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Probability and Graphing with Dice


									Topic: Probability and Graphing Lesson: Probability and Graphing with Dice Content Standards: 3.3.4 Identify and examine organizational formats using a technology tool to arrange information. 2.5.2 Create a document including graphic using basic formatting techniques that demonstrate the ability to type, edit, and print. Objective: Students will create a bar graph using data they create from a dice rolling activity. They will then use the data in a computerized graph program to create a circle graph depicting the same information. Lesson: 1. Review probability  Likelihood of a favorable outcome  Expressed as a fraction or decimal (between 0 and 1) 2. Dice example  What sums could you come up with when rolling two dice?  Ask students to predict what a bar graph depicting the results would look like. 3. Preview the computerized version of „What are your Chances?‟ Try a couple of “rolls of the dice” and view the graph. 4. Students will pair up and actually roll a pair of die, keeping a tally of the results. 5. Students will use their data to construct a bar graph on paper. 6. Students will then use the same data to construct a circle graph  Students need to be sure and label their graph. 7. Students will compare the bar graph and the circle graph and observe how the same data can be manipulated in different ways.

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