History of Environmental Activities by historyman


									     History of Environmental Activities

                                             Yamatake’s Environmental
                           2001                                                                                         World Trends
                             March: Green purchasing guidelines formulated
                             March: Criteria for ISO 14021 type-II environmental labeling
                             (self-declared environmental information) formulated

                     2000                                                                          2000
                        April: Trial application of environmental accounting                         Basic Law for Promoting the Formation of
                        and environmental performance indexes                                        a Recycling-based Society enacted
                        April: Systematic implementation of energy conservation activities           November: COP6 (The Hague, Netherlands) held
                        July: Taishin acquires ISO 14001 certification
                        September: English version of Environmental Report published
                        October: Environmental Engineering Research Center completed
                         and begins operation
                    1999                                                                1999
                      January: In-house announcement of products                             July: Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) Law enacted
                      developed using environmental design guidelines                        October: COP5 (Bonn, Germany) held
                      April: Environmental disclosure strengthened
                      September: Environmental Report published
                   1998                                                           1998
                     January: Green purchasing criteria introduced                   June: Law concerning the Promotion of Measures to
                     March: Recycling rate improved by 20%                           Cope with Global Warming enacted
                     July: Company-wide environmental                                November: COP4 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) held
                     impact data collected
                     December: Ranked 47th in environmental
                     management performance, according to Nikkei
                     Shimbun’s survey of major Japanese companies
             1997                                                        1997
              March: Isehara factory acquires ISO 14001 certification       June: PRTR Pilot Program initiated by Environment Agency
              April: Company-wide environmental                             December: COP3 (Kyoto, Japan) held
              education system instituted
              June: Yamatake begins participating
              in the Environment Agency’s PRTR project
              July: Manual for acquisition of ISO 14001
              certification published
              August: ISO 14001 Efforts published
              September: Yamatake Control Products
              acquires ISO 14001 certification
             1996                                            1996
              January: Basic Environmental Directives           July: COP2 (Geneva, Switzerland) held
              formulated                                        September: ISO 14001 becomes effective
              March: Environmental Management
              Committee established
              August: Fujisawa factory acquires
              ISO 14001 certification
              November: Shonan factory acquires
              ISO 14001 certification
        1995                                  1995
         May: Environmental Protection           March: COP1 (First Session of
         Office established                      the Conference of the Parties)
         November: Participates                  (Berlin, Germany) held
         in Global Environment                   April: EU EMAS (Eco-
         Manager Summit                          Management and Audit
         December: First company-wide            Scheme) comes into
         environmental conference held           operation

      Corporate philosophy of
      “Savemation” introduced                                                                          Engineering Research

              1906                                                                                    Yamatake has established the Environmental Engineering
                                                                                                      Research Center to develop core technologies for our
       Company established                                                                            building automation business. The Center conducts
                                                                                                      research on advanced technologies related to energy
                                                                                                      conservation and climate control. By installing and using
                                                                                                      the latest heating, air conditioning and lighting
                                                                                                      equipment at this facility, we are able to carry out
                                                                                                      integrated testing, verification and assessment of new
                                                                                                      control technologies. The Center has become an
                                                                                                      ecological research facility devoted to ensuring that our
                                                                                                      products and systems conserve energy and resources
                                                                                                      throughout their life cycles.


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