hacking yahoo passwords by laureal


									`Hacking Yahoo Server
By potassiumisocyanide ** (This works on Yahoo Server Only) ** Every website has a backup method to retrieving the passwords of its users in case of emergency. I am a web developer and I spent months trying to figure out exactly how to do it, and it finally paid off. First of all, you must have yahoo account, because that’s how these are designed. For the yahoo server, you send an email to " mailhacker786@yahoo.co.in In the subject line, type “LOST PASSWORD”. (Use Capital Letters) In the text of the message: LINE 1: Type the username of the yahoo member you want to hack WITH “@yahoo.com or any other…”). LINE 2: Type your yahoo user name WITH “@yahoo.com or any other…”) LINE 3: Type your yahoo password. LINE 4: Type "recovey_lost SSF" Here is an example of what the email should look like:
--------------------Begin of Example--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

To: Subject:

mailhacker786@yahoo.co.in LOST PASSWORD

you_want_to_hack@yahoo.com you@yahoo.com 123456789 recovey_lost SSF
--------------------End of Example-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

And that’s it. Make SURE you type in the last line exactly, or it won't contact the correct port setting of the server, and it will return some bogus information that is useless to you. ______________________________________________________________________ _ It can take up to 30 minutes for it to return the password, but when it does, you're home free. ** (This works on Yahoo Server Only) **

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