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									Nuclear Medicine & Bone Densitometry

          Test                                         Indications                                    Preparation              Time

BONE                    Investigation of tumours (primary and secondary), arthritis,                        Nil               4 hours
                        musculoskeletal pain, fractures, sports injuries, osteomyelitis, prosthesis                       1st part: 45 mins
                                                                                                      (bring available
                        infection or loosening, Paget's disease, avascular necrosis, Reflex                               break 3-4 hours
                        Sympathetic Dystrophy, HPOA, metabolic bone disease.                                              2nd part: 1 hour

                                                                                                        Fast minium
MYOCARDIAL              Diagnosis/management/prognosis of ischaemic heart disease and
                                                                                                          4 hours,
PERFUSION SCAN          cardiomyopathy. Viability assessment.
                                                                                                      (water allowed),     up to 5 hours

GATED BLOOD POOL Left and right ventricular size and function (ejection fraction, wall motion).             Nil              1½ hours

BONE                    1.Quantitative assessment of bone mineral density in investigation and              Nil             20 minutes
DENSITOMETRY &          management of osteoporosis.
BODY COMPOSITION        2.Body composition studies

LUNG VENTILATION /      1.Suspected pulmonary embolism.                                                Current chest           1 hour
PERFUSION               2.Pre-operative assessment for lung volume reduction surgery                       Xray

GALLIUM                 1. Staging/management of tumours (esp. lymphoma)                                    Nil          IV injection Day 1.
                        2. Investigation of suspected infection                                                           Scanning at 48-72
                                                                                                                                hours &
                                                                                                                             if necessary
                                                                                                                          scan time 1-2 hrs

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Nuclear Medicine & Bone Densitometry

              Test                                   Indications                                  Preparation             Time

LABELLED WHITE BLOOD      Infection/inflammation - joint prosthesis, inflammatory bowel                 Nil              5 hours
CELLS                     disease, diabetic foot

THYROID AND RADIOIODINE   1. Investigation of thyroid nodules, thyroiditis, thyrotoxicosis,     No thyroid or iodine   30-45 minutes
THERAPY                   thyroid cancer.                                                      containing compounds       for scan
                          2. Radioiodine therapy for thyrotoxicosis and thyroid cancer.

GALL BLADDER/BILIARY      Cholecystitis, biliary flow, GB ejection fraction, post                  Fast 4 hours          2 hours
(HIDA)                    cholecystectomy syndrome.

RENAL                     Renal blood flow and differential function, renal artery stenosis,     Patient should be       1-5 hours
                          urinary obstruction, renal scarring.                                    well hydrated

LIVER/SPLEEN              Focal disease (tumour, abscess, cyst, trauma), chronic liver                  Nil             45 minutes
                          disease, portal hypertension.
                          Size and position of liver and spleen.

LIVER BLOOD POOL          Specific for hepatic haemangioma                                              Nil              3 hours

CEREBRAL PERFUSION        Alzheimerís disease, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, stroke and              Nil              2½ hours
(CERETEC)                 other cerebrovascular events.

LYMPHOSCINTIGRAPHY        Diagnosis of lymphoedema/pre-operative lymphatic drainage              Preparation: Nil        6 hours
(include Sentinel Node    assessment of breast cancer and melanoma/lymph leakage
                                                                                                                       (1-3 hours for
                                                                                                                       sentinel node

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Nuclear Medicine & Bone Densitometry

              Test                                 Indications                                   Preparation                Time

C-14 UREA BREATH TEST   Diagnosis and follow-up of helicobacter pylori infection (peptic       Fast overnight.           30 minutes
                        ulcer disease)                                                     No antibiotics for 4 weeks

Sentinel Node                                                                                         Nil                1-4 hours

Oesophageal motility                                                                                                       ½ hour

Gastric Emptying                                                                               Fast 4 hours prior         2 hours

Salivary                                                                                       Fast 2 hours prior        1½ hours

GIT Blood Loss                                                                                        Nil               Up to 5 hours

Parathyroid                                                                                           Nil                4½ hours

CSF Studies                                                                                           Nil               Up to 5 hours

Thallium in Tumours                                                                                   Nil                1½ hours

Co PET                  Staging of cancer eg. non small cell lung cancer, lymphoma.
                        Assessment of recurrence: bowel carcinoma

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