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									Press release - Sommer Cable 10-2007


Professionally installed SOMMER CABLE has developed the SC-FLUKOS “SF“ for all of those do not constantly want to be confronted with their speaker cable – but demand optimum signal transmission. At a height of only 1.3 mm the super flat twin litz can be installed almost invisibly. White in color and equipped with an adhesive strip it almost ”melts” into a white background (e.g. also ideally suited for sacred rooms) and fits underneath all socket rails. This marks the end of the 5.1-cable-chaos for home entertainment and you can save the cost of electricity for the hot glue gun. ”All good things come in small packages” – this is especially true for the 2 x 0.5 mm² inner conductors at a width of 8.6 mm. And the wires made of milled copper braiding ensure excellent transmission quality, despite the small dimensions. Further information about the super flat, self-adhesive speaker cable SC-FLUKOS ”SF” and its ”big brother” measuring 2 x 2.5 mm² is available in the brand new Edition 2 of the SOMMER CABLE Main Catalogue 2007/2008 on Page 60 and under

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