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									History of the National Advocate            Must Advocates Be Credentialed?            Entitlements
Credentialing Program (NACP)
                                            The NACP is voluntary and open to          •   Credentials are renewable every two
Discussion about a national                 any individual who provides services to        years and may be upgraded.
credentialing program for victim            those victimized by crime, whether as      •   Credentialed advocates may request
assistance professionals began in the       paid or volunteer staff, and whether or        an indication of a "Specialty
1980’s. By the early 90’s, several states   not they have a formal education or            Designation" on their credential.
had successful credentialing programs.      degree. The program is inclusive rather    •   Credentialed advocates receive a
In 2000, NOVA invited representatives       than exclusive and voluntary rather            credential suitable for framing and a
from state, federal and national victim     than mandatory. The benefits of                wallet card.
assistance organizations to discuss         credentialing to those in the victim       •   Credentialed advocates may use the
implementing a national credentialing       assistance field include but are not           designation "CA" after their names.
program. At a meeting in 2001, although     limited to:                                •   Credentialed advocates may publicly
not all of the representatives reached                                                     display the NACP Code of Ethics in
consensus about co-sponsorship,             •   Enhanced recognition and credibility       their workplace.
NOVA’s members supported the                    in the victim assistance field
concept overwhelmingly. In 2002, the        •   Mobility in the field
NOVA Board of Directors unanimously         •   Generated and defined by the field,    How and When to Apply
voted to develop a national credentialing       rather than by outsiders
program. The Board introduced the           •   Identification with a group whose      Victim assistance professionals may
NACP at NOVA’s 28th Annual Victim               common ground is victim services       submit applications in May and October
Assistance Conference in Nashville in                                                  each year. The NACP Review
2002, and launched it in 2003.                                                         Committee meets to review applications
                                            Levels of Credentialing                    in June and November only. Deadlines,
Who Oversees the Program?                                                              annually, are:
                                            The following levels of credentialing
NOVA serves as Secretariat of the           became effective October 2005:                   May 31 (for June review) and
NACP, and representatives from                                                             October 31 (for November review).
participating national and state victim          Provisional Advocate Credential
assistance organizations serve on the               Basic Advocate Credential          Downloadable application forms are at:
NACP Review & Advisory Committee.               Intermediate Advocate Credential       http://www.trynova.org/nacp/forms.html.
The committee of experienced victim              Advanced Advocate Credential          Applicants are encouraged to read the
assistance professionals reviews                                                       application carefully. Incomplete or
applications and identifies revisions in    Provisional Advocate Credentialing is      improperly filled out applications will
the credentialing program to best meet      $50. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced      result in a delay in reviewing and
the needs of the victim assistance field.   Advocate Credentialing are each $100.      processing.
                                            Renewal Credentialing is $75. Renewal
   “I am glad that advocates are            with Upgrade to the next level is $100.
   finally being recognized!”
National Advocate Credentialing              Training Program Approval
Program Partners
                                             A state victim assistance academy
                                                                                          The National
MADD National
                                             (SVAA) or a victim assistance program's
                                             pre-service training program (that is in
National Association of Attorneys
                                             compliance with the required minimum
                                             40 hours of basic training) and its          Credentialing
General - VAWA Project                       ongoing efforts to make continuing

National Association of Crime Victim
                                             education available to its participants or
                                             staff through in-service, local, state
Compensation Boards                          and/or national training, may have its
                                             training program approved by NACP.
National Association of VOCA                 NACP will review the training program
Assistance Administrators                    curriculum for consideration of pre-
                                             approval status and will review the
National Center for Victims of Crime         curriculum every two years to ensure
                                             that the curriculum still meets the
National Organization for Parents Of         minimum 40-hour basic training
Murdered Children                            requirement.

National Organization for Victim             Interested training program coordinators
Assistance                                   should submit their curriculum to NACP
                                             for review and approval at any time by
Ohio Advocate Network                        mailing to:

PA Commission on Crime &                            NACP Review Committee
Delinquency                                                c/o NOVA
                                                       Courthouse Square
                                                    510 King Street, Suite 424
                                                      Alexandria, VA 22314
For More Information
                                                “This credential will let victims
Visit http://www.trynova.org/nacp/ or call      I work with know of my                    Credentialing the
703-535-6682.                                   dedication and commitment to
                                                serving them, and will let my             Professionals Who Serve
   “I am proud to hang this                     professional colleagues know
   credential on my office wall.”               that I have earned this honor.”           Those Victimized by Crime

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