Probability and Statistics(5)

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					Probability and Statistics interactive websites for students including:
Bar Chart – Create a bar chart showing quantities or percentages by labeling columns and clicking on values.

Box Model – Randomly selects and displays draws from a box.

Box Plot – Use this tool to summarize data using a box plot graph.

Coin Tossing – Explore probability concepts by simulating repeated coin tosses.

Hamlet Happens – Verify that rare events happen by drawing letters from a box.

Histogram – Use this tool to summarize data using a histogram graph.

Loan Calculator – Explore how to pay off a loan, and how interest affects payment.

Pascal's Triangle – Explore patterns created by selecting elements of Pascal's triangle.

Pie Chart – Explore percentages and fractions using pie charts.

Savings Calculator – Explore how savings, with or without regular deposits, grow over time.

Scatterplot – Plot multiple data points in two dimensions and determine correlation.

Spinners – Work with spinners to learn about numbers and probabilities.

Stick or Switch – Investigate probabilities of sticking with a decision, or switching.

Whammy Awards – See how using different voting schemes can result in contradictory outcomes. has videos on basic probability, probability of compound events, probability of independent events. Compass learning, grade 8 data and statistics section: activities and worksheets on data representation, statistics, mean, median, mode, measures of central tendency, statistical plots, and exploring scatterplots.

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