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WHY Mechanical & Materials
Engineering...                            Mechanical & Materials Engineering       objective analyses of the equipment
                                          has been assisting our clients to        and your operating and maintenance
• Objective and Independent – We
                                          operate their boilers and pressure       practices to identify the strengths,
  provide technical, operational, and
                                          vessels more reliably and efficiently    weaknesses, opportunities and
  management assessments to our
                                          for more than 25 years. We have          threats to reliable efficient
  clients based on our years of
                                          now added Boiler and Pressure            operation. Specific services include:
  experience with equipment like yours.
  We do not sell equipment or             Vessel, Electrical and Quality
                                          Assurance inspection and assessment      Boiler and PV Inspection – Verify
  chemicals.                                                                       compliance to industry standards for
                                          to the services we provide.
• Flexible – We can be as "big" or as                                              operational readiness and pressure
  "small" as you need. Services can       The National Board of Boilers and        retaining capability.
  range from a few hours of inspection    Pressure Vessels, US Federal
                                          Government, and ANSI have all            Equipment Condition
  service to 100% compliance
                                          established standards for the            Evaluation
  verification for all your quality
  assurance activities.                   frequency of inspection of boilers       • Assess the condition of mechanical
• Client Focused – We work for you.       and other pressure vessels. A list of     and electrical equipment.
  We are not selling chemicals or         the recommended inspection
                                          frequency for various types of           • Boiler and Pressure Vessel
  equipment. Our focus is strictly on
                                          equipment can be found on the back        Condition and Useful Life Study -
  making your equipment more efficient
                                          side of this brochure.                    A detailed, comprehensive
  and reliable.
                                                                                    evaluation of equipment to predict
• Responsive – We respond quickly to      There are many companies that can         its remaining useful life, and to
  urgent situations that require          “inspect” a boiler; however,              recommend ways to extend that
  accelerated project schedules and       Mechanical & Materials Engineering’s      life.
  high-levels of responsiveness.          highly qualified staff of experienced
                                          inspectors and engineers can do          Electrical Inspection – Verify
                                          more. Our focus is to increase the       compliance with industry standards
                                          reliability and efficiency of all your   for operational readiness,
                                          mechanical and electrical equipment.     maintenance, and testing for
                                          We provide an independent and            Electrical Distribution Systems.
           Engineering Design Review - Provide review                   failures including full metallurgical testing coupled
           of equipment and systems design to verify they               with operational analysis.
           comply with established standards and regulations.
                                                                        Quality Management Evaluation - Provide a
           Third-Party Evaluation of Vendor-Provided                    full range of QA services including development,
           Services - Provide objective and independent                 implementation, and assessment.
           review of services including maintenance,
           operations, and boiler and feedwater chemical                Efficiency Improvement - Optimize water and
           treatment.                                                   steam utilization to help you operate with lower
                                                                        fuel and energy costs.
           Equipment Failure Investigation - Provide a
           root cause analysis of machinery equipment

                                       General Inspection Guide for Pressure Retaining Items
                                              Item             Frequency                     Inspection Recommended
                                                                     Boilers & Pressure Vessels
                                      Power Boilers &
                                                                                 Alternating Internal/External and Operational.
                                                                                 Additionally, substitute the Internal/External for
                                      Temperature                6 Months
                                                                                 an Internal/External with Hydrostatic test every
                                      Hot Water
                                                                                 third year.
                                      Low Pressure
                                                                                 Alternating Internal/External and Operational.
                                      Steam Boilers &
                                                                                 Additionally, substitute the Internal/External for
                                      Low                        Annually
                                                                                 an Internal/External with Hydrostatic test every
                                      Temperature Hot
                                                                                 third Inspection.
                                      Water Boilers
                                                                                 Alternating Internal/External and Operational.
                                      Non-fired                                  Additionally, substitute the Internal/External for
                                                                 2 Years
                                      Pressure Vessels                           an Internal/External with Hydrostatic test every
                                                                                 third Inspection.
                                                                        Over Pressure Devices
                                                                                 Manual check every 6 months, Annual pressure
                                      Power Boiler               6 Months
                                                                                 verification test
                                                                 Annually        Pressure Verification Test
                                      Steam Heating              Quarterly       Manual check, Annual pressure verification test.

                                      Water Heater               2 Months        Manual Check

                                                 Over Pressure Devices for Pressure Vessels and Piping
Mechanical & Materials                Steam                       Annual         Pressure Verification Test
4616 Howard Lane, Bldg. 2, Ste. 500   Air & Clean
                                                                 3 Years         Pressure Verification Test
Austin, TX 78728-6302                 Dry Gasses
(512) 407-8598                        Propane
(800) 421-9185                                                   5 Years         Pressure Verification Test
                                      Refrigerant                                              Per                All Others                Inspection       Pressure Verification Test
                                      Note: Information copied from the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessels Inspection Code,
                                      United States Government Federal Standards, and ANSI Standards.