camping again. You can always bring along the materials and you can build the outhouse. You and your family can them camp more comfortably. John Grant is a the author for a how to do it your self site ( ) where he is writing articles about how to build an outhouse ( ).

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
You’re Bathroom Vanity the Life of the Party By Alex Zidan

When you set out to redecorate your indoor outhouse most people do not even consider the bathroom vanity as being the most influential part. The main reason that this is so important is because people really enjoy looking at themselves in a mirror to make sure they still look good no matter what time of day it is. This becomes a habit for the majority of people. Be sure not to forget the mirror when you plan out a design for your indoor outhouse because it is the one thing everyone expects to be included in the design. Generally speaking your indoor outhouse has the highest amount of traffic in your home. This means that your indoor outhouse is constantly under scrutiny by your guests. So no matter what else you do make sure that the design of your indoor outhouse includes a bathroom vanity. Also don’t forget that attention grabbing mirror. If your vanity does not match the rest of your indoor outhouses theme it will probably give off a confusing impression that will show your poor sense of design or taste. In the overall design of your indoor outhouse realizing that the bathroom vanity is the most important item is key. This is because it is the only item that you can control the size of. It might sound strange but your shower, toilet and sink are actually considered bathroom furniture. When putting your indoor outhouse design on paper you need to keep in mind that the furniture will not be changed out as often as the mirror or vanity would be because of the layout of the pipes. When you choose a specific theme for your indoor outhouse you will have total control over the style of the bathroom vanity mirror. There are so many styles available and if you can’t find the exact one you want you can easily create one to fit your needs. Many people like to use a comfortable theme for their indoor outhouse which typically includes some type of floor rugs and possibly privy seat covers. The most popular paint tones generally used are warm earth tones which usually coordinate with a variety of woods quite well. In order to bring your entire indoor outhouse theme together you should pick out some type of wood trimmed bathroom vanity. If you want a more natural theme you could add some brighter colors such as greens, reds, or blues. When you head out in search of accessories for your theme you will need to look for those types that will match well with the wood theme of your bathroom vanity. If you wanted to add a personal touch you could pick up some type of nature themed item to place on both sides of the vanity mirror. This can add an outdoors feeling throughout the indoor outhouse and accentuate the detail used for the frame of the mirror. By adding a towel rack that is made out of wood or some other natural material it will blend well with your bathroom vanity. This will aid in tying the bathroom theme together. If you pick a vanity that stands out from the overall theme of your indoor outhouse it can cause a distraction for your guests. So be sure that you choose the right vanity for your specific theme. This Article is brought to you by the team at Quality Bathroom Vanities. For more information about Bathroom Vanity Furniture Contact them at 1-866-44-Decor or by visiting

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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