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Ghaziabad Property Market


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Ghaziabad Property Market By Guts Kumar

Ghaziabad is a city in the Uttar Pradesh province of India and is very close to Delhi. Known for years as an industrial city, it is heavily populated with factories. However, this up and coming city is now gaining popularity as an affordable place to live. The flats that are available already and those that are being built are some of the best construction on the market, with great amenities and various floor plans to fit many budgets. Ghaziabad offers great hotels, shopping, parks and schools and its relative closeness to Delhi is an added bonus for those that work in the city yet don't want to live in it. Flats in Ghaziabad range from one to four bedrooms and are being built and managed by some of the most well-known construction companies in India. These companies include Omaxe, Shipra and the Supertech Group. All of those companies offer fine living at a very affordable price. Renting or buying an apartment in Ghaziabad is convenient for those that work in or around the city. Recently this city has enjoyed rapid growth and is becoming a popular place to live and work. Omaxe Ltd. has been building quality structures since 1989 and they are no stranger to the needs and developments of Ghaziabad. The company is well aware of the unique challenges that this burgeoning city faces and is already building and developing flats for all income levels and family sizes. Developing, building and managing real estate is what keeps Omaxe at the forefront of the Indian real estate market. Another strong presence in Ghaziabad is Shipra. This company has been established for almost twenty years and is very well known in both the commercial and residential real estate areas. From shopping malls and theatres to sophisticated residential apartments, Shipra has had its fair share of real estate and developing experiences. As the residential market in Ghaziabad continues to grow, so will the focus by Shipra to provide affordable apartments made with quality materials. The Supertech Group has many projects that contain apartments that are available now, along with some that are in the process of being finished with availability coming soon. Many of the newer properties built by Supertech Group feature 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans and are artfully mixed in with commercial ventures. Other builders that are converging on the Ghaziabad real estate market are Parsvnath Constructions, Unitech and Gaursons. These construction and management companies are very well known in India
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and are an integral part of the success that Ghaziabad is enjoying. Although Gurgaon and Noida are still popular choices, adding Ghaziabad as an affordable and stylish place to live will give residents in this area even more choices.

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Now is the Best Time For Investment in Ghaziabad By David H. Urmann

It is the right time for the investors to buy property in Ghaziabad. It guarantees high property returns in the future. The property in Ghaziabad became very noticeable with the proper moves in all features of property growth. The real estate in Ghaziabad is also on the place of improvement. The explosion in Delhi’s consumer investment induced infrastructure conglomerate and real estate. This was done in preparation of building the first IMAX Theater here. It will be the first in northern India. It will be built inside the Pacific Mall. It also showed the medium-sized capacity usage of most shopping complexes in the metros on the boundary of Delhi-Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad’s lands are prepared against a background of better infrastructure built on the idea of cozy living. There is also a concentration on giving social infrastructure like family entertainment centers, shopping malls, schools and hospitals in a great way besides constructing offices and residential apartments. Property in Ghaziabad Express Gardens are located behind Noida Electronic City. It has 650 units of apartment in all. All these are luxurious, fully furnished and fully equipped. They built an affiliate called Express Plus Mall. It is targeted to be the largest shopping mall throughout the city. Ghaziabad Real Estate The beginning of the Commonwealth Games and the Metro Rail are significantly affecting the value of land here in Ghaziabad. It is bringing to property growth in these areas. The landowners are now able to demand higher rental rates more than ever. New property in Ghaziabad In addition, ground-breaking idea of service residences with all the amenities of a five star hotel at almost one-third the rate is the present trend. These are meant to be service residences. They will have well-equipped living rooms, offices and bedrooms together with little pantries. Retail Space in Ghaziabad Pacific Mall, East Delhi Mall, Kaushambi Mall, Galaxi, Wave Kaushambi and Shipra Mall have a call back rate. Every huge brand nowadays likes a visibility in the spot which involves Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad can also meet the necessities for hotel rooms where demand will increase once the Commonwealth Games is finished in 2010. Some developers of property have established good business. Meanwhile, there are still a few who still waiting for important documents from the government for their own works to push through in Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad’s Office Space are also done by business cashing on the soaring economic possibility of the people because of the decreased pollution levels, prepared improvement of townships with hospitals and educational institutions, value-added services such as clubs, ATMs, shopping centers and swimming pools.

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The rates of both residential and commercial lands in these districts have sky-missile in the last two years. Real estate rates in Indirapuram whose communications is definitely its largest power alone have legalized a 70 percent approval in the last one and a half years. So, Ghaziabad is truly a good city of India for investment. Once a person tried to buy a property today, he will surely have a good return in the future if he already wants to sell it in the future. Be wise and analyze the pros and cons. And decide fast because properties in Ghaziabad re fast running out. Whether you are a local or foreign to India, this is a good investment to look into. Ghaziabad is fast becoming commercialized, and that says a lot about its future in tourism. More and more Indians would leave their home cities to transfer residence here. For more information on Ghaziabad and Ghaziabad Helpline Numbers please visit our website. http://ghaziabadonline.co.in & http://ghaziabadonline.co.in/helpline.php

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