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In-service inspections are more formally controlled by statutory requirements than other types of
inspections. The ‘duty of care’ requirements are placed on plant owners, operators, and inspectors.
Mechanical equipment can break down at any time when it is in service, which can lead to delays in
production, increase costs and liability. To prevent situations similar to this from occurring, it is import to
schedule inspections regularly. This will ensure that the equipment has been installed, operated, and
maintained properly under the watch of a qualified inspector. Equipment should pass safety and compliance
standards, regulations, and guidelines.

Bureau Veritas provides a full range of inspection services designed to help customers monitor the condition
of owned equipment or in-service leased equipment during their life cycle. In-service inspection services
include estimate verification, facility audits, on-hire / off-hire inspections, post-repair inspections, intermodal
terminal inspections, and fleet condition assessment.

• Optimizing the breadth and depth of inspection to be performed within the planned timeframe
• Ensuring the safety of all personnel during the shutdown
• Limiting the number of incidents

What are the key benefits?
• Avoid risks linked to the quality and safety problems of equipment
• Independent advice and support given by knowledgeable technical experts in all critical areas
• Reassurance of running a client’s site without worrying about non-compliance
• Benefit from experts who are aware of the latest technology and equipment

How do you protect workers and property when equipment malfunctions?
• The best way to safeguard workers and property against the risks of equipment disasters is to maintain a
  regular inspection schedule.

Recognition Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is the worldwide leader specialized in QHSE&SA services.
Certified to ISO 9001 for all of its activities throughout the world, the company has earned a large number of
accreditations and notifications.
Knowledge and Expertise Our qualified teams are familiar with inspecting all kings of fabricated steel
components: various types, sizes and complexities.
Network With more than 37,000 employees in 850 offices and laboratories covering 140 countries, Bureau
Veritas is able to act quickly on its clients' behalf anywhere in the world.
Online Reporting Services Our exclusive password secured extranet, BVNet enables clients to monitor
progress of their shop inspections worldwide. BVNet facilitates follow-up, speeds reporting, and can be
customized to specific client needs.

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