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                       Brain Scan — Nuclear Medicine



When a Brain SPECT is recommended on your patient, it is important for you to know that
SPECT can differentiate between Alzheimer’s, depression, or multi stroke dementia.

Brain SPECT is being used to diagnose a wide variety of dementias, including Senile Demen-
tia of the Alzheimer’s Type (SDAT) - the leading cause of dementia in the United States,
which incapacitates 10% of people over age 65. However, more than 90% of all suspected
Alzheimer’s cases are classified as “indefinite diagnosis” on the basis of current tests.

Brain SPECT shows a distinct pattern of decreased activity in the temporal/parietal regions
of the brain, characteristic of Alzheimer’s. By providing early detection of the disease, Brain
SPECT can help eliminate both the uncertainty associated with indefinite diagnosis and the
need for multiple expensive tests.

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