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									MIDVIEW LOCAL SCHOOLS BUS RUNS SCHOOL YEAR 2009-2010 #1 – KATHY HALES East/Middle 6:50 am W Capel (from SR 57 to Durkee Rd), Durkee Rd (Capel to SR 82), SR 82 from Durkee Rd. to SR 57 (to include Castleton and Eastwood), Brentwood, Grafton Rd (between SR 82 and Capel Rd) to include Bear Creek Dr PM-Same North/West 7:30 am First Run – 1A Dewhurst, Horizon Activity Center, East River to Fuller Road including side streets PM-Second Run Second Run -1B Novak Rd (pick up at corners of Chippewa, Wellfleet & Yarmouth), Child Garden, Greenbriar Apartments PM-First Run #5 – DIANNA CLARK ST. JUDE’S AM East/Middle 6:37 am Middle Ave (between Colonial Oaks & Fuller) including Pratt, White, Wood, Wayne, State, Edwards, Fuller (between Middle & Grafton Rd), East Ave, Grafton Rd & side streets (Fuller to Southwood) PM-Reverse North/West 7:55 am Chestnut Ridge (SR 57 to Wynn excluding Defiance stop), Robin Park to include Wynn, Finch, Falcon, Haines, Sandpiper, Songbird (600-806), Raven Circle, Pemberton Dr, Teal, Alexis (600-650) PM-Same #7 – KAY LENGYEL East/Middle 6:40 am Giles Rd, Butternut (Durkee to SR 83), SR 83 (Butternut Ridge to SR 82), East Rd, Alton Dr, Elm Rd @ corners of Avalon & Alton PM-Reverse North/West 7:30 am Giles Rd, SR 82 (from Eaton Estates to East district line), Cowley Rd (SR 82 to Viewpoint Dr to include Parkside Dr, Willow Creek Dr), Capel (between Cowley & Island), Reed Rd (between Capel & SR 82) PM-Same #10 – BECKY GRAY East/Middle 6:35 am Highland Park Dr & side streets, Chestnut Ridge Rd from Highland Park Dr to Wynn, S Abbe, E Hampton, to include Bayberry, Syracuse, Cumberland, Kansas (stops at E Hampton & Carol), Oakdale Circle, Emily Lane, Heatherwoods Dr, St. Charles Pl, Ashfield Ct PM-Same North/West 7:40 am S. Abbe (between Chestnut Ridge & E. Hampton), East Hampton, Bayberry, Syracuse, Cumberland, Kansas, Oakdale Circle, Emily Lane, Heatherwoods Dr., St Charles Pl, Ashfield Ct, Highland Park Dr & side streets PM-Same #12 – LISA RADKE ST MARY’S PM East/Middle 6:34 Fuller Rd (Grafton Rd to E River), E River (W side only) Fuller to Chestnut Ridge, Pemberton, Song Bird (402-588), Alexis, Teal, Victoria Ct, Erin Ct, Kelly Ct, E River (Chestnut Ridge to Sandpiper) PM-Same North/West 7:30 am Chestnut Ridge Rd/Defiance stop, Augusta Dr (200-279), Spyglass, Chestnut Ridge (Wynn to E River to include Rosemere), East River from Fuller to & including Calann and Carol, Fuller Rd between E River & Grafton Rd, East Ave, Grafton Rd and side streets to Southwood PM-Same

#16 – BONNIE BRAGG JVS PM East/Middle 6:10 am SR 82 (Durkee Rd to Reed Rd), S Reed, Cowley & side streets to SR 82, SR 82 to Hawke Rd, Cowley to SR 303, SR 303 (between Cowley Rd & SR 83) PM-Same North/West 7:45 am Durkee Rd (from elementary school entrance to Novak Rd to include Country Place), Chippewa, Plymouth, Nantucket, Greenwich, Wellfleet & side streets, Yarmouth & side streets, Woodland Ch (1024-1065), Timber Trail (1000-1008) PM-Same #18 – JUDY THOMAS East/Middle 6:40 am Middle Ave from Butternut Ridge Rd to Colonial Oaks, Colonial Oaks PM-Same North/West 7:35 am SR 82 (South side only SR 57 to Durkee Rd), SR 82 (Durkee Rd to Eaton Estates), Alton Dr, East Dr, National Dr, Elm Rd at corners of Melody, Harmony, Eaton, Avalon and Alton PM-Same #21 – BARB ADKINS JVS PM & ALTERNATIVE East/Middle 6:40 am Arbor Ct., Hyannis & Wellfleet stop, Brewster & Wellfleet stop, Washington & Wellfleet stop,Hunter’s Chase, Woodland Chase, Timber Trail, Glendalough & side streets PM-Same North/West 7:40 am Grafton Rd from & including Overlook to Southwood to include Prospect, dead-end Butternut, Jerrol & Yunker, Southwood, Greenwood, Westwood, Indian Hollow from Southwood to Butternut Ridge Rd PM-Same #24 – DIANE BARRETT East/Middle 6:15 am Grafton Eastern (SR 83 to E district line), Erhart Northern Rd, SR 57, Law (between SR57 & E district line), Erhart Rd (South of Neff), Neff Rd (SR 83 to E district line), Dunham Rd, SR 83 (Dunham Rd to Grafton Eastern Rd) PM-Same North/West 7:40 am SR 83 (SR 82 to Butternut Ridge), Cooley Rd, Island Rd (Cooley Rd to North district line), Reed Rd (Cooley to North district line), Brokaw, Dye, Butternut Ridge Rd (SR 83 to Durkee) PM-Same #27 – SHARON DUNBAR East/Middle 6:15 am Cooley to E. district line, Brokaw, Dye, Island (N district line to SR 82), Melody, West, Elm & Melody, Elm & Harmony, SR 83 (SR 82 to Capel) PM-Reverse North/West 7:49 am SR 83 (Capel to SR 82), Avalon Dr (pipeline to Eaton), Eaton Blvd (Alton to pipeline), Harmony, Melody & West PM-Reverse #29 – MELISSA MATHES JVS AM & ALTERNATIVE ST JUDE’S PM North/West 8:05 am Middle Ave (Butternut Ridge Rd to Colonial Oaks), Colonial Oaks – Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania PM-Same

#30 – SHEILA PRIDDY East/Middle 6:15 am Island Rd (SR 82 to Law Rd), Capel between Island & Cowley, Erhart Rd (between Law Rd & Neff Rd), Law (between SR 57 & Mennell Rd), Haystacks, Harvest Ln PM-Same North/West 7:41 am Island Rd (between Cooley & Grafton Eastern), Elm St from Main to and including Wabash to include Hickory, Willow, State, Penn, Santa Fe PM-Reverse #31 – JACKIE SMITH OPEN DOOR AM East/Middle 6:26 am Grafton Rd (E side only SR 82 to SR 57), Flint Ridge, Chestnut Ridge (SR 57 to Archer Rd) to include Stillwater, Durkee Rd (Chestnut Ridge Rd to SR82), to include dead-end Butternut Ridge Rd & Sabol Ct PM-Same North/West 8:00 am Colonial Oaks-Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, State, Wayne, Wood, Edward, Portia, Pratt, White, Fuller (Middle Ave to Grafton Rd) PM-Reverse #32 – HOLLY HUFF East/Middle 6:40 am Dewhurst Rd, E River Rd to Sandpiper, Sandpiper, Song Bird (600-806), Raven Cir, Wynn, Haines, Falcon, Finch, Chestnut Ridge (Wynn to SR 57) to include Defiance stop PM-Same North/West 7:30 am Cowley Rd (Grafton Eastern to SR 303), SR 57 to Neff, Neff (SR 57 to SR 83), SR 83 (Neff to SR 303), SR 83 from Grafton Eastern to Capel Rd N of tracks), Capel Rd (SR 83 to Durkee Rd) PM-Reverse #33 – DEBBIE SCHROEDER East/Middle 6:25 am Butternut Ridge Rd (Grafton Rd to W district line), Lagrange Rd & side streets, Oberlin Rd and side streets, Hall Rd PM-Same North/West 7:35 am Indian Hollow (Butternut Ridge Rd to Slife Rd), Slife Rd., Indian Hollow Rd to Parsons, Parsons (between Indian Hollow and SR 303), Banks Rd, Parsons Rd (Indian Hollow to Main St.) Erie, Huron, Ontario, Barchard, Cleveland, Main St from main railroad tracks to Greenbriar Apts, Vivian Dr, Shelby Dr, Jamie Ct PM-Reverse #34 – BRENDA WEILAND East/Middle 6:28 am Augusta, Spyglass, Pinehurst, Bears Paw Dr, Chestnut Ridge Rd (Highland to E River), E River Rd (E side only and side streets to Fuller Rd), E River Rd (Fuller to & including Calann Dr & side streets) PM-Same North/West 7:24 am SR 303 (between Mennell & Chamberlain Rd), Chamberlain Rd, dead-end Law, Chamberlain Rd to Dunham Rd, Neff Rd, Law (west side to Vermont), SR 303 west district line to Chamberlain, Chamberlain Rd (SR 303 to Crook), Crook St (between Chamberlain West district line) PM-Reverse

#36 – AMY ATKINSON East/Middle 6:35 am Indian Hollow Rd (Butternut Ridge Rd to Grafton Rd), Southwood, Grafton Rd from Southwood to Overlook Dr including side streets, Grafton Rd (W side only) Overlook to SR 82 PM-Same North/West 7:24 am SR 83 (Grafton Eastern to SR 303), SR 303 (from SR 83 to Erhart Northern Rd), Erhart Northern, Cowley Rd (Grafton Eastern to & including Viewpoint Dr), Grafton Eastern (East district line to SR 83), Mechanic St (Main St to Elm), Main St (Five Points to Mechanic), Center St (Mechanic to Elm), Elm St from Mechanic St to Novak Rd to include Fiddler’s Green PM-Reverse #37 – KATHY NEUMANN JVS AM East/Middle 6:25 am Indian Hollow Rd & side streets (Banks Rd to Butternut Ridge Rd), Robson Rd & side streets PM-Reverse North/West 7:35 am Robson Rd & side streets, Grafton Rd (West side to Edgewood), Brentwood, Grafton Rd from Edgewood to Capel (to clude Bear Creek Dr), Capel (Grafton Rd to Durkee Rd) PM-Same #39 – ROBIN CROCKER ST MARYS AM East/Middle 6:25 am Parsons Rd (Main to W district line), Indian Hollow Rd (Parsons to Banks Rd), Banks Rd & side streets, Crook (Indian Hollow to Chamberlain), Mechanic (Crook St to Elm St) to include Timber Ridge & stops at corners of Sunshine Ct (to include Oak St), Chestnut St, Center St, Main (five points to Mechanic) PM-Reverse North/West 7:35 am Carlisle Ave, Oberlin Road, Steelton, Hall, Myrtle, Wanda, Lagrange Road (including side streets), Butternut Ridge (between west district line & Grafton Rd) PM-Reverse #40 – FRAN WALKER East/Middle 6:43 am National Dr, Avalon Dr (pipeline to Eaton), Eaton Blvd PM-Same North/West 7:20 am Mennell Rd. to include Haystacks Ln, Harvest Ln, Kacey Way, & Estee Ln, SR 303 (between Mennell & SR 83), Law between Mennell & SR 83, Neff (between Mennell & SR 83), SR 83 from Neff to Dunham Rd, Dunham Rd, Mechanic St (Crook to Railroad to include Timber Ridge Rd), Mechanic/Sunshine Ct stop (to include Oak St), Mechanic/Chestnut St stop PM-Reverse #41 JOANN BREWER East/Middle 6:50 am Novak Rd, Plymouth, Chippewa, Nantucket, Greenwich (at corners of Chippewa, Wellfleet & Yarmouth), Yarmouth Rd & side streets, Erie, Huron, Cleveland, Barchard PM-Same North/West 7:30 am SR 82 (North side from Durkee to SR 57), SR 57 (East side from SR 82 to Flint Ridge), Flint Ridge, Chestnut Ridge (SR 57 to East district line), Stillwater, Archer, Butternut Ridge Rd (between Durkee and dead-end), Durkee Rd (Chestnut Ridge to elementary school entrance) to include Sabol Ct PM-Same

#42 – DEBBIE SIMMONS East/Middle 6:20 am Chamberlain Rd (south of SR 303 to include dead end Law), Chamberlain Rd to Dunham, Neff, Law (west side to Vermont), SR 303 (W district line to Chamberlain), Chamberlain to Crook, Crook St to Grafton Eastern, Oak & Railroad St stop, Main St (Railroad St to Novak including Greenbriar Apts & Vivian/Shelby), Grafton Rd only to Capel Rd to include corner stops at Fox Run Dr, Rader Ln, Kensington Dr, RiverRidge, Liberty Ln PM-Reverse North/West 7:50 am Grafton Rd from Capel to Hunters Ch (to include Liberty Ln, River Ridge, Kensington, Arbor Ct), Glendalough, Wallace, Wicklow, Fox Run, Hunting Hollow, Rader Ln, Hunters Chase, Woodland Chase (1000-1020) and Timber Trail (1012-1064) PM-Same #43 – MARIE MAYNARD East/Middle 6:40 am Durkee Rd (between two Capel’s), Capel Rd (between Durkee Rd & SR 83), SR 83 from Capel (North of tracks) to Grafton Eastern Rd, Grafton Eastern Rd to Main St to Include Highland Dr, Moorland, Elm from & including Wabash to Novak including Fiddler’s Green PM-Same North/West 7:25 am Island Rd (Grafton Eastern to Law), Law (between SR 83 & East district line), Neff (SR 57 to East district line), Erhart Rd (between Law & Neff), Grafton Eastern (SR 83 to Crook St to include Highland Dr), Crook (between Grafton Eastern & Chamberlain), Railroad St, Main (Mechanic to railroad tracks), Center St from Mechanic to Water, Water PM-Reverse #44 – CINDY HARBERT East/Middle 6:35 am Mennell Rd, Neff Rd (E of Mennell to SR 83), SR 303 (between Chamberlain Rd & SR 83), Estee Lane, Kacey Way, Elm St (Main St to Wabash) pick up at corner of Hickory St, Durkee Rd (Novak Rd to Capel Rd) to include Country Place PM-Same North/West 7:40 am Augusta (307-593), Pinehurst, Bears Paw Dr, Alexis (113-510), Victoria Ct, Kelly Ct, Songbird (402-588), Erin Ct PM-Same

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