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Help With IRS Tax Problems By William McConnaughy

You can get help with IRS tax problems no matter what kind of problem you're experiencing. The Internal Revenue Service has very heavy-handed tax collection procedures, but that doesn't mean you have no recourse. It just means you need help dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, because they are a government agency with the power of levy, lien and seizure. Repeat Business If you've ever talked to someone who's been through an audit, chances are it isn't the first one they've experienced. Sometimes it seems like the Internal Revenue Service has a "hit list", and once you make it to the list, it's hard to get off. The new laws addressed this issue, because the process had turned into a form of taxpayer harassment. The point is that there are many different reasons why someone may need help with IRS tax problems. You can't assume that tax collections and notices are always right and true. You may legitimately owe back taxes, but if the Internal Revenue Service is left to their own devices, those taxes can increase far beyond what's reasonable or fair. The Internal Revenue Service is not a nice agency even though they make noises about being friendlier and more customer service oriented. But the harsh reality is that the Internal Revenue Service is a giant collection agency, and like any collection agency, their sole purpose is to squeeze as much out of an account as possible. The Internal Revenue Service is very good at squeezing too. In fact, they are probably the only known agency on the face of the earth that really can get blood out of a turnip. They add penalties and interest on top of taxes you already know you can't pay. That's when the squeezing starts in the form of levies, liens, seizures, collection notices, phone calls and so on. You pay and pay and pay and never seem to make a dent in the balance due. You should really get help with IRS tax problems long before this point, but many people wait until they're desperate or the Internal Revenue Service squeezing begins to threaten their house or business.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Making Lemonade When you find yourself in a position where you need help with accrued debt, the next step is to retain professional representation. When you have a skilled tax attorney negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service for a settlement in your favor, the squeezing starts. There's an old but upbeat expression about turning lemons into lemonade. When you have a tax negotiator working for you to obtain either a reduced amount you can afford to pay or a payment plan, or both, it's like turning the lemons of money collection into the lemonade of relief. Relief is possible for anybody no matter how tough or grim the situation may appear. The key is to get help with IRS tax problems today and not wait for tomorrow.

William McConnaughy, CPA is a tax negotiation professional. He has experience working with people seeking tax relief and credit repair. For more information visit his site at .

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How an Estate Tax Attorney in Dallas Can Help By Seomul Evans

It is almost impossible to avoid the IRS completely; even when you die, the IRS has their hand in your pocket. While many people try to sort out their various estate issues and tax problems by themselves it can get overwhelmingly frustrating and most people end up just using an estate tax attorney to sort out their IRS problems in Dallas. There are a number of estate tax attorneys in Dallas that can help the living come up with solutions with regard to their final tax payments as well as those who are struggling with a Will or estate that is in probate and the IRS is demanding taxes from. Although the IRS tax laws remain the same from state to state, estate tax laws differ. The estate tax laws in Dallas may be different than those in Chicago. If you move from state to state and have a living trust, which is a vehicle designed to eliminate or at least greatly reduce estate tax, it is important that you should try and get a new living trust made up in the state in which you live. If you are in charge of an estate and have run into tax problems with the IRS regarding estate tax, you may be better off using the services of a tax attorney. You will find that some estate tax attorneys in Dallas will charge you a flat fee to take care of the tax problem whereas other tax attorneys will charge you by the hour. Whatever you do, avoid a tax attorney that will charge you by the hour. Dealing with the IRS can be very time consuming and may end up costing the estate thousands of dollars in legal fees. You are better off dealing with an estate tax attorney in Dallas who will charge you a flat fee to sort out all your estate problems. Dealing with the IRS can be a headache even when everything is going well with your life. It is the last thing that you want to do when you are having problems or have gone through a loss like a death in the family. An estate tax attorney in Dallas can end up taking the burden of dealing with the estate tax off of your shoulders and dealing with it himself. You will not have to worry about phone calls and letters to the IRS as they can all come to and from the office of your attorney. There are many times when you can deal with the IRS and tax issues yourself. When you have estate tax that is due on a Will or estate in which you are in charge, you should put the issue into the hands of a professional real estate attorney who is experienced in dealing with these matters and is up to date with the most recent laws regarding real estate. When you look for an estate tax attorney in Dallas, make sure that he or she has had plenty of experience in not only dealing with the IRS but also with estate planning. Once you find an attorney who you think is right for you, you can rest easier knowing that you are in good hands and no longer have the nightmare of having to deal with the IRS directly. Seomul Evans is a SEO services Expert and a copywriter for The Law Firm of Nick Nemeth, a Dallas Tax Attorney:

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