EUROSTAT Directorate E Social and regional statistics and by broverya77


									                             EUROPEAN COMMISSION

                             Directorate E: Social and regional statistics and geographical information system

                                                                                                                                  '2& 3$1 

                       &/$66,),&$7,216 86(' ,1 48(67,211$,5(6

                                                            7$%/( 2) &217(176

6(&7,21 ,         67$7,67,&$/ &/$66,),&$7,21 2) (&2120,& $&7,9,7,(6  1$&(  ',*,76 

6(&7,21 ,,         ,17(51$7,21$/ 67$1'$5' &/$66,),&$7,21 2) 2&&83$7,21  ,6&2 &20
                    ',*,7 ',*,76 /(9(/

6(&7,21 ,,, &28175< 120(1&/$785( 

6(&7,21 ,9 $77$,10(17 /(9(/6 ,1 ('8&$7,21 $1' 75$,1,1* 

6(&7,21 9          1876 &/$66,),&$7,21 120(1&/$785( 2) 7(55,725,$/ 81,76 )25 67$7,67,&6
                   1876  0$5&+ 

ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                                                    A

01               Agriculture, hunting and related service activities
02               Forestry, logging and related service activities
6HFWLRQ %        )LVKLQJ
05               Fishing, operation of fish hatcheries and fish farms; service activities incidental to fishing
10               Mining of coal and lignite; extraction of peat
11               Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas; service activities incidental to oil and gas extraction
                 excluding surveying
12               Mining of uranium and thorium ores
13               Mining of metal ores
14               Other mining and quarrying
15               Manufacture of food products and beverages
16               Manufacture of tobacco products
17               Manufacture of textiles
18               Manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing and dyeing of fur
19               Tanning and dressing of leather; manufacture of luggage, handbags, saddlery, harness and
20               Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles of
                 straw and plaiting materials
21               Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products
22               Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media
23               Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel
24               Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
25               Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
26               Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
27               Manufacture of basic metals
28               Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
29               Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
30               Manufacture of office machinery and computers
31               Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c.
32               Manufacture of radio, television, and communication equipment and apparatus
33               Manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks
34               Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
35               Manufacture of other transport equipment
36               Manufacture of furniture; manufacturing n.e.c.
37               Recycling
40               Electricity, gas, steam and hot water supply
41               Collection, purification and distribution of water
45               Construction
                 KRXVHKROG JRRGV
50               Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; retail sale of automotive fuel
51               Wholesale trade and commission trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
52               Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles; repair of personal and household goods
55               Hotels and restaurants
60               Land transport; transport via pipelines
61               Water transport
62               Air transport
63               Supporting and auxiliary transport activities; activities of travel agencies
64               Post and telecommunications
65               Financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding
66               Insurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security
67               Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation
A                                                                  ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

70          Real estate activities
71          Renting of machinery and equipment without operator and of personal and household goods
72          Computer and related activities
73          Research and development
74          Other business activities
75          Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
80          Education
85          Health and social work
90          Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar activities
91          Activities of membership organisation n.e.c.
92          Recreational, cultural and sporting activities
93          Other service activities
95          Private households with employed persons
97          Extra-territorial organisations and bodies

ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                                        A

11                    Legislators an senior officials
12                    Corporate managers
13                    Managers of small enterprises
21                    Physical, mathematical and engineering science professionals
22                    Life science and health professionals
23                    Teaching professionals
24                    Other professionals
31                    Physical and engineering science associate professionals
32                    Life science and health associate professionals
33                    Teaching associate professionals
34                    Other associate professionals
4                     Clerks
41                    Office clerks
42                    Customer services clerks
5                     Service workers and shop and market sales workers
51                    Personal and protective services workers
52                    Models, salespersons and demonstrators
53                    5-miscellaneous (ECHP-specific code)
6                     Skilled agricultural and fishery workers
61                    Skilled agricultural and fishery workers
7                     Craft and related trades workers
71                    Extraction and building trades workers
72                    Metal, machinery and related trades workers
73                    Precision, handicraft, craft printing and related trades workers
74                    Other craft and related trades workers
8                     Plant and machine operators and assemblers
81                    Stationary-plant and related operators
82                    Machine operators and assemblers
83                    Drivers and mobile plant operators
84                    Other operators and assemblers
9                     Elementary occupations
91                    Sales and services elementary occupations
92                    Agricultural, fishery and related labourers
93                    Labourers in mining, construction, manufacturing and transport
94                    Other elementary occupations
10                    Armed forces
                      Armed forces

A                                                            ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires


        (8523(                                      097   Yugoslavia

        &RPPXQLW\                                      $)5,&$
001        France
002        Belgium                                        1RUWK $IULFD
003        Netherlands                                 204   Morocco
004        Germany                                     208   Algeria
005        Italy                                       212   Tunesia
006        United Kingdom                              216   Libya
007        Ireland                                     220   Egypt
008        Denmark                                     224   Sudan
009        Greece
010        Portugal                                       :HVW $IULFD
011        Spain                                       228   Mauritania
012        Luxembourg                                  232   Mali
030        Sweden                                      236   Burkina Faso
032        Finland                                     240   Niger
038        Austria                                     244   Chad
                                                       247   Cape Verde
        2WKHU (XURSHDQ FRXQWULHV                    248   Senegal
014        Monaco                                      252   Gambia
015        San Marino                                  257   Guinea-Bissau
024        Iceland                                     260   Guinea
028        Norway                                      264   Sierra Leone
036        Switzerland                                 268   Liberia
037        Liechtenstein                               272   Ivory Coast
041        Faroe Islands                               276   Ghana
043        Andorra                                     280   Togo
044        Gibraltar                                   284   Benin
045        Vatican City State                          288   Nigeria
046        Malta
052        Turkey                                         &HQWUDO (DVW DQG 6RXWK $IULFD
053        Estonia                                     302   Cameroon
054        Latvia                                      306   Central African Republic
055        Lithuania                                   310   Equatorial Guinea
060        Poland                                      311   Sao Tome and Principe
061        Czech Republic                              314   Gabon
063        Slovakia                                    318   Congo
064        Hungary                                     322   Zaire
066        Romania                                     324   Rwanda
068        Bulgaria                                    328   Burundi
070        Albania                                     329   St. Helena
072        Ukraine                                     330   Angola
073        Belarus                                     334   Ethiopia
074        Moldavie                                    338   Djibouti
075        Russia                                      342   Somalia
076        Georgia                                     346   Kenya
077        Armenia                                     350   Uganda
078        Azerbaijan                                  352   Tanzania
079        Kazakhstan                                  355   Seychelles
080        Turkmenistan                                357   British Indian Ocean Territory
081        Uzbekistan                                  366   Mozambique
082        Tadjikistan                                 370   Madagascar
083        Kyrghystan                                  372   Reunion
091        Slovenia                                    373   Mauritius
092        Croatia                                     375   Comoros
093        Bosnia-Herzegovina                          377   Mayotte
094        Serbia and Montenegro                       378   Zambia
096        Territory of the former Yugoslav Republic   382   Zimbabwe
           of Macedonia                                386   Malawi
ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                          A
388          South Africa
389          Namibia                                  $6,$
391          Botswana
393          Swaziland                                1HDU DQG 0LGGOH (DVW
395          Lesotho                               600   Cyprus
                                                   604   Lebanon
          $0(5,&$                               608   Syria
                                                   612   Iraq
          1RUWK $PHULFD                         616   Iran
400          United States                         624   Israel
401          Puerto Rico                           625   Palestinian
404          Canada                                628   Jordan
406          Greenland                             632   Saudi Arabia
408          St. Pierre and Miquelon               636   Kuwait
                                                   640   Bahrain
          &HQWUDO DQG 6RXWK $PHULFD             644   Qatar
412          Mexico                                647   United Arab Emirates
413          Bermuda                               649   Oman
416          Guatemala                             653   Yemen
421          Belize
424          Honduras                                 2WKHU $VLDQ &RXQWULHV
428          El Salvador                           660   Afghanistan
432          Nicaragua                             662   Pakistan
436          Costa Rica                            664   India
442          Panama                                666   Bangladesh
446          Anguilla                              667   Maldives
448          Cuba                                  669   Sri Lanka
449          St. Christopher and Nevis             672   Nepal
452          Haiti                                 675   Bhutan
453          Bahamas                               676   Myanmar
454          Turks and Caicos Islands              680   Thailand
456          Dominican Republic                    684   Laos
457          Virgin Islands of the United States   690   Vietnam
458          Guadeloupe                            696   Cambodia (Kampuchea)
459          Antigua and Barbuda                   700   Indonesia
460          Dominica                              701   Malaysia
461          British Virgin Islands and            703   Brunei
462          Martinique                            706   Singapore
463          Cayman Islands                        708   Philippines
464          Jamaica                               716   Mongolia
465          St. Lucia                             720   China
467          St. Vincent                           724   North Korea
469          Barbados                              728   South Korea
472          Trinidad and Tobago                   732   Japan
473          Grenada                               736   Taiwan
474          Aruba                                 740   Hong Kong
478          Netherlands Antilles                  743   Macao
480          Colombia
484          Venezuela                                $8675$/,$ 2&($1,$ $1' 27+(5
488          Guyana                                      &28175,(6
492          Surinam                               800   Australia
496          French Guiana                         801   Papua New Guinea
500          Ecuador                               802   Australian Oceania (Cocos (Keeling)
504          Peru                                        Islands; Christmas Island; Heard and
508          Brazil                                      McDonald Islands; Norfolk Islands)
512          Chile                                 803   Nauru
516          Bolivia                               804   New Zealand
520          Paraguay                              806   Solomon Islands
524          Uruguay                               807   Tuvalu
528          Argentina                             809   New Caledonia
529          Falkland Islands                      810   American Oceania (American Samoa;

A                                              ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

      Minor United States outlying Islands;
      Guam; Palau; Northern Mariana Islands)
811   Wallis and Futuna Islands
812   Kiribati
813   Pitcairn
814   New Zealand Oceania (Tokelau and Niue
      Islands; Cook Islands)
815   Fiji
816   Vanuatu
817   Tonga
819   Western Samoa
822   French Polynesia
823   Federated States of Micronesia (Yap,
      Kosrae, Truk, Pohnpei)
824   Marshall Islands
890   Polar regions

   $1< &28175< 1(&

ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                                                     A

In the Personal Questionnaire a few questions are asked about education and training.


In order to facilitate the coding of these questions on education and training, it may help the NDUs to know the
correspondence between the ECHP question codes and the LFS classifications.

The LFS country-specific educational categories are copied out in this Annex.

The following correspondences will help in clarifying what country-specific categories are to be included in each standard
ECHP variable.


ECHP                                                 LFS column-code            remark
Question                   Variable
 37.1                      )                         (87.5 – 87.7)
 37.2                      )P01057                   86.3
 37.3                      )                         86.2
 37.4                      )                         86.1

    84.1                   )                         (87.5 – 87.7)
    84.2                   )P01112                   86.3
    84.3                   )                         86.2
    84.4                   )                         86.1

142.1                      )                         (87.5-87.7)                subdivided in Q143
142.2                      )P01341                   86.3
142.3                      )                         86.2
142.4                      )                         86.1

143.1                      )                         87.7
143.2                      )P01342                   87.6
143.3                      )                         87.5*                      if general education

145.1                      P01344                    (87.2 - 87.5 , 87.8)       subdivided in Q146
145.2                      P01344                    87.1

146.1                      P01345                    87.5*                      if vocational training
146.2                      P01346                    87.2
146.3                      P01347                    87.3
146.4                      P01348                    87.4*                      if duration 1 year or longer
146.5**                    P01349                    87.8 , 87.4*               if duration under 1 year

146.5                      P01350                    87.4*                      if duration under 1 year
146.5                      P01351                    87.8

* a LFS category has been split for greater clarification;
** this ECHP code combines two LFS categories; may be split as defined in variable list.

A                                                                         ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires


                     ECHP                         LFS column-code           remark
Question                Variable
120.1                    )                        87.7
120.2                    )                        87.6
120.3                    )P02153                  87.5*                     if general education
120.4                    )                        86.3
120.5                    )                        86.2
120.6                    )                        86.1

124.1                    )                        87.5*                     if vocational training
124.2                    )P02163                  87.2
124.3                    )                        87.4*                     if duration 1 year or longer
124.4                    )                        87.3

188.1                    )                        (87.5-87.7)               subdivided in Q189
188.2                    )P02382                  86.3
188.3                    )                        86.2
188.4                    )                        86.1

189.1                    )                        87.7
189.2                    )P02383                  87.6
189.3                    )                        87.5*                     if general education

191.1                    P02385                   (87.2-87.5,87.8)          subdivided in Q192
191.2                    P02385                   87.1

192.1                    P02386                   87.5*                     if vocational training
192.2                    P02387                   87.2
192.3                    P02388                   87.4*                     if duration 1 year or longer
192.4                    P02389                   87.3
192.5**                  P02390                   87.8, 87.4*               if duration under 1 year

192.5                    P02392                   87.4*                     if duration under 1 year
192.5                    P02393                   87.8

* a LFS category has been split for greater clarification;
** this ECHP code combines two LFS categories; may be split as defined in variable list.

ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                                              A

                       ECHP                       LFS column-code           remark
Question                  Variable
120.1                      )                      87.7
120.2                      )                      87.6
120.3                      )P031530               87.5*                     if general education
120.4                      )                      86.3
120.5                      )                      86.2
120.6                      )                      86.1

124.1                      )                      87.5*                     if vocational training
124.2                      )P031630               87.2
124.3                      )                      87.4*                     if duration 1 year or longer
124.4                      )                      87.3

188.1                      )                      (87.5-87.7)               subdivided in Q189
188.2                      )P033820               86.3
188.3                      )                      86.2
188.4                      )                      86.1

189.1                      )                      87.7
189.2                      )P033830               87.6
189.3                      )                      87.5*                     if general education

191.1                      P033850                (87.2-87.5,87.8)          subdivided in Q192
191.2                      P033850                87.1

192.1                      P033860                87.5*                     if vocational training
192.2                      P033870                87.2
192.3                      P033880                87.4*                     if duration 1 year or longer
192.4                      P033890                87.3
192.5**                    P033900                87.8, 87.4*               if duration under 1 year

192.5                      P033920                87.4*                     if duration under 1 year
192.5                      P033930                87.8

* a LFS category has been split for greater clarification;
** this ECHP code combines two LFS categories; may be split as defined in variable list.

A                                                                           ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

:DYHV       L L        « 

                     ECHP                         LFS column-code              remark
Question                Variable
120.1                    )                        87.7
120.2                    )                        87.6
120.3                    )P0i1530                 87.5*                        if general education
120.4                    )                        86.3
120.5                    )                        86.2
120.6                    )                        86.1

124.1                    )                        87.5*                        if vocational training
124.2                    )P0i1630                 87.2
124.3                    )                        87.4*                        if duration 1 year or longer
124.4                    )                        87.3

188B.1                   )                        (87.5-87.7)                  subdivided in Q189
188B.2                   )P0i3820                 86.3
188B.3                   )                        86.2
188B.4                   )                        86.1

189.1                    )                        87.7
189.2                    )P0i3830                 87.6
189.3                    )                        87.5*                        if general education

191.1                    P0i3850                  (87.2-87.5,87.8)             subdivided in Q192
191.2                    P0i3850                  87.1

192.1                    P0i3860                  87.5*                        if vocational training
192.2                    P0i3870                  87.2
192.3                    P0i3880                  87.4*                        if duration 1 year or longer
192.4                    P0i3890                  87.3
192.5**                  P0i3900                  87.8, 87.4*                  if duration under 1 year

192.5                    P0i3920                  87.4*                        if duration under 1 year
192.5                    P0i3930                  87.8

* a LFS category has been split for greater clarification;
** this ECHP code combines two LFS categories; may be split as defined in variable list.

%HOJLTXH%HOJLs                                                 4. Formation professionelle spécifique en alternance
5XEULTXH.RORP                                                   Specifieke beroepsopleiding – tweeledig
1. Secondaire inférieur                                            opleidingsstelsel
   Secundair onderwijs, lagere graad                            5. Supérieur non-universitaire
2. Secondaire supérieur                                            Hoger, niet universitair
   Secundair onderwijks, hogere graad                           6. Universitaire
3. Rubrique/Kolom 87=5/6/7                                         Universitair
4. Autres                                                       7. Post universitaire
   Andere                                                          Post-universitaire
5XEULTXH.RORP                                                8. Autres formations
1. Aucun ensignement ou formation complémentaire                   Andere beroepsopleiding
   Geen voortgezet onderwijs of beroepsopleiding
2. Formation d’au moins un an dans une école                    'DQPDUN
   d’ensignement professionnel                                  6¡MOH 
   Opleiding van minimum 1 jaar voltooid in een                 1. Folkeskole op til 8. Klasse
   school voor specifieke beroepsopleiding                      2. Afsluttet folkeskole 9. Eller 10. Klassetrin
3. Formation profesionnelle spécifique en enterprise            3. Afsluttet gymnasie eller højere
   (un an minimum)                                                 forberedelseseksamen
   Specifieke beroepsopleiding van minimum 1 jaar               4. Sø87=5/6/7
   voltooid enkel binnen de werkomgeving                        5. Andet
                                                                1. Ingen erhvervsuddannelse
ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                                           A
2. Erhvervsfaglig grunduddannelse, basisår              2. Formacion profesional de grado medio o
3. –                                                       equivalente
4. Afsluttet lærlinge- og elevuddannelse,               3. Formacion profesional dentro de la empresa
   efteruddannelse af faglærte og tillærte              4. Formacion profesional mixta (en una empresa y en
5. Kortere og mellemlange videregående                     un centro escolar)
   uddannelser af mindre end 3 års varighed             5. Formacion profesional de grado superior o
6. –                                                       equivalente
7. Mellemlange og længerevarende uddannelser af 3       6. Diplomados universitarios o equivalentes
   års varighed eller derover                           7. Licenciados, Ingenieros, Doctores o equivalentes
8. Anden erhvervsuddannelse                             8. Otra formacion

'HXWVFKODQG                                             )UDQFH
6SDOWH                                                5XEULTXH 
1. Kein Hauptschulabschlu‰ oder Realschulabschluß       1. Etudes primaires ou inférieures; 6ème, 5ème,
2. Hauptabschluß/Realschulabschluß                         4ème de l’enseignement         secondaires, études
3. Fachhochschulreife/Hochschulreife                       professionnelles sans diplôme
4. Spalte 87=5/6/7                                      2. 3ème, 2nde, 1ère de l’enseignement secondaire
5. Andere                                                  (les personnes ayant suivi un
6SDOWH                                                     enseignement professionnel de niveau supérieur
1. Keine berufliche Ausbildung oder berufliche             ou égal à la dernière année du Brevet d’Etudes
   Schulung                                                Professionnelles sont supposées être passées par
2. Mittlere Reife/Hochschulreife an einer beruflichen      la classe de 3ème de l’enseignement général
   Schule                                               3. Terminale de l’enseignement secondaire général
3. Berufliches Praktikum                                4. ou technologique, y compris préparation au brevet
4. Abschluß einer beruflichen Ausbildung im dualen         de technicien
   System (Lehre), Berufsfachschulabschluß              5. Rubrique 87 = 5/6/7
5. Meister-/Technikerabschluß                           6. Autres
6. –                                                    5XEULTXH 
7. Fachhochschulabschluß/Hochschulabschluß              1. Aucun diplôme supérieur ni professionnel
8. Sonstiger beruflicher Bildungsabschluß               2. Formation professionnelle de niveau secondaire
                                                           sanctionnée par un diplôme .(Certificat
(OODGD                                                     d’Education Professionnelle, Brevet d’Etudes
&ROXPQ                                                   Professionnelles, Baccalauréat professionnel,
1. Dimotiko or lower                                       brevet professionnel...)
2. Gymnasio                                             3. -
3. General lukeio                                       4. Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnel ou Brevet
4. Column 87=5/6/7                                         d’Etudes Professionnelles obtenu par
5. Other                                                   apprentissage
&ROXPQ                                                5. Brevet de Technicien Supérieur, Diplôme
1. None                                                    Universitaire de Technologie, diplômes des
2. TCL from vocational/technical lykeio or form            professions de la santé (hors celle de médecin) et
   specialised branch of polytechnical lykeio or           autre de niveau technicien supérieur
   equivalent qualification from other institute        6. Licence
3. –                                                    7. Maitrise, diplômes universitaires du 3ème cycle
4. TES: technical vocational school, completing at         (diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures, Diplôme d’Etudes
   least two years of study                                Approfondies, doctorat), Certificat d’Aptitude
5. TEI: other diploma from specialised colleges (or        Professionnelle de l’enseignement Technique,
   KATEE); equivalent qualifications                       agrégation; diplôme d’une grande école
6. Basic university degree                              8. Diplôme d’Etudes universitaires Générales ou
7. Masters degree or doctorate                             équivalent
8. Other vocational qualification
(VSDxD                                                  &ROXPQ 
&ROXPQD                                               1. Primary or lower
1. Educación primaria o sin estudios                    2. Junior cycle; Intermediate/Group/Junior Certificate
2. Educación secundaria obligatoria                     3. Senior cycle; Leaving Certificate
3. Bachillerato                                         4. Column 87 =5/6/7
4. Columna 87=5/6/7                                     &ROXPQ 
5. Otra                                                 1. No professional/vocational qualifications
&ROXPQD                                               2. -
1. Ninguna formacion post-secundaria o profesional      3. At the workplace only

A                                                                      ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

4. Partly within the workplace and partly at school,       3. Voltooid Hoger Algemeen vormend Onderwijs of
   including apprenticeship                                   Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs
5. Diploma from Regional Technical College, College        4. Skolom 87 = 5/6/7
   of Technology or equivalent                             5. Overig
6. Bachelor degree                                         .RORP 
7. Master or higher degree                                 1. Geen beroepsonderwijs of beroepsopleiding
8. Other vocational qualification                          2. Voltooid Lager Beroepsonderwijs en Middelbaar
,WDOLD                                                     3. -
&RORQQD                                                  4. -
1. Nessun titolo di studio; Licenza elementare; scuola     5. Voltooid Hoger Beroepsondesrwijs
    media inferiore non completata                         6. Voltooide universitair
2. Licenza di scuola media inferiore; Licenza di           7. -
    aviamento professionale                                8. Universitair kandidaatsexamen
3. Diploma di scuola media superiore
4. Colonna 87 =5/6/7                                       gVWHUUHLFK
5. Altro                                                   6SDOWH 
&RORQQD                                                  1. Kein Pflichtschulabschlu‰
1. Nessuna formazione post-scolastica o                    2. Pflichtschulabschluß
    professionale                                          3. Lehrabschluß, Abschluß einer BMS, Matura an
2. Diploma di scuola media superiore che non                  einer Höheren Schule, Kolleg
    permette l’accesso all’universita                      4. Spalte 87=5/6/7
3. Unicamente in ambiente di lavoro                        5. -
4. Apprendistato                                           6SDOWH 
5. Diploma universitario - Laurea breve                    1. Keine berufliche Ausbildung oder berufliche
6. Laurea                                                     Schulbildung
7. Specializzazione post-laurea; Dottorato di ricerca      2. Berufsbildende mittlere Schule
8. Altra formazione post-scolastica                        3. Berufspraktikum
                                                           4. Abschluß einer beruflichen Ausbildung im dualen
/X[HPERXUJ                                                    System (Lehre)
5XEULTXH                                                 5. Berufsbildende höhere Schule
1. Niveau primaire                                         6,7Universitäts-, Hochschulabschluß,
2. Niveau secondaire, 1er cycle                               hochschulverwandte Lehranstalt
3. Niveau secondaire, 2ème cycle                           8 Sonstiger beruflicher Bildungsabschluß
4. Rubrique 87 = 5/6/7
5. Autre enseignement général                              3RUWXJDO
5XEULTXH                                                 &ROXQD 
1. Aucune formation post-scolaire ou professionnelle       1. Não sabe ler nem escrever; sabe ler e escrever,
2. Enseignement secondaire technique sans                     sem pssuir o 1° ciclo do básico (antiga 4a classe);
   formation complémentaire dans une entreprise               tem 4 anos de escolaridade
3. Formation professionnnelle spécifique au sein de        2. Completou o 2° ciclo do básico (5° e 6° anos de
   l’entreprise pendant au moins une année sans               escolaridade)
   autre formation complémsentaire dans une école          3. Completou o 3° ciclo do básico (7°, 8° e 9° anos de
4. Formation professionnelle spécifique dans un               escolaridade)
   système de formation alternée                           4. Coluna 87 = 5/6/7
5. Niveau supérieur non universitaire                      5. Outro tipo de educação geral
6. Niveau universitaire                                    &ROXQD 
7. -                                                       1. Sem qualquer outro tipo de educação (apenas
8. Autre type de formation professionnnelle                   ensino geral ou nenhum) ou formação profissional
                                                           2. Completou um curso (minimo de um ano) numa
1HGHUODQG                                                     escola ou instituto, vocacionado para uma
.RORP                                                       actividade especifica
1. Al dan niet voltooid kleuter- en basisonderwijs; niet   3. Completou formação especifica (minimo de um ano)
   voltooid Middelbaar Algemeen Vormend Onderwijs;            num ambiente de trabalho (sem formação
   klas 3 Hoger Algemeen Vormend Onderwijs of                 complementar numa escola ou instituto)
   Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs niet met       4. Completou formação especifica através de um
   succes doorlopen                                           sistema com experiência de trabalho e ao mesmo
2. Voltooid Middelbaar Algemeen Vormend Onderwijs;            tempo formação
   klas 3 Hoger Algemeen Vormend Onderwijs of              5. complementar noutro local (qualquer tipo de
   Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs met               sistema “desdobrado”, incluindo aprendizagem)
   succes doorlopen                                        6. Recebeu uma qualificação de terceiro nivel que não
                                                              é grau universitário
ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                                              A
7. Recebeu um grau universitário (grau de inicio -        necessary to progress to next level (e.g. ‘A’ level or
   licenciatura ou equivalente)                           equivalent)
8. Recebeu um grau universitário não inicial ou uma       4. Column 87=5/6/7
   qualificação de pós-graduação (mestrado,               5. Other
   doutoramento)                                          &ROXPQ 
9. Recebeu uma qualquer qualificação profissional não     1. No professional/vocational qualifications
   especificada acima                                     2. Ordinary or General BTEC; RSA; City and Guilds
                                                          (CGLI) or equivalent
6YHULJH                                                   3. –
&ROXPQ                                                  4. Ordinary or General BTEC/SCOTBTEC,
1. Förgymnasial utbildning kortare än 9 ar                BEC/SCOTBEC, TEC/SCOTEC, SCOTVEC; ONC;
2. Förgymnasial utbildning 9 (10) ar; enhetsskola,        OND; YTS/YT/ET
   grundskola                                             5. Higher BTEC/SCOTBTEC, BEC/SCOTBEC,
3. Gymnasial utbildning upp till 3 ar                     TEC/SCOTEC, SCOTVEC, HNC, HND; teaching and
4. Kolumn 87=5/6/7                                        nursing qualification without degree
5. Utbildning saknas samt ej hänförbar till specifik      6. First degree; other degree level of qualification;
   grupp                                                  graduate membership of professional institute
9. Ej aktuell                                             7. Higher degree
&ROXPQ                                                  8. Other professional/vocational qualification
1. Ingen vidare yresutbildning
2. -
3. -
4. -
5. Eftergymnasial utbildning kortare än 3 ar (20 - 119
6. Eftergymnasial utbildning 3 ar eller längre (120
7. Korskarutbildning
9. Ej aktuell

1. Less than primary school / Primary school or part of
   lower secondary or comprehensive school
2. Comprehensive school or lower secondary school
3. Matriculation examination or upper secondary
4. Column 87=5/6/7
5. Another general education programme
1. No vocational, professional or higher education
2. Vocational or professional education in a school
   (minimum duration one year)
3. –
4. -
5. Vocational or professional education in a college
6. Polytechnical vocational or professional education;
   lower-level university degree (bachelor degree)
7. Higher-level university degree (incl. licentiate in
   medicine) or postgraduate (doctorate level) degree
8. -

1. Left full-time education before 15 years of age
2. Remained in full-time education to at least 15 years
of age, with or without obtaining qualifications
necessary for progress to next level (e.g. ‘O’ level or
3. Remained in full-time education to at least 17 years
of age, with or without obtaining qualifications
A                                                                  ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires


           $XVWULD                                      BE222       Maaseik
                                                        BE223       Tongeren
$7          2VW|VWHUUHLFK                              BE23        Oost-vlaanderen
AT11       Burgenland                                   BE231       Aalst
AT111      Mittelburgenland                             BE232       Dendermonde
AT112      Nordburgenland                               BE233       Eeklo
AT113      Südburgenland                                BE234       Gent (arrondissement)
AT12       Niederösterreich                             BE235       Oudenaarde
AT121      Mostviertel-Eisenwurzen                      BE236       Sint-Niklaas
AT122      Niederösterreich-Süd                         BE24        Vlaams Brabant
AT123      Sankt Pölten                                 BE241       Halle-vilvoorde
AT124      Waldviertel                                  BE242       Leuven
AT125      Weinviertel                                  BE25        West-vlaanderen
AT126      Wiener Umland/Nordteil                       BE251       Brugge
AT127      Wiener Umland/Südteil                        BE252       Diksmuide
AT13       Wien                                         BE253       Ieper
$7          6G|VWHUUHLFK                              BE254       Kortrijk
AT21       Kärnten                                      BE255       Oostende
AT211      Klagenfurt-Villach                           BE256       Roeselare
AT212      Oberkärnten                                  BE257       Tielt
AT213      Unterkärnten                                 BE258       Veurne
AT22       Steiermark                                   %(           5pJLRQ :DOORQQH
AT221      Graz                                         BE31        Brabant wallon
AT222      Liezen                                       BE32        Hainaut
AT223      Östliche Obersteiermark                      BE321       Ath
AT224      Oststeiermark                                BE322       Charleroi
AT225      West- und Südsteiermark                      BE323       Mons
AT226      Westliche Obersteiermark                     BE324       Mouscron
$7          :HVW|VWHUUHLFK                             BE325       Soignies
AT31       Oberösterreich                               BE326       Thuin
AT311      Innviertel                                   BE327       Tournai
AT312      Linz-Wels                                    BE33        Liège
AT313      Mühlviertel                                  BE331       Huy
AT314      Steyr-kirchdorf                              BE332       Liège (arrondissement)
AT315      Traunviertel                                 BE333       Verviers
AT32       Salzburg                                     BE334       Waremme
AT321      Lungau                                       BE34        Luxembourg (B)
AT322      Pinzgau-Pongau                               BE341       Arlon
AT323      Salzburg und Umgebung                        BE342       Bastogne
AT33       Tirol                                        BE343       Marche-en-famenne
AT331      Ausserfern                                   BE344       Neufchateau
AT332      Innsbruck                                    BE345       Virton
AT333      Osttirol                                     BE35        Namur
AT334      Tiroler Oberland                             BE351       Dinant
AT335      Tiroler Unterland                            BE352       Namur (arrondissement)
AT34       Vorarlberg                                   BE353       Philippeville
AT341      Bludenz-Bregenzer Wald
AT342      Rheintal-Bodenseegebiet                                  *HUPDQ\

           %HOJLXP                                      '(           %DGHQ:UWWHPEHUJ
                                                        DE11        Stuttgart
%(          5HJ %UX[HOOHV&DS  %UXVVHOV +IGVW      DE111       Stuttgart, Stadtkreis
           *HZ                                         DE112       Böblingen
%(          9ODDPV *HZHVW                              DE113       Esslingen
BE21       Antwerpen                                    DE114       Göppingen
BE211      Antwerpen (arrondissement)                   DE115       Ludwigsburg
BE212      Mechelen                                     DE116       Rems-murr-kreis
BE213      Turnhout                                     DE117       Heilbronn, Stadtkreis
BE22       Limburg (B)                                  DE118       Heilbronn, Landkreis
BE221      Hasselt                                      DE119       Hohenlohekreis
ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                            A
DE11A        Schwäbisch Hall                    DE21N   Weilheim-Schongau
DE11B        Main-Tauber-Kreis                  DE22    Niederbayern
DE11C        Heidenheim                         DE221   Landshut, kreisfreie Stadt
DE11D        Ostalbkreis                        DE222   Passau, kreisfreie Stadt
DE12         Karlsruhe                          DE223   Straubing, kreisfreie Stadt
DE121        Baden-Baden, Stadtkreis            DE224   Deggendorf
DE122        Karlsruhe, Stadtkreis              DE225   Freyung-Grafenau
DE123        Karlsruhe, Landkreis               DE226   Kelheim
DE124        Rastatt                            DE227   Landshut, Landkreis
DE125        Heidelberg, Stadtkreis             DE228   Passau, Landkreis
DE126        Mannheim, Stadtkreis               DE229   Regen
DE127        Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis              DE22A   Rottal-Inn
DE128        Rhein-Neckar-Kreis                 DE22B   Straubing-Bogen
DE129        Pforzheim, Stadtkreis              DE22C   Dingolfing-Landau
DE12A        Calw                               DE23    Oberpfalz
DE12B        Enzkreis                           DE231   Amberg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE12C        Freudenstadt                       DE232   Regensburg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE13         Freiburg                           DE233   Weiden i. d. opf., kreisfreie Stadt
DE131        Freiburg im Breisgau, Stadtkreis   DE234   Amberg-Sulzbach
DE132        Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald           DE235   Cham
DE133        Emmendingen                        DE236   Neumarkt i. d. Opf.
DE134        Ortenaukreis                       DE237   Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab
DE135        Rottweil                           DE238   Regensburg, Landkreis
DE136        Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis             DE239   Schwandorf
DE137        Tuttlingen                         DE23A   Tirschenreuth
DE138        Konstanz                           DE24    Oberfranken
DE139        Lörrach                            DE241   Bamberg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE13A        Waldshut                           DE242   Bayreuth, kreisfreie Stadt
DE14         Tübingen                           DE243   Coburg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE141        Reutlingen                         DE244   Hof, kreisfreie Stadt
DE142        Tübingen, Landkreis                DE245   Bamberg, Landkreis
DE143        Zollernalbkreis                    DE246   Bayreuth, Landkreis
DE144        Ulm, Stadtkreis                    DE247   Coburg, Landkreis
DE145        Alb-Donau-Kreis                    DE248   Forchheim
DE146        Biberach                           DE249   Hof, Landkreis
DE147        Bodenseekreis                      DE24A   Kronach
DE148        Ravensburg                         DE24B   Kulmbach
DE149        Sigmaringen                        DE24C   Lichtenfels
'(            %D\HUQ                           DE24D   Wunsiedel i. Fichtelgebirge
DE21         Oberbayern                         DE25    Mittelfranken
DE211        Ingolstadt, kreisfreie Stadt       DE251   Ansbach, kreisfreie Stadt
DE212        München, kreisfreie Stadt          DE252   Erlangen, kreisfreie Stadt
DE213        Rosenheim, kreisfreie Stadt        DE253   Fürth, kreisfreie Stadt
DE214        Altötting                          DE254   Nürnberg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE215        Berchtesgadener Land               DE255   Schwabach, kreisfreie Stadt
DE216        Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen            DE256   Ansbach, Landkreis
DE217        Dachau                             DE257   Erlangen-Höchstadt
DE218        Ebersberg                          DE258   Fürth, Landkreis
DE219        Eichstätt                          DE259   Nürnberger Land
DE21A        Erding                             DE25A   Neustadt a. d Aisch-Bad Windsheim
DE21B        Freising                           DE25B   Roth
DE21C        Fürstenfeldbruck                   DE25C   Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen
DE21D        Garmisch-Partenkirchen             DE26    Unterfranken
DE21E        Landsberg a. Lech                  DE261   Aschaffenburg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE21F        Miesbach                           DE262   Schweinfurt, kreisfreie Stadt
DE21G        Mühldorf a. Inn                    DE263   Würzburg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE21H        München, Landkreis                 DE264   Aschaffenburg, Landkreis
DE21I        Neuburg-Schrobenhausen             DE265   Bad kissingen
DE21J        Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm             DE266   Rhön-grabfeld
DE21K        Rosenheim, Landkreis               DE267   Hassberge
DE21I        Starnberg                          DE268   Kitzingen
DE21M        Traunstein                         DE269   Miltenberg
A                                                           ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

DE26A   Main-Spessart                               DE721   Giessen, Landkreis
DE26B   Schweinfurt, Landkreis                      DE722   Lahn-Dill-Kreis
DE26C   Würzburg, Landkreis                         DE723   Limburg-Weilburg
DE27    Schwaben                                    DE724   Marburg-Biedenkopf
DE271   Augsburg, kreisfreie Stadt                  DE725   Vogelsbergkreis
DE272   Kaufbeuren, kreisfreie Stadt                DE73    Kassel
DE273   Kempten (Allgäu), kreisfreie Stadt          DE731   Kassel, kreisfreie Stadt
DE274   Memmingen, kreisfreie Stadt                 DE732   Fulda
DE275   Aichach-Friedberg                           DE733   Hersfeld-Rotenburg
DE276   Augsburg, Landkreis                         DE734   Kassel, Landkreis
DE277   Dillingen a.d. Donau                        DE735   Schwalm-Eder-Kreis
DE278   Günzburg                                    DE736   Waldeck-Frankenberg
DE279   Neu-Ulm                                     DE737   Werra-Meißner-Kreis
DE27A   Lindau (Bodensee)                           '(       0HFNOHQEXUJ9RUSRPPHUQ
DE27B   Ostallgäu                                   DE801   Greifswald, kreisfreie Stadt
DE27C   Unterallgäu                                 DE802   Neubrandenburg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE27D   Donau-Ries                                  DE803   Rostock, kreisfreie Stadt
DE27E   Oberallgäu                                  DE804   Schwerin, kreisfreie Stadt
'(       %HUOLQ                                    DE805   Stralsund, kreisfreie Stadt
DE301   Berlin-West, Stadt                          DE806   Wismar, kreisfreie Stadt
DE302   Berlin-Ost, Stadt                           DE807   Bad Doberan
'(       %UDQGHQEXUJ                               DE808   Demmin
DE401   Brandenburg a. d. Havel, kreisfreie Stadt   DE809   Güstrow
DE402   Cottbus, kreisfreie Stadt                   DE80A   Ludwigslust
DE403   Frankfurt (Oder), kreisfreie Stadt          DE80B   Mecklenburg-Strelitz
DE404   Potsdam, kreisfreie Stadt                   DE80C   Müritz
DE405   Barnim                                      DE80D   Nordvorpommern
DE406   Dahme-Spreewald                             DE80E   Wordwestmecklenburg
DE407   Elbe-Elster                                 DE80F   Ostvorpommern
DE408   Havelland                                   DE80G   Parchim
DE409   Märkisch-Oderland                           DE80H   Rügen
DE40A   Oberhavel                                   DE80I   Uecker-Randow
DE40B   Oberspreewald Lausitz                       '(       1LHGHUVDFKVHQ
DE40C   Oder-Spree                                  DE91    Braunschweig
DE40D   Ostprignitz-Ruppin                          DE911   Braunschweig, kreisfreie Stadt
DE40E   Potsdam-Mittelmark                          DE912   Salzgitter, kreisfreie Stadt
DE40F   Prignitz                                    DE913   Wolfsburg, kreisfreie Stadt
DE40G   Spree-Neisse                                DE914   Gifhorn
DE40H   Teltow-Fläming                              DE915   Göttingen
DE40I   Uckermark                                   DE916   Goslar
'(       %UHPHQ                                    DE917   Helmstedt
DE501   Bremen, kreisfreie Stadt                    DE918   Northeim
DE502   Bremerhaven, kreisfreie Stadt               DE919   Osterode am Harz
'(       +DPEXUJ                                   DE91a   Peine
DE601   Hamburg, freie- und Hansestadt              DE91b   Wolfenbüttel
'(       +HVVHQ                                    DE92    Hannover
DE71    Darmstadt                                   DE921   Hannover, kreisfreie Stadt
DE711   Darmstadt, kreisfreie Stadt                 DE922   Diepholz
DE712   Frankfurt am Main, kreisfreie Stadt         DE923   Hameln-Pyrmont
DE713   Offenbach am main, kreisfreie Stadt         DE924   Hannover, Landkreis
DE714   Wiesbaden, kreisfreie Stadt                 DE925   Hildesheim
DE715   Bergstrasse                                 DE926   Holzminden
DE716   Darmstadt-Dieburg                           DE927   Nienburg (weser)
DE717   Gross-Gerau                                 DE928   Schaumburg
DE718   Hochtaunuskreis                             DE93    Lüneburg
DE719   Main-Kinzig-Kreis                           DE931   Celle
DE71A   Main-Taunus-Kreis                           DE932   Cuxhaven
DE71B   Odenwaldkreis                               DE933   Harburg
DE71C   Offenbach, Landkreis                        DE934   Lüchow-Dannenberg
DE71D   Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis                       DE935   Lüneburg, Landkreis
DE71E   Wetteraukreis                               DE936   Osterholz
DE72    Gießen                                      DE937   Rotenburg (Wümme)
ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                                    A
DE938        Soltau-Fallingbostel                      DEA41   Bielefeld, kreisfreie Stadt
DE939        Stade                                     DEA42   Gütersloh
DE93A        Uelzen                                    DEA43   Herford
DE93B        Verden                                    DEA44   Höxter
DE94         Weser-Ems                                 DEA45   Lippe
DE941        Delmenhorst, kreisfreie Stadt             DEA46   Minden-Lübbecke
DE942        Emden, kreisfreie Stadt                   DEA47   Paderborn
DE943        Oldenburg (Oldenburg), kreisfreie Stadt   DEA5    Arnsberg
DE944        Osnabrück, kreisfreie Stadt               DEA51   Bochum, kreisfreie Stadt
DE945        Wilhelmshaven, kreisfreie Stadt           DEA52   Dortmund, kreisfreie Stadt
DE946        Ammerland                                 DEA53   Hagen, kreisfreie Stadt
DE947        Aurich                                    DEA54   Hamm, kreisfreie Stadt
DE948        Cloppenburg                               DEA55   Herne, kreisfreie Stadt
DE949        Emsland                                   DEA56   Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis
DE94A        Friesland                                 DEA57   Hochsauerlandkreis
DE94B        Grafschaft Bentheim                       DEA58   Märkischer Kreis
DE94C        Leer                                      DEA59   Olpe
DE94D        Oldenburg, Landkreis                      DEA5A   Siegen-Wittgenstein
DE94E        Osnabrück, Landkreis                      DEA5B   Soest
DE94F        Vechta                                    DEA5C   Unna
DE94G        Wesermarsch                               '(%       5KHLQODQG3IDO]
DE94H        Wittmund                                  DEB1    Koblenz
'($            1RUGUKHLQ:HVWIDOHQ                     DEB11   Koblenz, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA1         Düsseldorf                                DEB12   Ahrweiler
DEA11        Düsseldorf, kreisfreie Stadt              DEB13   Altenkirchen (Westerwald)
DEA12        Duisburg, kreisfreie Stadt                DEB14   Bad Kreuznach
DEA13        Essen, kreisfreie Stadt                   DEB15   Birkenfeld
DEA14        Krefeld, kreisfreie Stadt                 DEB16   Cochem-Zell
DEA15        Mönchengladbach, kreisfreie Stadt         DEB17   Mayen-Koblenz
DEA16        Mülheim a. d. ruhr, kreisfreie Stadt      DEB18   Neuwied
DEA17        Oberhausen, kreisfreie Stadt              DEB19   Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis
DEA18        Remscheid, kreisfreie Stadt               DEB1A   Rhein-Lahn-Kreis
DEA19        Solingen, kreisfreie Stadt                DEB1B   Westerwaldkreis
DEA1A        Wuppertal, kreisfreie Stadt               DEB2    Trier
DEA1B        Kleve                                     DEB21   Trier, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA1C        Mettmann                                  DEB22   Bernkastel-Wittlich
DEA1D        Neuss                                     DEB23   Bitburg-Prüm
DEA1E        Viersen                                   DEB24   Daun
DEA1F        Wesel                                     DEB25   Trier-Saarburg
DEA2         Köln                                      DEB3    Rheinhessen-Pfalz
DEA21        Aachen, kreisfreie Stadt                  DEB31   Frankenthal (pfalz), kreisfreie Stadt
DEA22        Bonn, kreisfreie Stadt                    DEB32   Kaiserslautern, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA23        Köln, kreisfreie Stadt                    DEB33   Landau in der pfalz, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA24        Leverkusen, kreisfreie Stadt              DEB34   Ludwigshafen am rhein, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA25        Aachen, Landkreis                         DEB35   Mainz, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA26        Düren                                     DEB36   Neustadt a. d. Weinstrasse, kreisfreie
DEA27        Erftkreis                                         Stadt
DEA28        Euskirchen                                DEB37   Pirmasens, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA29        Heinsberg                                 DEB38   Speyer, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA2A        Oberbergischer Kreis                      DEB39   Worms, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA2B        Rheinisch-Bergischer-Kreis                DEB3A   Zweibrücken, kreisfreie Stadt
DEA2C        Rhein-Sieg-Kreis                          DEB3B   Alzey-worms
DEA3         Münster                                   DEB3C   Bad Dürkheim
DEA31        Bottrop, kreisfreie Stadt                 DEB3D   Donnersbergkreis
DEA32        Gelsenkirchen, kreisfreie Stadt           DEB3E   Germersheim
DEA33        Münster, kreisfreie Stadt                 DEB3F   Kaiserslautern, Landkreis
DEA34        Borken                                    DEB3G   Kusel
DEA35        Coesfeld                                  DEB3H   Südliche Weinstrasse
DEA36        Recklinghausen                            DEB3I   Ludwigshafen, Landkreis
DEA37        Steinfurt                                 DEB3J   Mainz-Bingen
DEA38        Warendorf                                 DEB3K   Pirmasens
DEA4         Detmold                                   '(&       6DDUODQG
A                                                     ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

DEC01   Stadtverband Saarbrücken              DEE35   Jerichower Land
DEC02   Merzig-Wadern                         DEE36   Ohrekreis
DEC03   Neunkirchen                           DEE37   Stendal
DEC04   Saarlouis                             DEE38   Quedlinburg
DEC05   Saarpfalz-Kreis                       DEE39   Schönebeck
DEC06   Sankt Wendel                          DEE3a   Wernigerode
'('       6DFKVHQ                             DEE3b   Altmarkkreis Salzwedel
DED01   Chemnitz, kreisfreie Stadt            '()       6FKOHVZLJ+ROVWHLQ
DED02   Dresden, kreisfreie Stadt             DEF01   Flensburg, kreisfreie Stadt
DED03   Görlitz, kreisfreie Stadt             DEF02   Kiel, kreisfreie Stadt
DED04   Leipzig, kreisfreie Stadt             DEF03   Lübeck, kreisfreie Stadt
DED05   Plauen, kreisfreie Stadt              DEF04   Neumünster, kreisfreie Stadt
DED06   Zwickau, kreisfreie Stadt             DEF05   Dithmarschen
DED07   Auerbach                              DEF06   Herzogtum Lauenburg
DED08   Klingenthal                           DEF07   Nordfriesland
DED09   Oelsnitz                              DEF08   Ostholstein
DED0A   Plauen-Land                           DEF09   Pinneberg
DED0B   Reichenbach                           DEF0A   Plön
DED0C   Annaberg                              DEF0B   Rendsburg-Eckernförde
DED0D   Bautzen                               DEF0C   Schleswig-Flensburg
DED0E   Chemnitzer Land                       DEF0D   Segeberg
DED0F   Delitzsch                             DEF0E   Steinburg
DED0G   Döbeln                                DEF0F   Stormarn
DED0H   Freiberg                              '(*       7KULQJHQ
DED0I   Leipziger Land                        DEG01   Erfurt, kreisfreie Stadt
DED0J   Meissen                               DEG02   Gera, kreisfreie Stadt
DED0K   Mittlerer Erzgebirgkreis              DEG03   Jena, kreisfreie Stadt
DED0L   Mittweida                             DEG04   Suhl, kreisfreie Stadt
DED0M   Muldentalkreis                        DEG05   Weimar, kreisfreie Stadt
DED0N   Niederschlesischer Oberlausitzkreis   DEG06   Eichsfeld
DED0P   Riesa-Grossenhain                     DEG07   Nordhausen
DED0Q   Löbau-Zittau                          DEG08   Wartburgkreis
DED0R   Sächsische Schweiz                    DEG09   Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis
DED0S   Stollberg                             DEG0A   Kyffhäuserkreis
DED0T   Torgau-Oschatz                        DEG0B   Schmalkalden-Meiningen
DED0U   Weisseritzkreis                       DEG0C   Gotha
DED0V   Aue-Schwarzenberg                     DEG0D   Sömmerda
DED0W   Kamenz                                DEG0E   Hildburghausen
DED0X   Zwickauer Land                        DEG0F   Ilm-Kreis
DED0Y   Dresden-Land                          DEG0G   Weimarer Land
DED0Z   Hoyerswerda                           DEG0H   Sonneberg
'((       6DFKVHQ$QKDOW                      DEG0I   Saalfeld-Rudolstadt
DEE1    Dessau                                DEG0J   Saale-Holzland-Kreis
DEE11   Dessau, kreisfreie Stadt              DEG0K   Saale-Orla-Kreis
DEE12   Anhalt-Zerbst                         DEG0L   Greiz
DEE13   Bernburg                              DEG0M   Altenburger Land
DEE14   Bitterfeld
DEE15   Köthen                                        'DQPDUN
DEE16   Wittenberg
DEE2    Halle                                 '.       '$10$5.
DEE21   Halle/Saale, Stadtkreis               DK001   KØBENHAVN OG FREDERIKSBERG
DEE22   Burgenlandkreis                               KOMMUNER
DEE23   Mansfelder Land                       DK002   KØBENHAVNS AMT
DEE24   Merseburg-Querfurt                    DK003   FREDERIKSBORG AMT
DEE25   Saalkreis                             DK004   ROSKILDE AMT
DEE26   Sangerhausen                          DK005   VESTSJÆLLANDS AMT
DEE27   Weissenfels                           DK006   STORSTRØMS AMT
DEE3    Magdeburg                             DK007   BORNHOLMS AMT
DEE31   Magdeburg, kreisfreie Stadt           DK008   FYNS AMT
DEE32   Aschersleben Stassfurt                DK009   SØNDERJYLLANDS AMT
DEE33   Bördekreis                            DK00A   RIBE AMT
DEE34   Halberstadt                           DK00B   VEJLE AMT
ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                    A
DK00C        RINGKØBING AMT                     ES613   Cordoba
DK00D        ÅRHUS AMT                          ES614   Granada
DK00E        VIBORG AMT                         ES615   Huelva
DK00F        NORDJYLLANDS AMT                   ES616   Jaen
                                                ES617   Málaga
             6SDLQ                              ES618   Sevilla
                                                ES62    Región de murcia
(6            1RURHVWH                         ES63    Ceuta y melilla
ES11         Galicia                            ES631   Ceuta
ES111        La coruna                          ES632   Melilla
ES112        Lugo                               (6       &DQDULDV
ES113        Orense                             ES701   Las palmas
ES114        Pontevedra                         ES702   Santa cruz de tenerife
ES12         Principado de asturias
ES13         Cantabria                                  )LQODQG
(6            1RUHVWH
ES21         Pais vasco                         ),        0DQQHUVXRPL
ES211        Alava                              FI11    Uusimaa
ES212        Guipuzcoa                          FI12    Etelä-suomi
ES213        Vizcaya                            FI121   Varsinais-suomi
ES22         Comunidad foral de navarra         FI122   Satakunta
ES23         La rioja                           FI123   Häme
ES24         Aragòn                             FI124   Pirkanmaa
ES241        Huesca                             FI125   Päijät-häme
ES242        Teruel                             FI126   Kymenlaakso
ES243        Zaragoza                           FI127   Etelä-karjala
(6            &RPXQLGDG GH PDGULG              FI13    Itä-suomi
(6            &HQWUR H                       FI131   Etelä-savo
ES41         Castilla y leòn                    FI132   Pohjois-savo
ES411        Avila                              FI133   Pohjois-karjala
ES412        Burgos                             FI134   Kainuu
ES413        Leòn                               FI14    Väli-suomi
ES414        Palencia                           FI141   Keski-suomi
ES415        Salamanca                          FI142   Etelä-pohjanmaa
ES416        Segovia                            FI143   Vaasan rannikkoseutu
ES417        Soria                              FI144   Keski-pohjanmaa
ES418        Valladolid                         FI15    Pohjois-suomi
ES419        Zamora                             FI151   Pohjois-pohjanmaa
ES42         Castilla-la mancha                 FI152   Lappi
ES421        Albacete                           ),       $KYHQDQPDDcODQG
ES422        Ciudad real
ES423        Cuenca                                     )UDQFH
ES424        Guadalajara
ES425        Toledo                             )5       ÌOH GH IUDQFH
ES43         Extremadura                        FR101   Paris
ES431        Badajoz                            FR102   Seine-et-marne
ES432        Càceres                            FR103   Yvelines
(6            (VWH                             FR104   Essonne
ES51         Cataluña                           FR105   Hauts-de-seine
ES511        Barcelona                          FR106   Seine-saint-denis
ES512        Girona                             FR107   Val-de-marne
ES513        Lleida                             FR108   Val-doise
ES514        Tarragona                          )5       %DVVLQ SDULVLHQ
ES52         Comunidad valenciana               FR21    Champagne-ardenne
ES521        Alicante                           FR211   Ardennes
ES522        Castellon de la plana              FR212   Aube
ES523        Valencia                           FR213   Marne
ES53         Islas baleares                     FR214   Haute-marne
(6            6XU                              FR22    Picardie
ES61         Andalucia                          FR221   Aisne
ES611        Almeria                            FR222   Oise
ES612        Cadiz                              FR223   Somme
A                                         ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

FR23    Haute-normandie           FR622   Aveyron
FR231   Eure                      FR623   Haute-garonne
FR232   Seine-maritime            FR624   Gers
FR24    Centre                    FR625   Lot
FR241   Cher                      FR626   Hautes- c
FR242   Eure-et-loir              FR627   Tarn
FR243   Indre                     FR628   Tarn-et-garonne
FR244   Indre-et-loire            FR63    Limousin
FR245   Loir-et-cher              FR631   Corrèze
FR246   Loiret                    FR632   Reuse
FR25    Basse-normandie           FR633   Haute-vienne
FR251   Calvados                  )5       &HQWUHHVW
FR252   Manche                    FR71    Rhône-alpes
FR253   Orne                      FR711   Ain
FR26    Bourgogne                 FR712   Ardèche
FR261   Côte-d'or                 FR713   Drôme
FR262   Nièvre                    FR714   Isère
FR263   Saône-et-loire            FR715   Loire
FR264   Yonne                     FR716   Rhône
)5        1RUG  3DVGHFDODLV   FR717   Savoie
FR301   Nord                      FR718   Haute-savoie
FR302   Pas-de-calais             FR72    Auvergne
)5        (VW                    FR721   Allier
FR41    Lorraine                  FR722   Cantal
FR411   Meurthe-et-moselle        FR723   Haute-loire
FR412   Meuse                     FR724   Puy-de-dôme
FR413   Moselle                   )5       0pGLWHUUDQpH
FR414   Vosges                    FR81    Languedoc-roussillon
FR42    Alsace                    FR811   Aude
FR421   Bas-rhin                  FR812   Gard
FR422   Haut-rhin                 FR813   Hérault
FR43    Franche-comté             FR814   Lozère
FR431   Doubs                     FR815   Pyrénées-orientales
FR432   Jura                      FR82    Provence-alpes-côte dazur
FR433   Haute-saône               FR821   Alpes-de-haute-provence
FR434   Territoire de belfort     FR822   Hautes-alpes
)5        2XHVW                  FR823   Alpes-maritimes
FR51    Pays de la loire          FR824   Bouches-du-rhône
FR511   Loire-atlantique          FR825   Var
FR512   Maine-et-loire            FR826   Vaucluse
FR513   Mayenne                   FR83    Corse
FR514   Sarthe                    FR831   Corse-du-sud
FR515   Vendée                    FR832   Haute-corse
FR52    Bretagne                  )5     'pSDUWHPHQWV GRXWUHPHU
FR521   Côtes-d'armor             FR91    Guadeloupe
FR522   Finistère                 FR92    Martinique
FR523   Ille-et-vilaine           FR93    Guyane
FR524   Morbihan                  FR94    Réunion
FR53    Poitou-charentes
FR531   Charente                          *UHHFH
FR532   Charente-maritime
FR533   Deux-sèvres               *5      925(,$ (//$'$
FR534   Vienne                    GR11    ANATOLIKI MAKEDONIA, THRAKI
)5        6XGRXHVW              GR111   EVROS
FR61    Aquitaine                 GR112   XANTHI
FR611   Dordogne                  GR113   RODOPI
FR612   Gironde                   GR114   DRAMA
FR613   Landes                    GR115   KAVALA
FR614   Lot-et-garonne            GR12    KENTRIKI MAKEDONIA
FR615   Pyrénées-atlantiques      GR121   IMATHIA
FR62    Midi-pyrénées             GR122   THESSALONIKI
FR621   Ariège                    GR123   KILKIS
ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                   A
GR124        PELLA                              IE004   Midland
GR125        PIERIA                             IE005   Mid-west
GR126        SERRES                             IE006   South-east (Irl)
GR127        CHALKIDIKI                         IE007   South-west (Irl)
GR13         DYTIKI MAKEDONIA                   IE008   West
GR131        GREVENA
GR132        KASTORIA                                   ,WDO\
GR133        KOZANI
GR134        FLORINA                            ,7       1RUG RYHVW
GR14         THESSALIA                          IT11    Piemonte
GR141        KARDITSA                           IT111   Torino
GR142        LARISA                             IT112   Vercelli
GR143        MAGNISIA                           IT113   Biella
GR144        TRIKALA                            IT114   Verbano-cusio-ossola
*5            .(175,., (//$'$                  IT115   Novara
GR21         IPEIROS                            IT116   Cuneo
GR211        ARTA                               IT117   Asti
GR212        THESPROTIA                         IT118   Alessandria
GR213        IOANNINA                           IT12    Valle daosta
GR214        PREVEZA                            IT13    Liguria
GR22         IONIA NISIA                        IT131   Imperia
GR221        ZAKYNTHOS                          IT132   Savona
GR222        KERKYRA                            IT133   Genova
GR223        KEFALLINIA                         IT134   La spezia
GR224        LEFKADA                            ,7       /RPEDUGLD
GR23         DYTIKI ELLADA                      IT201   Varese
GR231        AITOLOAKARNANIA                    IT202   Como
GR232        ACHAIA                             IT203   Lecco
GR233        ILEIA                              IT204   Sondrio
GR24         STEREA ELLADA                      IT205   Milano
GR241        VOIOTIA                            IT206   Bergamo
GR242        EVVOIA                             IT207   Brescia
GR243        EVRYTANIA                          IT208   Pavia
GR244        FTHIOTIDA                          IT209   Lodi
GR245        FOKIDA                             IT20a   Cremona
GR25         PELOPONNISOS                       IT20b   Mantova
GR251        ARGOLIDA                           ,7       1RUG HVW
GR252        ARKADIA                            IT31    Trentino-Alto adige
GR253        KORINTHIA                          IT311   Bolzano-Bozen
GR254        LAKONIA                            IT312   Trento
GR255        MESSINIA                           IT32    Veneto
*5            $77,.,                           IT321   Verona
*5            1,6,$ $,*$,28 .5,7,             IT322   Vicenza
GR41         VOREIO AIGAIO                      IT323   Belluno
GR411        LESVOS                             IT324   Treviso
GR412        SAMOS                              IT325   Venezia
GR413        CHIOS                              IT326   Padova
GR42         NOTIO AIGAIO                       IT327   Rovigo
GR421        DODEKANISOS                        IT33    Friuli-venezia giulia
GR422        KYKLADES                           IT331   Pordenone
GR43         KRITI                              IT332   Udine
GR431        IRAKLEIO                           IT333   Gorizia
GR432        LASITHI                            IT334   Trieste
GR433        RETHYMNI                           ,7       (PLOLDURPDJQD
GR434        CHANIA                             IT401   Piacenza
                                                IT402   Parma
             ,UHODQG                            IT403   Reggio nell’emilia
                                                IT404   Modena
,(           ,UHODQG                            IT405   Bologna
IE001        Border                             IT406   Ferrara
IE002        Dublin                             IT407   Ravenna
IE003        Mid-east                           IT408   Forlì-cesena
A                                    ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

IT409   Rimini               ITA04   Agrigento
,7       &HQWUR ,         ITA05   Caltanissetta
IT51    Roscana              ITA06   Enna
IT511   Massa-carrara        ITA07   Catania
IT512   Lucca                ITA08   Ragusa
IT513   Pistoia              ITA09   Siracusa
IT514   Firenze              ,7%       6DUGHJQD
IT515   Prato                ITB01   Sassari
IT516   Livorno              ITB02   Nuoro
IT517   Pisa                 ITB03   Oristano
IT518   Arezzo               ITB04   Cagliari
IT519   Siena
IT51a   Grosseto                     Luxembourg
IT52    Umbria
IT521   Perugia              /8        /X[HPERXUJ JUDQGGXFKp
IT522   Terni
IT53    Marche                       1HWKHUODQGV
IT531   Pesaro e urbino
IT532   Ancona               1/       1225'1('(5/$1'
IT533   Macerata             NL11    GRONINGEN
IT534   Ascoli piceno        NL111   OOST-GRONINGEN
,7       /D]LR              NL112   DELFZIJL EN OMGEVING
IT601   Viterbo              NL113   OVERIG GRONINGEN
IT602   Rieti                NL12    FRIESLAND
IT603   Roma                 NL121   NOORD-FRIESLAND
IT604   Latina               NL122   ZUIDWEST-FRIESLAND
IT605   Frosinone            NL123   ZUIDOOST-FRIESLAND
,7       $EUX]]RPROLVH     NL13    DRENTHE
IT71    Abruzzo              NL131   NOORD-DRENTHE
IT711   L’aquila             NL132   ZUIDOOST-DRENTHE
IT712   Teramo               NL133   ZUIDWEST-DRENTHE
IT713   Pescara              1/       22671('(5/$1'
IT714   Chieti               NL21    OVERIJSSEL
IT72    Molise               NL211   NOORD-OVERIJSSEL
IT721   Isernia              NL212   ZUIDWEST-OVERIJSSEL
IT722   Campobasso           NL213   TWENTE
,7       &DPSDQLD           NL22    GELDERLAND
IT801   Caserta              NL221   VELUWE
IT802   Benevento            NL222   ACHTERHOEK
IT803   Napoli               NL223   ARNHEM/NIJMEGEN
IT804   Avellino             NL224   ZUIDWEST-GELDERLAND
IT805   Salerno              NL23    FLEVOLAND
,7       6XG                1/       :(671('(5/$1'
IT91    Puglia               NL31    UTRECHT
IT911   Foggia               NL32    NOORD-HOLLAND
IT912   Bari                 NL321   KOP VAN NOORD-HOLLAND
IT913   Taranto              NL322   ALKMAAR EN OMGEVING
IT914   Brindisi             NL323   IJMOND
IT915   Lecce                NL324   AGGLOMERATIE HAARLEM
IT92    Basilicata           NL325   ZAANSTREEK
IT921   Potenza              NL326   GROOT-AMSTERDAM
IT922   Matera               NL327   HET GOOI EN VECHTSTREEK
IT93    Calabria             NL33    ZUID-HOLLAND
IT931   Cosenza              NL331   AGGLOMERATIE LEIDEN EN
IT932   Crotone                      BOLLENSTREEK
IT933   Catanzaro            NL332   AGGLOMERATIE S -GRAVENHAGE
IT934   Vibo valentia        NL333   DELFT EN WESTLAND
IT935   Reggio di calabria   NL334   OOST-ZUID-HOLLAND
,7$       6LFLOLD            NL335   GROOT-RIJNMOND
ITA01   Trapani              NL336   ZUIDOOST-ZUID-HOLLAND
ITA02   Palermo              NL34    ZEELAND
ITA03   Messina              NL341   ZEEUWSCH-VLAANDEREN
ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires                                            A
NL342        OVERIG ZEELAND                     SE031   JÖNKÖPINGS IÄN
1/           =8,'1('(5/$1'                    SE032   KRONOBERGS LÄN
NL41         NOORD-BRABANT                      SE033   KALMAR LÄN
NL411        WEST-NOORD-BRABANT                 SE034   GOTLANDS LÄN
NL412        MIDDEN-NOORD-BRABANT               SE04    SYDSVERIGE
NL42         LIMBURG (NL)                       SE043   MALMÖHUS LÄN
NL421        NOORD-LIMBURG                      SE05    VÄSTSVERIGE
NL422        MIDDEN-LIMBURG                     SE051   HALLANDS LÄN
NL423        ZUID-LIMBURG                       SE052   GÖTEBORGS OCH BOHUS LÄN
                                                SE053   ÄLVSBORGS LÄN
             3RUWXJDO                           SE054   SKARABORGS LÄN
                                                SE06    NORRA MELLANSVERIGE
37           &217,1(17(                        SE061   VÄRMLANDS LÄN
PT11         NORTE                              SE062   KOPPARBERGS LÄN
PT111        MINHO-LIMA                         SE063   GÄVLEBORGS LÄN
PT112        CÁVADO                             SE07    MELLERSTA NORRLAND
PT113        AVE                                SE071   VÄSTERNORRLANDS LÄN
PT114        GRANDE PORTO                       SE072   JÄMTLANDS LÄN
PT115        TÂMEGA                             SE08    ÖVRE NORRLAND
PT116        ENTRE DOURO E VOUGA                SE081   VÄSTERBOTTENS LÄN
PT117        DOURO                              SE082   NORRBOTTENS LÄN
PT12         CENTRO (P)                                 8QLWHG .LQJGRP
PT121        BAIXO VOUGA
PT122        BAIXO MONDEGO                      8.       1RUWK
PT123        PINHAL LITORAL                     UK11    Cleveland, Durham
PT124        PINHAL INTERIOR NORTE              UK111   Cleveland
PT125        DÂO-LAFÔES                         UK112   Durham
PT126        PINHAL INTERIOR SUL                UK12    Cumbria
PT127        SERRA DA ESTRELA                   UK13    Northumberland, Tyne and Wear
PT128        BEIRA INTERIOR NORTE               UK131   Northumberland
PT129        BEIRA INTERIOR SUL                 UK132   Tyne and Wear
PT12A        COVA DA BEIRA                      8.       <RUNVKLUH DQG +XPEHUVLGH
PT13         LISBOA E VALE DO TEJO              UK21    Humberside
PT131        OESTE                              UK22    North Yorkshire
PT132        GRANDE LISBOA                      UK23    South Yorkshire
PT133        PENÍNSULA DE SETÚBAL               UK24    West Yorkshire
PT134        MÉDIO TEJO                         8.       (DVW PLGODQGV
PT135        LEZÍRIA DO TEJO                    UK31    Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire
PT14         ALENTEJO                           UK311   Derbyshire
PT141        ALENTEJO LITORAL                   UK312   Nottinghamshire
PT142        ALTO ALENTEJO                      UK32    Leicestershire, Northamptonshire
PT143        ALENTEJO CENTRAL                   UK321   Leicestershire
PT144        BAIXO ALENTEJO                     UK322   Northamptonshire
PT15         ALGARVE                            UK33    Lincolnshire
37            $d25(6                           8.       (DVW $QJOLD
37            0$'(,5$                          UK401   Cambridgeshire
                                                UK402   Norfolk
             6ZHGHQ                             UK403   Suffolk
                                                8.       6RXWK HDVW XN
6(            69(5,*(                           UK51    Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire
SE01         STOCKHOLM                          UK511   Bedfordshire
SE011        STOCKHOLMS LÄN                     UK512   Hertfordshire
SE02         ÖSTRA MELLANSVERIGE                UK52    Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire
SE021        UPPSALA LÄN                        UK521   Berkshire
SE022        SÖDERMANLANDS LÄN                  UK522   Buckinghamshire
SE023        ÖSTERGÖTLANDS LÄN                  UK523   Oxfordshire
SE024        ÖREBRO LÄN                         UK53    Surrey, East-west Sussex
SE025        VÄSTMANLANDS LÄN                   UK531   East Sussex
SE03         SMÅLAND MED ÖARNA                  UK532   Surrey
A                                              ECHP - classifications used in questionnaires

UK533   West Sussex
UK54    Essex
UK55    Greater London
UK56    Hampshire, Isle of wight
UK561   Hampshire
UK562   Isle of wight
UK57    Kent
8.       6RXWK ZHVW 8.
UK61    Avon, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire
UK611   Avon
UK612   Gloucestershire
UK613   Wiltshire
UK62    Cornwall, Devon
UK621   Cornwall
UK622   Devon
UK63    Dorset, Somerset
UK631   Dorset
UK632   Somerset
8.       :HVW PLGODQGV
UK71    Hereford & Worcester, Warwickshire
UK711   Hereford and Worcester
UK712   Warwickshire
UK72    Shropshire, Staffordshire
UK721   Shropshire
UK722   Staffordshire
UK73    West midlands (county)
8.       1RUWK ZHVW 8.
UK81    Cheshire
UK82    Greater Manchester
UK83    Lancashire
UK84    Merseyside
8.       :DOHV
UK91    Clwyd, Dyfed, Gwynedd, Powys
UK911   Clwyd
UK912   Dyfed
UK913   Gwynedd
UK914   Powys
UK92    Gwent, Mid-south-west glamorgan
UK921   Gwent
UK922   Mid glamorgan
UK923   South glamorgan
UK924   West glamorgan
8.$       6FRWODQG
UKA1    Borders-Central-Fife-Lothian-Tayside
UKA11   Borders
UKA12   Central
UKA13   Fife
UKA14   Lothian
UKA15   Tayside
UKA2    Dumfries & Galloway, Strathclyde
UKA21   Dumfries and Galloway
UKA22   Strathclyde
UKA3    Highlands, Islands
UKA31   Highlands
UKA32   Islands
UKA4    Grampian
8.%       1RUWKHUQ ,UHODQG


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