Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan - Pros And Cons

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Debt Consolidation Mortgage Loan - Pros And Cons By Carrie Reeder

Debt consolidation mortgage loans can help you lower your interest rates and monthly payments. With reduced rates, you can also pay off your debt sooner. However, reducing your equity could subject you to private mortgage rates. You may also end up spending more on interest payments by delaying payments. Saving With Mortgage Interest Rates Mortgage interest rates are much lower than credit card or unsecured loan rates. Consolidating your debt with a refinanced mortgage or home equity will reduce your payments simply by having a lower rate. By paying the same monthly payments, you can pay off your debt rapidly. Your interest is also tax deductible with a mortgage or home equity loan, where your credit card interest isn’t. Student loan interest is also tax deductible and shouldn’t be consolidated for a higher rate. Reducing Your Payments Consolidating with a loan also allows you to reduce your payments by picking longer terms. So if your income is reduced or you have other financial obligations, lengthening your payments can give you some breathing room in your budget. Paying More In Fees And Interest The cost of a mortgage can be more than what you are paying in interest charges if you have a small amount of debt. To refinance a mortgage, origination fees can add up to thousands. Other types of home equity loans can cost hundreds or nothing to open. You may also have to pay private mortgage insurance premiums if don’t leave 20% of your equity in tack. Delaying payments can also add up interest payments, even with a lower rate. For example, a loan amount of $10,000 will cost $11,587.10 in interest for a 30 year loan at 6%. That same amount will cost $5,896.71 for a 5 year loan at 20%, which is what most credit card payment plans are like.

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Deciding To Pay Down Debt Consolidating your high interest credit can help pay off your debt by providing structured payments. You can also lower your interest rates, making repayment easier. However, be aware of the costs and shop around for low rates and fees. To get the most out of a consolidated loan, choose short terms to avoid making large interest payments.

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Debt Consolidation Loans For Bad Credit By DavidB

Is your credit less than perfect? Are you seeing more and more bills come in that you are unable to pay on time every month? Are you ready to get rid of that debt and start a debt free lifestyle but wondering how you can do that with the bad credit you have acquired? If this sounds like you, then you should know that there is help around the corner. There are debt consolidation loans for bad credit that you can look into to becoming debt free. You will find that many places that allow you take out a loan for your debt, when you all ready have bad credit know the risks that are involved and that is why they take the precautions that they do. Let us look at what those precautions are. Simple Signature Loan for Debt Consolidation Depending on just how bad your credit is, you may or may not qualify for the regular signature loan that you can get for debt consolidation. There are some places however, that will allow you to take out a loan so that you can be on your way to becoming debt free. Nevertheless, they also look at your credit. If your credit is really bad, you may be declined. But no worries there are still many more options for you to consolidate your debt with a loan for bad credit. Collateral Loan for Debt Consolidation So your credit is just too bad for the ordinary signature loan for debt consolidation. Let’s look at the collateral loan for debt consolidation. When you take out a collateral loan, you are putting something up that in the event that you do not make your payments on the loan, the company can come and collect whatever it is that you have put up for collateral. Let’s say you put up a vehicle for collateral. The company that you take out your loan with will come and get your vehicle if you do not make your payments. This in return allows the company that gives you the loan the chance to take a risk on you. They will not lose any money from your non-payments in the event that you did not pay. Second Mortgage Loan for Debt Consolidation So you own your home and you would like to take out a second mortgage on your home as a debt consolidation loan for bad credit. Many mortgage companies will give you the opportunity to take out a loan and have a second mortgage on your home. However, you have to make sure that your first mortgage payments have been on time and are current as well as up to date. So that could make a huge difference. It makes sense though, if you cannot pay your current mortgage payments, what makes you think that you can pay your second mortgage payments? As you can see, there are several ways to get a debt consolidation loan for bad credit. There is the signature loan for the credit that is not so bad, the collateral loan for the credit that is not so good and the second mortgage loan that you can look into as well. The author is the owner of a home loan site in South Africa. To read more on debt consolidation loans visit

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