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Interior Decoration By Jessica Whittaker

One thing you need to decide on when changing the interior of your house is what style you want the theme to be in. Heck there are tons of choices like Southwest, Country, Oriental, and even Medieval. Yes all of those themes have been used before and will surely be used again. Interior decoration is up to the person who owns the house and who will be living there for however long they own the house. Of course if it’s a couple they will most likely need to compromise on a few of the areas. You know, the husband wants a sports room done all in Nascar, but the wife would rather have something a bit more tame. This is where you can either decide to hire a person to help you that is an interior designer, or you can go about it all by yourself. For money savings you will want to do all the stuff by yourself. Of course you will have all the stress of what color to paint the walls and if you want to have wall paper or just a border, or if it’s a feminine look or if you want to go for a more masculine look. There are so many things to decide when taking on an interior decoration project that most people don’t even attempt it. They don’t want to fight with each other, or their tastes don’t match close enough to get a happy medium of what they want their house to look like. If you have a boy’s room it’s always a great idea to do maybe his favorite sports team’s colors, or maybe even a space look, with a black ceiling and glow in the dark stars, which you can even arrange like the constellations. It really depends though; if your boy is old enough you should allow him some say in the room and what it looks like. After all it is his room, and he will be in there the most. The same goes for a girl who you might have. If she is old enough, let her have some input into how her room will look. This will free you up for the other rooms of the house too and cut down on the decisions you and your husband will have to decide on. Plus if the kids happen to share a bathroom, why not allow them to decide how to go about decorating it? As long as it’s not some off the wall theme, this will be great for your kids and make them feel like they have contributed to the new interior decoration of the house. Now it comes to you and your husband’s room. If he doesn’t want anything that is too girly, try to go with a neutral color and designs that will be something you both like. Maybe let him have the living room his style and you get the kitchen. This will allow you both to feel like you have won something!
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
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A Career in Interior Decoration By Sukhpreet Kaur Swahney

An interior decorator is someone who gives shape to our dreams. They design the most fine-looking homes; offices etc and make our surroundings look beautiful. They understand your requirement, imagine it and then create it. To become an interior decorator, one not only needs creativity and sound imagination but also some education in this field. These institutes teach how to give the right direction to imagination and play an important role in it. One can earn a lot of money being an interior decorator. All you need to do is to become a pro in the field. There are several ways to have a successful career In Interior Decoration. Following are some useful steps that need to be followed: Step one is Eye training: To get into a career option like interior decoration, it is important to have a good eye for design. To be more precise, after having a look at a room, one should be able to instantly analyze what’s good, what’s, bad and what can be improved in order to give any room a stylish makeover. One needs to train the eye consistently. This can be done simply by studying what people will like and call a good design. Also, one should regularly go through some of the beautifully decorated rooms and various designs available in famous magazines. One can definitely give a good amount of training to eyes by visiting various furniture showrooms, art galleries, historic homes and houses available for sale. Step two is to educate oneself: An Interior Decorator should definitely know all about different elements involved in decorating a house including planning space, using color, light, furniture, styles of decoration, wall coverings, floorings, accessory utilization, window treatment etc. Besides that, one should also know some basics on decoration via courses, by constantly educating through various websites, books and speaking to product retailers dealing in home decoration. Step three is Practice: Practice makes a man perfect and it is also true with interior decoration. Most interior decorators are easily able to get excellent deals due to their experience and work in the first project. But this does not mean that one should stop practicing. One should always keep on learning and practicing in order to get the best of his/her talent and skills.

Step four is Volunteering: As a beginner in interior decoration, one must volunteer for one’s services. It is one of the best ways to get work in the future. Initially, you can volunteer to work for your friends and family. Do it for free of cost as it will give you a lot of initial recognition among them. Step five is to have a Portfolio: It is very important to prepare a portfolio to showcase it to important people who either run interior

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decoration houses or similar kind of organizations. The portfolio should be the best example of the experience and the work because a lot depends on that. Step six is the Job or business: To shine bright in the world of interior decoration, it is actually very important to take up a job of an Interior Decorator as soon as possible after the course. Practice and experience in this field is of a lot of importance. Business: If working independently is one’s mindset, best option is to start up a business. This gives a different kind of exposure and experience as it involves independent working and ensures creative satisfaction.

Step seven is to establish a relationship: Establishing a good relationship with suppliers is of utmost importance. This will help not only help in getting some good references but also help you in broadening your network. Also, giving discounts to the clients is a good choice. Step eight is to Get a clientele: Lat but not the least, it is important to have a good and repeated clientele. One must include new home buyers, home builders, professional couples and advertising agencies as a part of the clientele. If they realize are able to realize the ability, they quite often call to their aid a professional expert in the arranging of homes, the interior decorator. The concept of interior decoration is new and will keep growing with time. So, try your luck in this field and see what it has in store for you. Few useful links:

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