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									                                                     HERO:                               Superstar                              RX for
                                                                                                                            Narcotic Safety

   HENNEPIN COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER, MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 55415                                         VOLUME 26, NO. 2, JUNE 2005

Paving the way for the Electronic Health Record
   E.H.R, E.R.P, P.A.R., F.A.Q.
                                                    Patient access pilot projects begin
         A User’s Guide to                          Hennepin Online, HCMC’s electronic health         prior to their visit, while for walk-in or
         Hennepin Online                            record, will simplify the scheduling and          emergency patients this process will occur
                                                    registration process for patients and bring       during a new financial clearance discharge
         What is Hennepin Online?                   HCMC to the community’s best practice             process.
                                                    standard for appointment scheduling and
  Hennepin Online is the name of HCMC’s             clinic access. These changes are still 18         The new process makes sense for the patient
  online initiatives the electronic health record
                                                    months away, but starting this summer the         and cents (and dollars) for HCMC. Other
  and enterprise resource planning.
                                                    process of financial counseling and clearance     large public hospital systems that have
               What is HERO?                        for patients will begin to change as                        implemented a similar system have
                                                    part of pilot projects in                                         shown significant savings.
  HERO is the shorthand version and internal
  project name. The “H” and the “O” stand           specific locations to pave                                            At HCMC, officials
  for Hennepin Online. The “er” in the middle       the way for the                                                           estimate at least $7
  can represent either “electronic record” or       electronic health                                                           million per year in
  “enterprise resource” but really stand for the    record.                                                                       net revenue
  electronic resources that make us all heroes                                                                                     improvement
  as we do our work to enhance the patient          The new                                                                          opportunity
  experience.                                       clearance and                                                                     based on a
      What are Epic and PeopleSoft?                 counseling                                                                        reduction in
                                                    process will                                                                       write-offs for
  Epic and PeopleSoft are the software tools        give patients                                                                      denials and
  in these initiatives. Many local hospitals        the                                                                                uncollectibles.
  (HealthPartners, Allina, Fairview) are using      reassurance
  Epic for their electronic health record. At       they deserve                                                                       Clinic
  HCMC, the electronic health record will
                                                    about how the                                                                     managers
  replace IRIS with a clinical data repository,
  document imaging to scan non-electronic
                                                    cost of their care                                                               realize that the
  data, pharmacy, radiology, operating room,        will be covered,                                                               registration
  hospital billing, scheduling and registration,    whether it’s through                                                         improvements next
  charge capture, clinical documentation            private insurance, a                                                      year, and new financial
  (inpatient, outpatient, physician, etc.), and     public program, or if the                                             counseling services this
  computerized physician order entry.               patient qualifies for sliding fee                                year, will move these functions
                                                    or charity care.                                        out of the clinics giving staff more
  PeopleSoft is the software of the enterprise
                                                                                                      time to focus on the patient as soon as the
  resource planning initiative, which will
  replace our current financial applications        “Now some of these determinations are made        patient arrives at the clinic.
  (general ledger) and supply chain systems         after the visit, so patients may receive bills
  (inventory and purchasing) this year and our      that they cannot afford to pay, or the hospital   “It’s exciting. Clinic staff is here to deliver
  current human resource applications in 2006.      incurs bad debt,” said Lynn Weeber, director      care and these changes will give us a chance
                                                    of Admissions.                                    to focus on doing that, without having to
              How can I keep up?
                                                                                                      spend time on the paperwork and processing
  Check out the electronic health record and        For scheduled patients, the financial             involved with appointments today,” said
  enterprise resource planning pages on the         clearance and counseling services will occur      Suzanne Schwartz, Eye Clinic manager.
  hcmcnet intranet pages.
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                                                                                                                                 Minneapolis, MN 55415
Minneapolis, MN                                                                                                                  701 Park Avenue
   NO. 3273

                                                  The following employees/teams were chosen to represent
                                                  HCMC for the Countywide Employee Recognition Program:

                                                  Administrator’s Award                          Shannon Abrahamson
                                                  The Administrator’s Award was created to       Molly Aichele
                                                  recognize an individual or team who has        Sophia Anaya
                                                  exhibited outstanding commitment to            Lorraine Andersen
                                                  achieving organizational goals. The            Barb Anderson
                                                  accomplishment should be based on              Gary Blesi
                                                  evidence of how the nomination supports the    Karn Bowers
                                                  county’s efforts to attain success in one of   Dawn Branson
                                                  the five overarching goals: that people are    Jeff Brewer
                                                  healthy, protected and safe, self-reliant,     Dana Bricker
                                                  assured equal justice, and mobile. The         Mike Burmaster
 Paul Marino, RN, Medicine Clinic, nominated by

                                                  achievement should demonstrate innovation      Teresa Bury

 Deborah Boehm, Medicine Clinic

                                                  and creativity in its design and               Sue Bushard
                                                  implementation, have measurable outcomes,      Teresa Callahan

 Community                                        contribute strategic value, and have moved     Paul Couming
                                                  the county toward achieving its vision with    Heidi Daub

 Volunteer Award –                                the focus on accomplishments rather than       Carol Davis
                                                                                                 Wendy Edwards

 Countywide Winner!
                                                                                                 Marilyn Fischbein-Byers
                                                  Tom Ward, Government Center Evacuation         Tim Gerlach
                                                  Team, was nominated by Roberta Haight,         Tracy Geraets
 Paul Marino is the Countywide winner for                                                        Teresa Gibson
                                                  Property Services for this award.
 this new category, which “honors an                                                             Kathy Gripentrog
 individual who has made outstanding                                                             Walidah Harris
 contributions by participating in or             County Mentoring Award
                                                                                                 Laurie Harms
 implementing community or public service         The County Mentoring Award honors an
                                                                                                 Deb Haugen
 projects in an effort to enhance the             individual who was instrumental in coaching
                                                                                                 Barb Hearnen
 community and improve the quality of life for    and guiding employees in developing or
                                                                                                 Edith Heidtmann
 others.”                                         enhancing one or more of the countywide
                                                                                                 Kathleen Hensel
                                                  competencies, such as: building
                                                                                                 Donna Hurrle
 In addition to being a nurse in the Medicine     relationships, resiliency, technical
                                                                                                 Mary Beth Jones
 Clinic, Marino spends many hours outside of      knowledge, or overall work performance.
                                                                                                 Rita Kenigsberg
 work volunteering in the Somali community.                                                      James Kiffmeyer
 During the late 1980s he became fluent in the    Christine Wolohan, Administration, was
                                                                                                 Barb Knutson
 Somali language when he was a health care        nominated for this award by Zarina Baber,
                                                                                                 R. Jim La Luzerne
 volunteer in rural Somalia. Since then he has    Human Services and Public Health
                                                                                                 Ellen Lees
 continued to provide support, friendship, and    Department.
                                                                                                 Doris Leuer
 a helping hand to Somali refugees and                                                           Megan Lundy
 immigrants in Hennepin County.                   Leading the Way Award                          Mary Martin
                                                  This award salutes an individual who           Betty Masterman
 “Paul approaches every interaction with          consistently demonstrates and models           Duane McGuffee
 kindness, openness, empathetic listening and     excellent leadership qualities in job          Jeanette McMorran
 a determination to be helpful,” explains co-     performance and responsiveness to the needs    Sandy Marin
 worker Deborah Boehm, who nominated              of the county.                                 Patti Myhre
 Marino.                                                                                         Jean Page
                                                  Gary Anderson, Health Information              Janet Plochocki
 “His skillful use of colloquial language calms   Management (HIM), was nominated by             Libbet Proudfit
 the frightened, reassures the worried, and       Harlan Lewis, HIM for the Leading the Way      Sheryl Reider
 guides professional westerners like myself.      Award.                                         Mary Riley
 He does this for us in the HCMC Medicine                                                        Kevin Rooney
 Clinic and as part of his daily volunteer work                                                  Mathias Salmela
 with organizations such as World Relief,
                                                  Customer Service Award
                                                  The Customer Service Award recognizes an       Judy Shaw
 Community Emergency Services, Bethlehem          individual or team whose performance           Megan Spence
 Baptist Church, and SOMSERV (Somali              exemplifies the countywide competency of       Joni Snidarich
 Adult Literacy Training).”                       “Customer Focus” displaying a consistent       Becky Snyder
                                                  dedication to meeting and exceeding the        Linda Steinke
 Congratulations to Paul Marino, the first        needs of internal and/or external customers.   John Strong
 recipient of the Exceptional Community                                                          Daryl Willock
 Volunteer Award!                                 The HCMC Operating Room Nurses and             Malia Wolfe
                                                  Technicians Team was nominated by
                                                  Barbara Knutson, Operating Room.

Innovative Ideas Award                              Fonda Williams                                        Carolyn Schaust, Surgery
This award recognizes an individual or team         Chris Wolohan                                         Dick Johnson, Finance
who has successfully established new and            Michele Young                                         Susan Bubany, Finance
outstanding business practices, procedures,                                                               Larry Colvin, Finance
                                                 Congratulations to the
services, or programs by a creative use of                                                                Kidesti Frezghi, Finance
                                                                                                          Dinh Bui, Information Technology
                                                 following HCMC Superstars
technology or other innovative resources.
Lynn Parish, Pediatric Clinic, nominated the                                                              Doris Janousek-Krogman, Education
Pediatric Clinic Team for this award.            who were also nominated for
                                                 the 2005 Hennepin County                              Customer Service Award
                                                 Employee Recognition
   Jean Barton, MD
   Kay Bilger                                                                                          Mardis Johnson, Information Technology,
   Gail Brottman, MD                             program:                                              nominated by Renee Schumacher and Jane
   Linda Campbell                                                                                      Smyrl, Service League.
   Deneen Clarke
   Diana Cutts, MD                                                                                     Tyrone Jones, Radiology, nominated by
                                                 Leading the Way Award
                                                 Jenee Johnson RN, nominated by Eric
   John Garcia                                                                                         Ericka Zavad, Bree Lashomb, and Stephanie
                                                 Umstead, Psychiatry
   Margie Hogan, MD                                                                                    Stanek, Radiology.
   Maryann Jagodzinski
   Julia Joseph-Di Caprio, MD                    Administrator’s Award                                 Renee Jacobs, Cafeteria, nominated by Caren
   Crystal King                                  The Productivity Reporting System Work                Keeler, Transportation.
   Sarah Lucken, MD                              Group was nominated for this award by Lynn
   Donna McCabe                                  Abrahamsen, Administration.                           Laura Beliveau, OB/GYN Clinic, nominated
   Nancy Molinaro                                                                                      by Concepcion Seckler, Interpreter Services.
   Lisa Morris                                      Kelly Spratt, Administration
   Jeff Nelson                                      Chuck Cooper, Pharmacy
   Lynn Parish                                      Dan Wichman, Facilities Administration
   Holly Pike                                       Marie Maes-Voreis, Family Medical
   Meryl Speed                                      Center
   Danelle Sullivan                                 Connie Dearborn, Administration
   Marilyn Sullivan                                 Nicole Strusz, Psychiatry
   Scott Velders, MD                                Deneen Clarke, Maternal/Child CBU

Electronic Health Record                                                                                     Employee Forums
                                                                                                                 June 30
                                                                         . . . continued from page 1

Employees involved in designing                  participate in working sessions where
                                                 everyone present will contribute their
                                                 knowledge on current processes and give their
new system
                                                 input to the future state that represents best
While the patient access project paves the way   practices and is designed to enhance patient
                                                                                                                   The next Quarterly
for implementation of Hennepin Online,           care activities,” said Kathy Putler, electronic
installation of the Epic system itself is        health record administrator.
becoming a reality. More than 40 project staff
are going through the process to be certified
                                                                                                                 Employee Forums will be
by Epic and are ready to begin the “design,      Hennepin Online is more than                                       Thurs., June 30.
build, validate” process, also known as          the EHR
“DBV,” which will involve staff from across
HCMC and HFA in creating the electronic          Another major initiative included in Hennepin               7:30 a.m. Pillsbury Auditorium
health record.                                   Online is enterprise resource planning (ERP),
                                                 the implementation of online processes for
During this process, design includes reviewing   many business functions at HCMC including                              Noon OL.200
current work processes, designing future         product planning, parts purchasing, inventory,
“ideal” workflows, and deciding what settings    supplier interaction, customer service, and
are needed within Epic in order to put the
future workflow steps into place. The build
                                                 order tracking.
                                                                                                             2:30 p.m. Pillsbury Auditorium
phase is actually going into the Epic system     PeopleSoft is the application software
and making those decisions come to life. This
will be validated using a prototype to confirm
                                                 platform for the enterprise resource planning,
                                                 which will implement the financial ledger and
                                                                                                               A videotape of the morning
with a group that what was built accurately      supply chain process by next January.                       session will be available in the
                                                                                                                 Health Sciences Library.
represents the workflow and design decisions
that were made earlier.                          Starting this month, ERP leadership is
                                                 available for road shows in key departments.
“When this begins in July, employees who         More information is available on the HERO
will use the new system will be asked to         intranet site.

                                                “Crashing in” on a
                                                good investment
                                                Monday, May 9 was a lucky day for Mike             The father of a 3-year-old, Rhodes has been
                                                Rhodes in Trauma Services. An avid bike            trying to teach him about safety. “On my
                                                rider, Rhodes was running errands during his       first day on the job in Trauma Services I saw
                                                lunch hour when he was hit by a car. He was        the helmets and thought I should get one to
                                                thrown across the hood of the car before           be a good example to my son. I had paid
                                                striking the pavement – headfirst.                 Julie for it just hours before my crash; I hate
                                                                                                   to even think what shape I would be in if I
                                                Lucky? Yes – because earlier that morning,         had not put it on that day.”
                                                Trauma Prevention Specialist Julie Philbrook,
                                                RN, had teased him, “If you’re going to work       Philbrook reports that during its annual
                                                in this department, you better wear a helmet       helmet sale, 330 helmets were ordered by 165
                                                when you ride your bike!” Strangely,               Hennepin County Employees. With the
                                                Philbrook happened to have three helmets left      proceeds from the sale, 130 helmets were
                                                over from their recent helmet sale. “I never       purchased for the HCMC Pediatrics Clinic to
                                                order extras, so I don’t know why I had three      distribute this summer.
                                                sitting around here.”
                                                                                                   If you still need a helmet for this summer,

 Bike helmet purchased
                                                Rhodes purchased one of the helmets and was        check out the local bike shops and other retail
                                                wearing it when he was hit. “As my helmet          stores. And if the helmet is damaged or has –

 just hours before crash
                                                was scraping along the pavement, I remember        as in Rhodes’ case – done its job, don’t forget
                                                thinking, ‘I’m glad I’m wearing this!’” he         to replace it with a new one!

 helps HCMC
                                                                                                                                  - Christine Hill

 employee avoid injury
                                                “I had been in a bike crash about seven years
                                                ago,” explains Rhodes, “but still
                                                never wore a helmet.”

 Safety Alert changes                                                                                                             Please Note:
                                                                                                                                  Alert Pink
 Be alert for changes in how HCMC refers to     The alert changes                                                              (Infant/Child
 its codes and hospital alerts (Mr. Red, Code   include:                                                                Abduction) remains
 Team, etc.). HCMC and other area hospitals       • Mr. Red changing to                                                           unchanged.
 are changing the way we page some of the           Alert Red (Fire)
 alerts, in keeping with recommendations by       • In a medical emergency,
 the Metropolitan Hospital Compact calling          the words Code Team are changing to
 for uniform alert language among hospitals.        Code Blue, please report to . . .
                                                  • Alert Gray changing to Alert Yellow
 “This uniformity is important for staff            (Security Alert: yellow = caution =
 working at more than one institution, for          stay away in case of a security alert,
 students rotating between more than one            such as a bomb threat)
 institution, and for consistency in language     • Alert Green changing to Severe
 when communicating between hospitals,”             Weather Alert
 says John Hick, MD, Emergency Medicine,          • Alert Orange stays the same, except that
 who chairs the Metropolitan Hospital               the announcement will now be followed
 Compact.                                           by a short descriptor of the incident, along   Though
                                                    with the level of response needed:             compliance with the
 Staff will receive the updated alert               Level 1: HCMC resources adequate to            Compact recommendations is voluntary, it is
 information on their new HCMC Emergency            handle the emergency                           strongly encouraged to help ensure
 Response Cards, which they should attach to        Level 2: Additional HCMC or outside            consistency in communication and employee
 their ID badges. At press time, the cards          resources are needed                           and student safety. The Metropolitan
 were scheduled to be distributed the week of       Level 3: All available resources are           Hospital Compact is a voluntary agreement
 May 29, noted Deb Nipp, NAS, who chairs            required to manage the                         entered into by 29 metro hospitals to share
 the hospital’s Emergency Preparedness              emergency/disaster                             information and resources so that all are
 Committee.                                                                                        better prepared during times of emergency or
                                                Information will also be included on whether       disaster.
                                                HEICS is being activated and the Emergency
                                                Operations Center (EOC) opened.                                                  - Shannon Kelly

New Medicine
Cabinets Improve
Patient Safety,
Narcotic Security
The Pharmacy receives an average of 1,000
new medication orders per day. That’s a
significant amount of information to maintain,
and when you add inventory, billing, and
distribution processes to the formula, you have
a prescription for trouble if you don’t have a
                                                                                                        ABOVE: David Graves demonstrates how the

perfected delivery system. The Pharmacy
                                                                                                        Omnicell cabinet works. LEFT: Four units have
                                                                                                        been operating in the Emergency Department
does an outstanding job of keeping up with                                                              since March. “We love Omnicell,” says Janine

supply and demand, but they recently got
                                                                                                        Landes, RN. “It’s great!”

some help in processing patient narcotic                                                                is removed. When the next person accesses
medications – and it’s not your traditional                                                             the drawer, he or she will have to enter the
medicine cabinet!                                                                                       amount of drugs present, so there’s a
                                                                                                        continuous check and balance, eliminating the
Omnicell medication dispensing cabinets are                                                             need for end-of-shift narcotic counts.
now being used throughout the medical center
and emergency department. The hospital’s                                                                “It’s so much more secure and it will save
central pharmacy installed Omnicell                                                                     nurses time at the end of the shift,” says David
SecureVault™ software, making it easier to                                                              Graves, PharmD, Assistant Director of the
track, monitor and control the movement of                                                              Pharmacy. “We can store the drugs on the
controlled substances from a central vault to                                                           team centers where they are used and the
one or many locations, resulting in improved                                                            cabinets and the software provide the control
compliance with regulatory standards                                                                    and security.”
(including patient safety goals), increased         the authorized user signs in with a personal ID
efficiency for the pharmacy, and improved           number and password. A patient list comes up        Omnicell’s software also interfaces with
administrative decision-making.                     on the Omnicell unit’s computer screen, and         admitting and billing information, ensuring
                                                    then the user selects the patient and the drug      accuracy and quality control. A total of 35
How does it work? Each Omnicell unit                that’s needed. A drawer containing the              units have been purchased for locations
contains a controlled number of narcotics           selected drug unlocks, a count of the               throughout the hospital.
within small drawers. To access the narcotics,      medication is entered, and then the medication

 HCMC launches Hospitalist Program
Beginning July 1, physicians will have a new        department, which will primarily be housed on
option for referring patients needing inpatient     the third floor of the Green building, but may
care – the HCMC Hospitalist Program. This           include patients in other units to optimize
new program will streamline the referral, care      space utilization. By the launch date, Varns
coordination, and discharge process for both
primary care physicians and HCMC
                                                    plans to staff the program with the equivalent
                                                    of three full-time staff physicians, five nurses,
                                                                                                               Dr. Richard B. Raile,
proceduralists managing the patient’s medical       and seven health care assistants.                          Chief of Pediatrics for 37 years and
care while hospitalized.                                                                                      Medical Director for 25 years, passed
                                                    “The new Hospitalist Program will                                away on May 19. Under
During a patient’s stay, the hospitalist will       complement the current teaching services by                  Dr. Raile’s leadership, HCMC
stay in close communication with the patient’s      providing patients with excellent care and                    transitioned from a small city
referring physician, ensuring they receive the      giving HCMC the opportunity for improved
                                                                                                                hospital to a nationally acclaimed
most coordinated care possible. Because             internal processes. This program is one of the
hospitalists provide patients with continuous       many examples of how HCMC is looking                      major academic medical center. Visit
care, allowing them to see the same physician       towards the future and creating a strong                        the “In Memoriam” pages
for much of their hospital stay, patients see the   organization poised for sustainable growth,”                on hcmcnet for more information
hospitalist program as a source of comfort          notes Varns.                                                     about Dr. Raile’s legacy.
and stability.

Steps to staff this new program have already                                       - Sarah Hulting
begun. Glen Varns, MD will be leading this

                                                                                       You join, we win!                                                      *
                                                                                                                                                                                      *   TEACH
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ING       *    RESEARC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            *   PAT

                                                                                       This year the Life Time Fitness




                                                                                       Triathlon awards will be given to the




                                                                                       company with the most participants.


                                                                                                                                 PATIENT CARE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PATIENT CARE
                                                                                       Historically, because of Team Ortho,


                                                                                       Hennepin County employees have taken


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     HI N

                                                                                       first place as the company with the most




                                                                                                                                                          *                                                                                             H

                                                                                                                                                                E                                                                                   *

                                                                                       participants; however, in 2005, other groups
                                                                                                                                                                    TC                                                                   TIE
                                                                                                                                                                            IEN                                                             NT
                                                                                                                                                                         PAT                                                    CA
                                                                                                                                                                                  *                                         *
                                                                                                                                                                                           R CH
                                                                                                                                                                                      RESEA             *       TEACHING

                                                                                       are gaining on us! There’s no better time to join Team Ortho than
                                                                                       NOW, either on a relay (that counts as 3 employees) or as an
                                                                                       individual. Call 612-873-4634 or visit to
                                                                                       register or volunteer for this exciting event.

 Corey Sargent, EMT, accepts the “Above and Beyond Award.” Pictured (left to right)
 Brigadier General (Retired) Denny Schulstad, Sergeant Alex Burchill, Sargent, First

 Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
 Lady Mary Pawlenty and Governor Tim Pawlenty.

                                                                                                                              Partner Award
 The Minnesota National Guard and Reserves recognized HCMC’s
                                                                                                                                Kendall Hicks, HCMC
 support of their personnel with an “Above and Beyond Award” at a
                                                                                                                                Surgery CBU administrator,
 ceremony on April 18, 2005. The award was presented in
                                                                                                                                accepted the Outstanding
 appreciation for the efforts of Corey Sargent, EMS Education
                                                                                                                                Hospital Partner of the Year
 Specialist, who went “above and beyond” to provide Emergency
                                                                                                                                Award on behalf of HCMC
 Medical Technician training for ergeant Alex Burchill, a soldier with
                                                                                                                                from Susan Gunderson,
 scheduling conflicts due to his active duty and deployment schedule.
                                                                                                                                LifeSource CEO. LifeSource
                                                                                                                                is the region’s federally
 2004 Stat cards                                                                                                                designated non-profit
                                                                                                                                organization responsible for
 available from PR                                                                                                              management of organ
                                                                                                                                donation activities.
 The HCMC statistics card for 2004 is now
                                                                                       Kendall Hicks, RN, Surgery CBU, accepts

                                                                                                                                LifeSource recognized HCMC
                                                                                       Outstanding Hospital Partner of the Year
 available in the Public Relations                                                     Award from LifeSource.
                                                                                                                                at the organization’s fourth
 Department. If you would like copies of                                                                                        annual Donate Life Day for
 the card, please e-mail your request to                                               hospital staff’s dedication to saving lives through transplantation and or call the                                           for helping to create a model for best practices through participation
 PR Department at 612-873-2271.                                                        in the National Breakthrough Collaborative.

                                                        CALL to PROTECT
                                                        brings new life to old
      Published 4 times yearly by and for the
      employees of Hennepin County Medical              cell phones
                                                        The Domestic Violence Intervention Program
      Center, 701 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
                                                        (DVIP) will again collect unwanted (even
      Jeff Spartz, Administrator
                                                        outdated) cell phones for the CALL to
                                                        PROTECT campaign. The campaign’s mission
                                                        is to protect potential victims of domestic violence by donating pre-programmed, wireless
      Hennepin County Board of
                                                        emergency phones and airtime to organizations fighting domestic abuse. Studies indicate that
                                                        of the people that had access to the phones, four out of ten used CALL to PROTECT phones
      Mike Opat                Randy Johnson

                                                        in a threatening situation. During the two months of collection last year, HCMC employees
      Mark Stenglein           Linda Koblick

                                                        donated over 200 phones and accessories.
      Peter McLaughlin         Penny Steele
      Gail Dorfman

      Produced by HCMC Public                           If you wish to donate your used wireless phone, please deactivate your service and bring the
      Relations Department                              phone and any accessories to the collection boxes in the Social Services office on P1 or the
                                                        Service League office on G1 through July 29, 2005. Because the Wireless Foundation is a
                                                        nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is tax-deductible. Donation receipts will be
      Tom Hayes, Director

                                                        available at the collection boxes, or you can print them from the website below.
      Christine Hill, Editor/Writer
      Sarah Hulting, Staff Writer

                                                        For more information, you can also check out
      Shannon Kelly, Staff Writer
      Karen Olson, Art Director
      Kathy Roberts, Staff Assistant
                                                        The HCMC DVIP provides services to victims of domestic violence and education to hospital
                                                        staff. If you would like to know more, please call 612-873-2636.
      Please contact Christine Hill in

                                                                                                                             - Heidi Coplin MD
      Public Relations with story ideas or articles.
      (612) 873-5719 • Fax: (612) 904-4656

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