5 Reasons To Buy A Paper Shredder

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5 Reasons To Buy A Paper Shredder By Jeff McRitchie

As an individual, you may wonder if you actually need to purchase a paper shredder for your own personal use. The answer is, quite simply, YES. Today's world is rife with identity theft, credit card theft and other fraudulent activities. Now is the time to invest in your privacy and security. There are many reasons to buy a paper shredder, here are just 5: 1) Identity Theft: Almost 9 million people per year have their identities stolen in the US alone, with over 50 billion dollars stolen per year. This epidemic crime can be curbed dramatically by removing the physical documentation the thieves use to get their information, and shredding has been proven to be the best way to do this. 2) Credit Card Theft: Credit card numbers and even passwords can be taken from documents in the trash. Even papers torn by hand can be easily put back together. Many thieves and drug addicts frequent personal and business trash cans and dumpsters to find this kind of information. Shredding helps ensure that this won't happen to you. 3) New Laws: A provision to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA), requires destruction of any confidential employee information, even if you only have one employee such as a nanny or a handy man. You can open yourself up to lawsuits or even prosecution if you do not comply with these new privacy laws. 4) Recycling: Our environment is certainly a timely concern. But did you know that shredding actually facilitates recycling? As a matter of fact, you can actually be paid modestly by recycling companies for contributing to save the environment. 5) Peace of Mind: With so many risks involved in not destroying sensitive documents, buying a personal shredder is an easy call to make to give you assurance that your identity, privacy and money are secure. It's a trend for a reason, and that's because shredding works to help bring protection and security to the things most important to you. A household or office shredder is becoming as necessary as a dishwasher or refrigerator in terms of household appliances. Nothing is more important in today's age of identity theft and fraud, than protecting your identity and investment. The question is not really if you should purchase a shredder,
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Presented by Daniel Toriola
but when. Shredders are available in a variety of price ranges, with a variety of functions, including large and small capacities, space saving units, straight or the safer, cross-shredding system and even several lines of shredders that keep style in mind. It's definitely not a "one-size-fits-all" industry, but one that conforms to the needs of consumers. The market for shredders, including commercial and personal shredders tops $350 million a year, and growing. As the need for protection grows, so does this upward-moving industry. As a matter of fact, shredders are the fastest growing segment in the overall office products industry. From individuals to multi-national corporations, there are shredders to meet the needs of anyone seeking financial security. So find the right shredder for your needs and bring it to your home or office. It's by far the best way to protect yourself and your family from the real dangers of theft and fraud. Jeff McRitchie is the designer and Director of Marketing for He writes extensively on topics related to binding machines,binding supplies, report covers,Binders, Index Tabs, Laminators, Laminating Pouches,Shredders,and Paper Handling Equipment.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Buying a Paper Shredder - Useful Tips By Jack Stevens

Scope of Usage: Wondering how to get rid of all that unwanted paper lying around in your home? Paper from your kid’s homework, junk mail printouts and the list goes on. The easiest solution is to shred all the unnecessary paper. Shredders today come in different sizes and for various purposes. From personal to industrial uses, shredders offer people with a solution to dispose of important and confidential papers without having the fear of prying eyes scanning your papers. The first step in determining what type of shredder to buy is to identify the scope of usage. For personal and home office work, a personal shredder will suffice. For industrial purposes and office work you most definitely require an industrial shredder with a higher shred capacity. Primary differences in shredders: When choosing a shredder you need to understand approximately how many sheets of paper you will be feeding at any given time. Personal shredders take in about 4 - 6 sheets of paper at a time. If you are planning to use your shredder consistently and also feed in more paper every time, then a higher capacity shredder should be considered over a personal low capacity shredder. Industrial type shredders range from taking in 12 – 16 sheets of paper and they can be used for sporadic shredding also. Trying to feed in more than the shredder can handle will result in a motor burnout and eventually the need to replace your shredder. When buying your first shredder, you need to keep in mind two major things; 1)The number of sheets the shredder can handle at any given time 2)The number of time the shredder can be used in a day Types of Shredders: Shredders come with different shred types so you can choose one depending on how sensitive your data is. The smaller cut shredders offer the highest protection as it becomes extremely difficult to reconstruct the papers and thus you can prevent your data from potential hackers. Strip Cut: This is the most basic of shred types. The papers are shred into thin, long strips usually about 1/8th of an inch in width. Also known as Spaghetti cut, these types of shredders are usually used to handle large volume of papers and they take up the least maintenance. The strips might not compress very well in the basket and hence may require frequent emptying. Cross / Confetti Cut: This type of cut offers higher security than strip cuts. Cross cut shredders cut the paper both horizontally and vertically so that you get small rectangle shaped pieces. The size of the cuts may vary from model to model, while the basic range is from anywhere between 1/8th” x 2” in size. Reconstruction of sensitive data is possible however it would require patience and skill. This type of shredder costs more and also requires higher maintenance. Compression is also better in the collector bin.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

Micro Cut: These types of shredders offer the highest security by cutting the paper into very small pieces ranging between 3 mm X 8 mm across. Compression level in the bin is also the highest. The tradeoff however is the cost and the high maintenance requirements. Summing up: Shredders can even handle shredding of credit cards while some even come with special provisions to destroy CD’s, DVD’s, Floppy’s and other heavier metals. Additional features like automatic start and stop, paper jam indicator etc are also available. Always make it a practice to shred any paper that contains private or confidential data that is no longer needed. With identity thefts and other security concerns growing by the minute, a high quality paper shredder is exactly what your home or office needs to secure your sensitive data. Jack Stevens is an expert on office supplies offering advice on selection and usage of paper shredders in his website

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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