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Hello World Of Internet Marketing By Kenneth Kee Wee

Hello World! I have just entered into the world of Internet Marketing. They tell you to fire your boss, quit your job and started earning lots of money. Since I started about 2 months ago I have at least 200 emails a days all trying to provide information and promotions leading to a very confused newbie especially when he is nearing the edge of 60 years.

I was overloaded with information which comes left, right and center. I was given a sorts of free ebooks. The word freebie set my heart afire and I begin to download all kinds of ebooks, softwares etc until my hard disk was bursting to its rims a few times. I have to copy all my downloads on dvds before it run out of space. This happened a few times. Information overload was one important keyword. Lack of sleep was another keyword - learning about email marketing, autoresponders, affiliates marketing, joint ventures, giveaways, viral marketing, spams, scams, adwords, seo, web designs, web tools, ebooks which you downloaded with a different name from the same ebooks you just downloaded the day before, one time offers, and the very important time sensitive offer of sale of ebook which increases at a rate of 5 or 10 cts per minute, etc, etc, ad naueum. It is just as well that I did not quit my job because I have been spending something like $200+ per month. All I get in return was a cheque of $9. After 2 months I find that I am getting a bit more focussed. I closed my ears to instant money making machines and try to concentrate on a few things like writing a ebook, designing a simple website, doing some affiliate marketing and building slowly a mail list. I hope that I am doing the right thing. But I am slowly learning and I intend to give it a try. Any one who
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reads this blog please wish me luck and offer some free advice. Theres that four letter word again free. Cheers Wish me Success! Ken Kee Kenneth Kee email: website: Profile: A newbie to world of internet marketing. At the age of 59 years, I am struggling to learn the in and outs of online marketing. I am a educator,part-time healthcare worker,computer hardware hobbyist,now ebook writer and internet marketer. I am also a full time lifelong learner. Graduated in 1972, did my Masters in 1991 and doctorate in 1993.

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All About Marketing Your Business Online By Laurie J. Raphael

Internet marketing is quite a departure from other types of marketing, but internet marketing is exceptionally useful for your business. Especially in the age of specialized recording devices for televisions, internet marketing is becoming a much better way to catch the attention of the internet marketing audience instead of television advertisements. Internet marketing can be very expensive, and internet marketing can be very cheap, free, or virtually free. Internet marketing and its cost depends greatly on whoever is in charge of the internet marketing project, and what the goal is. Most free or cheap things seem too good to be true, but in the case of internet marketing, there are many ways to get the word out without paying an arm and a leg for the internet marketing. If you are interested in an online business and the internet marketing that goes along with it, it is very important that you check the laws about internet marketing and make sure you are not committing any internet marketing crimes. When you are employing internet marketing, it is also very important to make sure you respect the privacy of your internet marketing customers. Do not ever sell or give away the names and personal information of your internet marketing audience. If you plan to use internet marketing, you want to keep all the customers you've made through internet marketing. Trust is crucial to the internet marketing process. Internet marketing can be accomplished through internet marketing emails if you have received permission from the internet marketing audience to email them. It is very important not to use internet marketing techniques via internet marketing emails unless you have been given permission for your email internet marketing. Another relatively easy way to employ internet marketing is by taking your internet marketing to small advertisements on the sides of blogs or other pages. This type of internet marketing can be done through a few different click ad internet marketing companies. This type of internet marketing is relatively inexpensive. Laurie Raphael operates a website promoting multiple streams of residual income. For online success, visit her site at: For free marketing products, visit: Get your FREE newsletter with hundreds of Internet home business tips and tricks at:

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