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									                                                                                       Wind Energy

• Texas ranks first in the nation for its renewable energy resources. Wind is a clean,
affordable and renewable energy resource which plays a significant and growing role in the
U.S. and Texas energy markets.

• Texas has world class wind power
potential with an abundance of
natural wind resources, both on and off

• The Texas wind energy industry is
creating thousands of jobs and
millions of dollars in royalty income for
Texans. The State is experiencing
double-digit growth with more than
2,000 wind turbines in West Texas
alone; most located on land leased                           Wind Power
from farmers and ranchers.                                  Class 1       Class 4

• Texas has the world’s largest wind                        Class 2       Class 5

farm, the Horse Hollow Wind Energy                          Class 3       Class 6
Center, completed in 2006 by FPL
                                                              Source: Texas State Energy Conservation Office
Energy with a total capacity of 735
megawatts (MW).

• Texas is the top U.S. wind energy producer and has led the nation in the amount of
installed wind capacity for the last four years, according to the American Wind Energy
Association (AWEA). In 2008, the state’s wind power capacity grew to 7,118 MW. Four of the
nation’s largest wind projects are in Texas.

• If Texas were a nation, it would rank No. 6 for installed wind capacity behind Germany, the
rest of the U.S., Spain, China and India.

                                                           • The Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard
  Top Five States in Terms of
                                      Capacity (MW)        (RPS), established by the Texas Legislature in
  New Capacity in 2008
                                                           1999 and expanded in 2005, has mandated
    Texas                                   2671           the construction of certain amounts of
    Iowa                                    1599           renewable energy and prompted the
    Minnesota                                 455          renewable energy industry to rapidly
    Kansas                                    450
                                                           accelerate its production on Texas sites. The
                                                           Texas RPS is one of the most effective and
    New York                                  407
                                                           successful in the nation, and widely
 Source: AWEA Annual Wind Industry Report, American Wind   considered a model RPS. The Texas RPS
 Energy Association, April 2009                                              provides for a Renewable Energy Credit
                                                           trading program that will continue through

    • In October 2009, a Sino-American consortium announced they will develop a 600MW wind farm on 36,000
    acres in West Texas, scheduled to be completed by 2012. The $1.5B project will mostly be financed by Chinese
    banks, along with an up to $450M U.S. Stimulus Bill grant. Austin, Texas-based Cielo Wind Power LP, China’s
    Shenyang Power Group, and private equity firm U.S. Renewable Energy Group will own the wind farm, which will
    be one of the nation’s largest.
    • In September 2009, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the first round of clean energy project
    awards from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) totaling over $500 million (M). The largest grant
    of over $114M was awarded to the Penascal Wind Farm in Sarita, Texas.
    • In June 2008, Danish wind energy giant Vestas Wind Systems A/S announced that Houston will be the home
    of its North American R&D facility, which will create at least 100 technical, high-end research jobs. The University
    of Texas and Texas A&M University are partnering with Vestas, which chose Houston because of the city's
    academic excellence and unmatched energy environment.
    • In June 2008, The University of Houston, the general manager of the Lone Star Wind Alliance (LSWA),
    completed an agreement with the U.S. DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to design, construct
    and operate a wind turbine blade testing facility in Ingleside, Texas. The LSWA is a public/private partnership of
    Texas universities, state agencies, and corporate partners. The LSWA will receive $2M from the NREL and the
    Texas Legislature has pledged $5M toward the construction of the Texas-NREL Large Blade Research and Test
    Facility (LBR&TF), which will be able to perform full-scale testing of turbine blades up to 70 meters in length. The
    facility should be complete in 2010.
    • In May 2008, Irving, Texas-based Fluor Corporation announced a $1.8 billion contract with Perth,
    Scotland-based Scottish and Southern Energy to design and build what was then the world’s largest offshore
    wind farm project. The 500 MW Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm was scheduled to begin construction off
    England’s Suffolk coast in 2009.
    • In October 2007, the Texas General Land Office (GLO) became the first U.S. entity to award "competitive" leases
    for offshore wind power plants in the Gulf of Mexico. “The Texas wind rush is on,” said GLO Commissioner Jerry

                  For more information on wind energy in Texas call 1-800-888-0511
                            or visit

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