feature / bugfix history by Flavio58


									== Release 2.1 * For the AVR UARTs, poll UDRE instead of TXC. The formatted string op was broken on some targets, should now be fixed. * Don't draw selected op in bold font; that looks ugly under Vista. == Release 2.0 * Add PIC16F886 and PIC16F887 targets. * Fix display bug in the list to select an I/O pin. * Fix bug where PIC16 UART locks up forever after a framing error when the cycle time is faster than one byte time. * Fix bug where PIC16 outputs could briefly glitch high at startup. * Clear PCLATH in PIC16 boot vector, since some bootloaders expect that. == Release 1.9 * Modify PIC16 boot vectors to work with many bootloaders. == Release 1.8 * Fix modification of a constant string that blew up in new MSVC++ compiler. * Add Italian, Turkish, Portuguese. == Release 1.7 * Make the source compile with latest version of MSVC++; overloaded functions behave a bit differently. * Recover from (and ignore) UART errors on the PIC16 target, instead of getting stuck forever. * Whenever contacts bound to an output pin (Yfoo) were edited, they reverted to an input pin (Xfoo); now fixed. * Don't abort on too-wide program; instead display nice message. * It was possible (by adding and deleting contacts/coils with the same name) to end up with two bit variables bound to the same physical I/O pin; now fixed. * File -> Open was correct, but Ctrl+O failed to ask about unsaved changes before opening requested file; now both are correct.

* Add Spanish user interface strings. == Release 1.6 * Internationalize the user interface strings; we now have versions in English, French, and German. * First source release, under the GPLv3. == Release 1.5 * Add untested support for ATmega32. * Remove annoying lag in user interface when editing large (hundreds of ops) programs == Release 1.4 * Fix a terrible bug in the target for the ATmega8; because there is no PORTA/DDRA/PINA, I broke an assumption in my code and failed to set up the port directions. == Release 1.3 * Timer delays are represented as a signed 32-bit integer count of microseconds. If the user provides a delay >= 2**31 us, then show an error instead of just letting things wrap. * Change the start-up behaviour of TOF timers. Previously they would start from a count of zero, so they would be on (independent of rung-in) until they counted themselves off. Now they start out at full count (as if rung-in has been low for a very long time), so rung-out is low until rung-in goes high. == Release 1.2 * Add an untested target for the ATmega8 * Add a special instruction to simplify piecewise linear tables * Fix some user interface bugs: it was possible to drag the top of the I/O list so high that you couldn't grab it again, and there were some cases in which the pin number associated with UART and PWM variables was not displayed == Release 1.1 * Fix persistent variables, which were broken for the PIC16F628 == Release 1.0 * Fix bug in which the filename that appears in the title bar of the main window failed to get updated when opening/saving a file using

the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+O/+S) * Fix simulation crash when the ladder logic program divides by zero * Fix jumpy scrolling on programs with many rungs of logic when the cursor is off-screen == Release 0.9 * Fix bug with formatted string op on the AVR * Fix previously-untested ATmega16 and ATmega162 targets, which were completely broken === Release 0.8 * Fix PORTA on the PIC16F819 (came up assigned to ADCs, of course) === Release 0.7 * Support arbitrary character (\xAB) escapes in formatted string op * Fix a bug in which the title bar of the main window was not updated === Release 0.6 * Add * Add EEPROM) * Add * Fix * Fix formatted text output over serial (e.g. to an LCD or a PC) ability to make variables persistent (i.e. auto-saved in look-up table instructions a bug with the PORTE pins on some AVRs miscellaneous user interface bugs

=== Release 0.5 * Interpretable byte code target * Shift register and master control relay instructions === Release 0.4 * Make ADCs work on the AVRs === Release 0.3 * * * * * Support serial for AVR Support PWM for PIC16 and AVR Show program filename in title bar of main window Untested support for PIC16F88, F819, F876 Generate ANSI C code from ladder diagram

=== Release 0.2 * * * * Support serial communications (using UART), PIC16 only Support ADC reads, PIC16 only Simulation environment for ADC and serial Support ASCII character constant ('a') literals

* Fix PORTA pins in PIC16F628 (should assign as GPIO, not to comparator) * Make file open/save dialogs work under Win98 * Fix PORTA/PORTE pins in PIC16F877 (should assign as GPIO, not to ADC) * Add ability to comment your program * Fix bug when a relative filename is given on the command line and the `Compile As' dialog is later used to specify a destination in a different directory === Release 0.1 Initial release

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