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Foreclosures and repossessions are all "Public Record"! That means that all that information needs to be available to the public. If you are really serious about finding a good deal; you will need to go to the source of the foreclosure listings Click here to know more

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Foreclosure Listings Know The Details By Bill Dufrane

If you have access to forclosure listings in your area, you can take advantage of a really great way to pick up some inexpensive real estate. Even though foreclosure listings are nothing more than a list of properties that are available, they will go a long way in ensuring that you are successful in this industry. If you want to get your hands on foreclosure listings, read on and find out how. 1. Sometimes, you can find local foreclosure listings in your area by using the Internet. The first place you can check is on a free website that offers foreclosure listings. The good thing about these services is that they do not cost you any money to get started. On the other hand, the information that they offer is usually not as comprehensive as paid sites, that is the other option available. The foreclosure listings on paid sites offer top notch service to customers, as well as a detailed list of properties. 2. Another great way to find foreclosure listings is by compiling your own. You can compile your own foreclosure listings by scouring the courts, checking the internet, and reading the real estate classifieds. Finding foreclosure listings this way is sometimes difficult because it can take up a lot of your time. But then again, you will not have to pay for your listings if you decide to exercise this option.

3. Finding foreclosure listings can also be done by calling lenders direct. By doing this, you will be able to get up to date foreclosure listings that you can use right there on the spot. The main advantage of foreclosure listings obtained this way is that you know they are quality because they are coming straight from the source. The difficult part about obtaining listings this way is that you will have to locate the lender, and then find the right person within the company. This can sometimes be very difficult the first time you try it. Serious investors love foreclosure listings because they are able to pick up property for not a lot of money and flip the house for big profits. By having these lists, you will be able to find all of the properties in your area without having to spend too much time and money. Even though it may take some effort to obtain foreclosure listings, it is well worth it. Sometimes you can make a lot of profit just by reselling the house with minimal effort. For more great foreclosure related articles and resources check out

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New York Foreclosure Listings: Big Savings on Below Market Priced Properties By philip smith

New York foreclosure listings, New York foreclosures, foreclosure listings in New York, foreclosures in New York, New York repo homes, New York foreclosure homes, New York foreclosed homes, New York cheap houses, New York forclosures, New York preforeclosures, NY Foreclosure Listings, NY Foreclosures Anyone who's looking to buy real estate in New York has to know how to find the best deals, especially in today's shaky market. With property values falling, the future of the housing market looking unstable, and the impending threat of an economic recession, making a big investment in a new home can be a worrisome proposition. But there are ways out there to ensure good values despite these factors, and one of the best options for this is New York foreclosure listings. While most people are familiar with buying homes through real estate agents, New York foreclosure listings are bought from mortgage lenders at public auction. Anyone can learn this process, as it isn't difficult. And best of all, since they are sold as repossessions, most properties bought through New York foreclosure listings can be purchased for anywhere from 10 to 50% below what they are actually worth. This presents the opportunity to buy at below market values, which ensures a great investment instantly. Even if the market continues to stay at a low level, you've actually got equity already built simply by buying for a discount. And the market for New York foreclosure listings is incredible right now. With thousands of properties currently in foreclosure across the state, and many more predicted to become available during 2008, it's a great time to find values. There are all sorts of great locations to buy as well, as the high foreclosure rates in New York City, Albany and Buffalo are all bringing lots of new properties onto the market all the time. A good way to get started is to search New York foreclosure listings with a good listings service. offers very detailed and accurate listings, as well as lots of helpful advice and information to introduce you to New York foreclosure listings, so this can be a great place to start. Philip Smith has been educating buyers on the finer points of New York Foreclosure Listings purchase at for over four years. Click here to visit and read more advice on buying discount real estate.

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