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					Modesto Junior College                                                            Summer 2008

                         CHEMISTRY 102 - SYLLABUS
                         GENERAL CHEMISTRY II LAB
Instructor: Dr. Joseph Caddell                                                     Office: S107
Phone: (209) 575-6810                                        Email:
                          Lecture: MTWTh 9:00 – 10:10 MSCI 124
                          Discussion: MW 10:15 – 11:05 MSCI 124
                          Laboratory: MW 11:10 – 2:35 MSCI 106

Laboratory Text – General Chemistry II Lab Manual by Stedjee and Maki
Laboratory Materials – Paper Towels, Matches, Liquid Detergent
Recommended Materials
Lab Coat
Labs – 90%
Safety – 10%


 Regardless of scores received on any other material, if a student does not complete all of the
required laboratory assignments that students will fail the course.

Attendance/Drop Policy
Any student not attending the first two labs may be dropped as a no-show unless they contact
me before the second lab. Any student who attends the first or second lab will NOT be
dropped by me. This means that if you come to class for either of the first two labs and do not
want to take the class you must drop it yourself. If you are given an add card by me you must
use it before the census date or you will not be allowed in the class.
If you drop the lab you must check-out. I will not drop any lab grade.

Students With Disabilities
If you have any disability that needs accommodation you must let me know within the first
week of class or when you first find out, whichever comes first. Once you let me know I will
gladly do everything I can to assist you, as long as you can still complete the requirements for
the class.
Lab Work
Make-up labs must be taken within 1 week of the missed lab. A lab that you are making up
must be done in one of my lab sessions. The pre-laboratory write-up must be done before
you will be allowed into the laboratory. If you come to lab without the pre-lab done you will

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Modesto Junior College                                                               Summer 2008

not be allowed to do that lab and will receive a zero (0) for that lab. If you are more than 15
minutes late for the lab you will not be allowed to do that lab unless you have a good,
documented excuse. No unauthorized experiments are allowed. You must follow the safety
rules (see handout) at all times. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the
laboratory. If this happens your grade for that lab will be a zero (0).
If you are caught cheating your score for that assignment will be a zero (0). If a student is
caught cheating two times their grade for the course will be an “F”. Cheating includes, but is
not limited to, the following: copying from another student’s lab; falsifying a lab report,
making up data, or using data from a previous semester.
                      Tentative Laboratory Schedule

                   Week                Monday            Wednesday
                 5/5/2008                     Safety            Locker Check-out
                 5/12/2008              Equilibrium                     Solubility
                 5/19/2008       Dropper/Hydrolysis                      Kinetics
                 5/26/2008     No Lab-Memorial Day                        Exam I
                 6/2/2008         Group A – Known            Group A – Unknown
                 6/9/2008           Group B Known                        Exam II
                 6/16/2008        Group B Unknown                 General Cation
                 6/23/2008          Anions - Known             Anions - Unknown
                 6/30/2008               Single Salt                    Exam III
                 7/7/2008           Locker Check-in                  Final Exam

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