Stephanie by StephanieSimes1992


									My name is Stephanie Simes and I had an interview with one of my managers named Rosalyn. I started off by asking her how she received her job. She mentioned that when she was sixteen, she got a job at Giant. After she finished school, Giant’s management decided to make her a manager. Her current responsibilities are managing the store, assisting employees and customers, managing the schedule for employees every Friday, and making sure that people are working, not fooling around. She also has to make sure that everything has to be right such as produce having their equipment working correctly. The biggest responsibility is operating the front end, making sure that they are on their “store procedures.” But she also manages calls because she wants to make sure people can ask her questions. She respects every individual that asks questions. She also is in charge of managing the project saler. The training that she needed was, she graduated from high school, she got promoted from Giant and she went through a twelve week training program. She was a key carrier, which means she was the person who had to go around the store and maintain every department. The training required on the job training. Learning every department would be hard, but she managed to be able to learn every department and that had an impact on the job she has now. Rosalyn’s First job was being a dishwasher at McDonalds but she wanted to make a future with Giant because she thought that Giant was a friendly place and a great environment to work in. Roz made phone calls after her job as a dishwasher and she decided to apply at Walmart and Giant. Giant called her and mentioned that she would be a good person for a position with them. The subject that impacted Roz was math for the register. She had many accounting classes, which helped her a lot because of the cash funds for the store. The things she likes to do at work are coaching, training, and teaching. She hates when people come in one day and don’t come in the next day. The other jobs that she might be

qualified for are being a manager in any other Giant store or grocery store, or any other place that requires management skills. Manager’s position could be great for anyone who has the experience Roz has. The salary range would be $45,000 or more every year. If Roz had the option to pick another career, she would be an accountant. An accountant would be a great thing to be, the salary for it is high. My reflection would be that I enjoyed my whole job shadowing experience, I not only learned about a management position but experienced working on western unions. Rosalyn showed me a lot about how to handle certain situations. I work at Giant so I wasn’t nervous because I knew Rosalyn. I really wanted to learn, however, her job responsibilities were. I had an interest because I wouldn’t mind doing something that she does every day. Answering phone calls, managing a schedule, and working on knowing every single department interest me. I wish one day I would be be able to do what she does. I know how jobs like this can be stressful but I think I can handle that.

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