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									                 Activities of MEDA
               CDM Project Development


                        Anand Wagh (Project Officer – PG-II)

         Maharashtra Energy Development Agency, Pune.

27 July 2005 @ CDM workshop, Bangalore
About MEDA
 • MEDA is the state nodal agency working for promotion and
   implementation of renewable energy sources in the state.
 • MEDA has installed 690 MW of power projects based on
   different technologies in the state through private investors.
 • About 550 MW of projects based on different technologies are
   in pipeline with MEDA till date. These projects have the
   potential of generating 2-3 Million CERs.
 • MEDA is also an authorized designated agency for
   implementing Energy Efficiency program in the state.
 • MEDA intend to set up separate CDM promotion cell to
   facilitate the project developers in the state.
Green Power in Maharashtra
   • Total Potential vs. achievement is given below:

      RE Source                      Potential in (MW)   Achievement in (MW)
      Wind                           3650                400
      Small Hydro                    599.47              206.33
      Co-generation                  1000                73.5
      Biomass                        781                 6
      MSW                            100                 0
      Industrial Waste               350                 6.126
      Total                          6480.47             691.956

 Source : MNES annual report 03-04
Energy scenario of Maharashtra
   Electricity Generation in Maharashtra.

      Source                             Installed capacity in MW
      Thermal                            9543

      Hydro                              2624
      Nuclear                            327

      Gas                                1238
      Renewable                          691

      Total                              14693

 Source: MSEB annual report year 2000.                              4
CDM potential in Maharashtra.

 RE capacity addition till 11th Five year plan vs. Tentative CERs likely to generate

   RE Source                            Targeted Capacity Addition CER per Annum
   Wind                                 1090                     13,74,969

   Small Hydro                          55                       1,73,448

   Co-generation                        630                      15,67,641
   Biomass                              420                      21,19,219

   MSW                                  75                       69,53,688

    Industrial Waste                    105                      5,79,474

   Total                                2375                     1,27,68,439

 Source : MEDA 2012 Perspective Plan.                                              5
Activities of MEDA under CDM Project
•In order to guide the developers MEDA is building up its own
capacity to undertake CDM activity.
•Training from reputed consultants is being organized for in house
capacity building.
•MEDA intend to play role of aggregator. Several small RE
projects will be bundled up to 15 MW capacity and try to go on
fast track to gain CDM benefits.

Biomass power project developers have given undertaking &
many are ready to do so.

• As a part of capacity building MEDA submitted a proposal to
UNDP against which UNDP awarded MEDA the assignment to
prepare 3 PCN and PDD
•Under this assignment 3 PDD of the following projects will be
prepared :
•1) 10 MW Biomass Power Project at Aurangabad.
•2) 3.75 MW Wind power project @ Chalkewadi Dist Satara.
•3) 5.5 MW Waste to Energy Project @ Kalyan Dombevali
Municipal Corporation.

• MEDA has done survey of 176 state co-operative sugar
factories to take up bagasse Co-generation project under CDM.
MEDA is preparing PIN and PDD for 10 selected co-operative
sugar factories.
This activity is initiated to help Co-operative sector sugar factories
in raising some equity & making their proposal bankable.
•Further MEDA is assessing the CDM potential from projects like
biogas to power, waste plastic to Liquid Hydrocarbon fuel,
municipal waste to power projects to asses the possibilities of
project development on large scale.
•Less awareness within developers about complete transaction
•Success rate of CDM projects is very less.
•Less crediting period for new CDM projects.

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