caBIG� Documentation and Training (DT) Workspace History of Key by historyman


									               caBIG™ Documentation and Training (D&T) Workspace:
                    History of Key Accomplishments (2005-2007)

This overview presents a summary of how the Documentation and Training (D&T) Workspace
has evolved from mid-2005 through June 2007. Our goal is to illustrate how the mission and
emphasis of the workspace has grown and changed over time to support overall program
objectives. Originally, the D&T workspace was named the “Training Workspace” – we
broadened to reflect our broader mission in mid-2006. This summary does not include training
led outside the workspace, such as the caCORE curriculum and developer Boot Camps.

Late 2005 through Mid-2006: Developing Infrastructure for D&T

•   Institutionalized awareness of importance of documentation and training – created
    contractual language to mandate creation of these materials
•   Developed templates and guidance for developing caBIG™ documentation and training
•   Developed and deployed the caBIG™ Training Portal, which provides “one stop shopping”
    for D&T-related guidance, processes and templates
•   Educated community about existing resources at Annual Meeting

Mid-2006 through Late 2006: Supporting Delivery Teams

•   Workspace conducted project-level Documentation and Training reviews to ensure
    adherence to templates and to assure quality in deliverables (continues to present)
•   Engaged in a strategic effort to define mentoring needs as the program evolves.
•   Supported a pilot deployment of the caBIG™ Learning Management System (LMS) and
    ensures that caBIG™ modules were populated into the tool.

Late 2006 through Early 2007: Focusing on Emerging Issues & Outreach

•   Provided critical input to caBIG™ website redesign
•   Presented Annual Meeting sessions on emerging issues, such as sustainability and
•   Continued educational outreach about core D&T requirements
•   Created templates and populated “Tools Landing Pages” for caBIG™ website – helps new
    people locate download files and supporting materials
•   Prepared and released the caBIG™ Primer; Led the 2007 Annual Meeting Newcomer
    Session, and prepared a short Newcomers Guide to caBIG™.

Early 2007 through Present: Refining Infrastructure & Continuing Outreach

•   Led the conversion of multiple annual meeting presentations into training modules for the
    Learning Management System (LMS).
•   Developed “caBIG™ for Newbies” materials to support Biospecimens Community
•   Revised technical documentation templates to reflect community feedback and our
    experience in reviews.

Visit us at the caBIG™ website: (Training Portal) and (Workspace Webpage).

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