A Brief History of the University of California by historyman


									      A Brief History of the
     University of California
1. Berkeley        9. Lawrence Livermore
2. Los Angeles     10. San Diego
3. San Francisco   11. Santa Cruz
4. Riverside       12. Irvine
5. Davis           13. Merced
6. Lawrence Berkeley
7. Los Alamos Lab
8. Santa Barbara
1862 Cal. Legislature establishes a Land
Grant College: Agricultural, Mining and
Mechanical Arts College. This soon
merges with the private liberal arts
College of California in Oakland
1868    Governor of California Creates the
University of California as a separate
Constitutional entity
1873 UC moves to Berkeley to open
land previously purchased by the College
of California (North and South Halls)
Berkeley South Hall Today
1880 Calif. Legislature opens a
                              Normal School in
  Los Angeles. UCLA Becomes Southern Branch of
  the University in   1919
1893 Toland Medical College merges with
  California College of Pharmacy. In 1898, the
  College that now includes a school of
  dentistry moves to 13 acres donated by
  former SF Mayor Sutro, the current location
  of UCSF.
Early 1900’s with contributors such as
Phoebe Hearst, UC is able to spare no
expense in designing the Berkeley Campus
1907 University establishes a Citrus Experiment Station   in

1959 Riverside becomes a full campus
1908 UC DAVIS started as the University
Farm. School of Vet. Med formed in
1948. In 1952 Davis becomes a full UC
founded in by Ernest
Lawrence to house the
first large cyclotron and
Berkeley Physics
1952 : Nobel Prize
Winners McMillian,
Seaborg, Northrop,
Lawrence, and Giauque
(Periodic elements: 97
Berkelium, 98
Californium, 103
Scientists in Nazi Germany discovered nuclear fission
in 1938. Refugee scientists Szilard, Edward Teller, and
Wigner persuaded Albert Einstein to warn President
FDR of the danger. In response, FDR ordered
research in nuclear physics that lead to Los Alamos
Lab being established in   1943
1944- Originally a small independent teachers
  college- Santa Barbara becomes a UC campus
1952 Lawrence Livermore National Lab founded to
  promote innovation in the design of our nation’s
  nuclear stockpile. In 50 years, it has become
  one of the world’s primer scientific centers
  working in national security/weapons,
  computing, energy/environment, bioscience/
  biotechnology Below is the worlds fastest super
  computer-BlueGene and the worlds largest laser
 grows under
 leaders such
 as Clark Kerr
 and Robert
 Sproul who
 served as
 for 30 years
1958 California Plan for Higher Education
• 3 Tiered Higher education in California:
  – University of California: Doctorial degrees and
    Research. Top 8 percent of high school graduates
  – California State College System: Next 12 percent of
    high school graduates. Continues role in teacher
  – Community College System: Open to all high school
• Opened new campuses: Santa Cruz,
 Irvine, and San Diego.
  – What next in new millennium?
1962 San Diego becomes a new UC campus
1965- UC-Santa Cruz is opened
1965 UC Irvine was
Fall 2005 Opening: University of
 California-Merced is the first new American
 research university built in the 21st century

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