; Eliminate Debt In Ten Steps
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Eliminate Debt In Ten Steps


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									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Eliminate Debt In Ten Steps By Ted Batron

There are a lot of reasons that people end up in debt. Unfortunately, for most, the reason seems to be overspending and a disorganized or absent system to manage money. Usually its a little bit of both.

There are legitimate reasons for being in debt. Job loss, and other factors. Whatever the reason, it is important to eliminate the debt, and not incur any more! Here is the top ten list for eliminating your debt. Its not always easy to follow. But it is vital that you use this list as a guide. These ten rules will get you out of debt, and keep you out of debt in the future. 1. Make a realistic budget. Get all your bills written down. You have to see it in front of you for it to work. Make sure that the total of all your bills and expenses are within the amount of money that you earn. If your total bills and expenses are more than 90% of your income, you will need to make some changes. 2. Use the payment snowball to get your credit cards and consumer debt paid off. If you have a little cash and can afford to make a lump sum payment on your cards, pay them to below 50 percent of the card limit. This will increase your credit score. If you cant, then just begin to use the payment snowball system to pay off your cards beginning with the highest interest rate card. After its paid, cut it up and close the account. 3. Use cash! Keep only one credit card, in a drawer in your house. Don't carry it with you. It isn't real money. If you need a new refrigerator or an emergency car repair use it. But never allow the limit to exceed what you can easily pay off in 3 months. If you can afford the refrigerator with in cash, use cash. 4. Use direct deposit for you paychecks, and have a limit on what you can withdraw for personal use each week. 5. Make a commitment to reduce optional spending. Subscriptions, dining out, anywhere you can cut your expenses improves your situation. 6. Your home and housing expense should total less than 33 percent of your total household income.
How To Get Rid Of. Eliminate credit card debt legally, morally, and ethically. Page 1

Presented by Daniel Toriola
Talk to your insurance agent and see if you can reduce your mortgage insurance. Try to get a lower interest rate on your mortgage - make sure you understand your mortgage. NO, you cant get a million dollar loan for 1500 a month no matter what the predator on the other side of the table tells you. Go online and use a mortgage calculator to determine what your real, actual, fixed monthly payment is at the interest rate you want. If that amount is more than you can easily afford, then you may need to get an extra job. Also, some utility companies offer more economical utility plans. Check with your local utility provider. 7. Debt consolidation loans are a trap. If that sounds like a blanket statement, it is. If you have convinced yourself that this is the only way out, be careful. MAKE SURE that the total loan payment is actually less than you are paying on all your debts separately. If you can save money, and if you close ALL the paid off accounts immediately, then it can work. But remember, you have mortgaged your house to pay off a credit card. If you can't pay the card, you can always file bankruptcy. if you can't pay your mortgage, they will take your house. Be cautious! 8. Contact your creditors, and stay in contact with them. See if you can get a reduced interest rate. Some creditors will even eliminate the interest rate. Some are willing to work out optional repayment plans so they don't have to resort to using debt collectors. 9. Become a great shopper. Become a coupon clipper. When your making a larger purchase, be sure and shop around. Negotiate. If you find a better deal somewhere else, let the salesman know. See if they can beat the price. 10. If you have the option, work some overtime now and then. Use the extra money to eliminate the debt. If your job doesn't offer any opportunities for overtime, think about a small home business, or finding a part time job. Keep your eyes open and opportunities will turn up. If you don't think you can do this on your own, bankruptcy is probably still not the solution. It will leave you in financial ruin for at least 10 years. There are other options. Debt reduction specialists can be a huge help. Again, be careful. Some of them charge as much as 20% of the total debt as a fee. If you owe 20 thousand in credit card debt, thats $4,000.00 dollars. That 4 grand would have eliminated a lot of the debt. So, again, shop around even for help eliminating the debt. Are you ready to get control and eliminate debt? You really can Eliminate Debt and Get Your Life Back without filing bankruptcy and destroying your financial future. Take the first step to getting control now. Find out what the debt peddlers don't want you to know - http://www.No-Debt.net

How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt Start getting out of credit card debt today with 7 Easy Steps to Getting Out of Credit Card Debt. Page 2

Presented by Daniel Toriola
Eliminate Debt In A Few Easy Steps By Diana Lopez

Eliminate Debt - Tips. Finding yourself in debt is no fun. You suddenly realize you're working to meet the minimum payments your credit cards and your paycheck isn't stretching as far as it used to. There are some four major steps you can take to eliminate debt from your debt situation. Make a Realistic Budget When you're serious about eliminating debt, the first thing you want to do is figure out how much many is coming in and how much is going out. It's easy to look at your net income and figure your utilities and credit card payments. But you should have about two hundred dollars left over out of every check where is that money going? Write down all your expenses for a week and see how quickly that money is spent on frivolous items you really can live without. Eliminate Unnecessary Spending Start taking your lunch to work. Make a double batch of pancakes on the weekend and freeze some for the kid's breakfast. Make it a point to not grab a quick meal at a fast food restaurant. Not only will you be healthier, you're bank account will seem healthier as well. This is one of the easiest ways to make your start towards debt relief. Do Your Holiday Shopping All Year Start a little collection. When you see an item on sale that you feel would be a good holiday gift for someone, purchase it and put it away until December. If you do this all throughout the year, you won't be spending your entire Christmas Bonus on holiday presents and your shopping will be all but done. Put Up Your Credit Cards This is another step. Now that you're serious about eliminating debt, put up your credit cards and don't use them unless it is a dire emergency. Since you are paying off your debt, you don't want to incur more debt. Don't be surprised if your credit card company raises your credit limit, that's common when someone is paying off a card and not spending. This is supposed to entice you into spending more money on that card. Don't fall for it. To Eliminate Debt is not rocket science, but it does require planning and determination. If you're ready to get rid of your debt, apply these debt elimination tips to your daily life and watch your debt shrink! Diana Lopez is a full time consultant who has helped hundreds of clients eliminate their debt. If you would like to learn more tips on how you can eliminate your debt then visit http://www.debtfree.net Debt Elimination is possible.

8 Days To Money Mastery A simple step-by-step plan to eliminate your debt, create excess cash for investing, and to build an ongoing, passive income. Page 3

Presented by Daniel Toriola

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