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									Pukka-j Delivers a PET/CT & Nuclear
Medicine Workstation

Pukka-j recently delivered a PET/CT and              Rapid Radiology offers more than just a
Nuclear Medicine workstation along with a            teleradiology reporting service. It provides
mobile PC (laptop) to Rapid Radiology, a             an advisory service for setting up imaging
company      providing     remote   reporting        services and optimising the output efficiency
services, for the whole range of imaging             of imaging departments, with an emphasis on
modalities, in both the UK and overseas,             PET/CT centres. It also provides a reading
with a special interest in PET/CT and Nuclear        service for images produced for research
Medicine.                                            studies.

The workstation delivered to Rapid Radiology,        Dr. Rakesh Ganatra Chief Executive of Rapid
features Pukka-j’s web-based, multi-modality         Radiology comments, “We care about the
image review software and is built to a high-end     consequences of our work and the impact of
specification including dual processor, 4GB          imaging reports on patient outcomes. This is
memory and 768MB Graphics to maximise                why our reports are not just isolated to PET or
image reporting performance. It is an ideal          CT studies alone, but take into account all
environment for Rapid Radiology to evaluate          other relevant radiology. We believe this is
Pukka-j’s partner product, Quantiva        image     essential when giving a clinical report to
fusion package. QuantivaTM provides the user         fellow     healthcare      professionals.    As
with the ability to co-register CT and PET data      practitioners in the NHS, we are aware of the
using both rigid and non-rigid body                  investigation and treatment options available
transformations and to display the resulting         and local Trust policies in the UK, so when
fused PET/CT images.             Pukka-j recently    reporting for patients in the UK, we tailor our
concluded      an    agreement     to   distribute   reports to NHS and Trust practice.”
Quantiva software in the UK and Europe and
Rapid Radiology will be one of the first             Pukka-j has built up a solid reputation over
companies to trial this new package.                 the years using Java technology to evolve
                                                     medical imaging applications as web-based
With a team of dedicated healthcare                  solutions.        Dr. Ganatra continues, “We
professionals, Rapid Radiology provides              selected Pukka-j because of the Company’s
hospitals with high-class reporting, particularly    flexible, friendly and professional approach;
in PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine. The majority         all essential elements when handling
of the team consists of specialists trained in       confidential patient data with a quick turn
PET/CT, Nuclear Medicine and a variety of            around.”
Radiology sub-specialities.       This means that
the reports are not isolated to PET or Nuclear
Medicine studies alone, but take into account all
other relevant radiology. By taking a holist
approach to clinical reporting, including the
clinical history, the question being asked and all
relevant radiology the Company believes it is
able to offer a superior service.

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