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Going with the flow


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Going with the flow By Fayazulla Khan

With the passage of time, the needs and life standards have really culminated. There was a time when people were not really bothered about many things as there was a clear distinction between necessity and luxury. However, things have really transformed today as most of the luxuries have now become the necessities. It is because of this reason that people are really trying hard and giving their level best to become able to secure all essential luxuries to live a more comfortable life. Electronics have a really important role to play to assist you in performing different tasks. Different electronic things can be seen in every house today and people are striving to get more and more. In this situation, it becomes really difficult for a simple and average person to come up with such resources that may help him to lay his hands on some of these things. That is the point where cheap electronics comes into picture. It is a fact that people like to compare the utility of different things with their prices and if they feel that the thing will bring more or equal utility as compared to price, they go on to purchase that thing. Same thing can be seen in electronics. However, different people can have different preferences and that is the reason why people can make some inappropriate choices. Nevertheless, there are people who have to face cost constraints and for those people, there is another market of cheap electronics. Cheap electronics come in all type and all forms. There are few markets available where you can actually go for some cheap items. However, there are other markets where you will not be able to find cheap electronics in its real sense, but, you will be offered specific amount of discount on different things which will make it cheaper for you. So, you can always consider few of those things to buy on fewer rates. However, if you don’t really know as where to go to find some cheap electronics then you must resort to one place where you will find answers to every question. Internet is the place to find such cheap items. You can always go online to perform some search about few of the electronic items like iPod, mobiles and other such things. You will be amazed to see the overwhelming number of results. However, you must understand that there are lots of things which will be used and this is the reason why they will be on offer for fewer rates. It implies that shopping for some cheap electronic items over internet can become a little perilous as you will not be able to see the exact condition of that item. However, you can use this exceptional informational resource to find out some places to around your
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
local area and you can then visit the place to check out those items. All in all, this can easily be said that people like to go with the flow. When there will be people using different electronic items, others will always follow suit. However, for cost effectiveness, cheap electronics should be the first choice. Indian Electronics provide quality products and service to the most discerning RT Nagar electronic shop buyer, while simultaneously maintaining transparency, thus effecting a Electronic appliance reparing centre in RT Nagar seamless transaction at all times.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Lessons From the Creek By Deborah Martin

Lessons From the Creek by: Deborah Martin Everything is in flow here in Northern Michigan. Buckets of water have flowed off the snow-covered roof. That water, along with the melting snow banks is finding its way down the hills to my driveway. I no longer walk to the mailbox, I wade. The maple sap is flowing too. Drive by a good stand of sugar maples and you'll see them all connected with plastic tubing, ultimately leading to the sugar house where the steam is rising. And the creek in my backyard is bursting over its banks. In the 14 years I've live on the creek, it has taught me many lessons. One of the most important is the nature of flow. Flow is not always the shortest path. When the creek encounters resistance, like a rock, a downed tree or the dam the beavers are building just down stream from me, it does not go through that block. The creek is not concerned with keeping the path short. It goes around, over or underneath the resistance as a way to stay in flow. Yes, over time, it wears down the resistance, but that's not its primary concern. So like the creek, when we take the path of least resistance, we too flow. The creek is always moving toward lower elevations, downhill, rather than fighting the uphill battle. Image how wonderful it could be to reach your every destination without effort. We've all experienced flow in our lives. Athletes call it being in “the zone.” Those that meditate talk about being in the gap, the space, between thoughts. As my friend Dave “We all know when we are in flow. Everything is effortless. We're on purpose and we have total alignment between our vision and values. And we're taking right action to move forward, focused on the now. I think we're in agreement that if feels pretty darn good!” Whether we are standing in a creek or we are experiencing flow internally, it does feel pretty darn good. And we are better able to take direction based on “hints.” The more we are not flowing, ticked off, disappointed or frustrated, the more we tend to grab for reason and logic. Reason and logic might save us in an emergency, but they never move us. These “hints” I call intuition. And when I'm in flow, I hear the hints. Is your vision something you mentally design and, if done right, leads to flow? Perhaps. But it might take more than a few tries to get it right. I like to believe that vision is something that comes to you when you are in flow? My suggestion—go stand in a creek!

Deb Martin is a Transition Coach, coaching individuals to simplify life and business transitions by seeing their brilliance and honing that brilliance. Subscribe to my free e-newsletter, PORTAGE, for insights designed to help you feel and act differently in order to attract what you want, naturally. Please visit my web site at:

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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