History of Jamestown Lesson Two by historyman


									                 History of Jamestown
                      Lesson Two

Essential Question: What significance did the early
settlement of Jamestown have in American History?

Objective: The students will interpret the importance
of the Jamestown settlement’s struggle and success.
Also how the colonists’ settlement impacted the
Native Americans.

Social Studies CCO II 1C, IF
Technology Competency VII

  • Harcourt Brace textbook pages 152-154
  • History Alive pages 61-62
  • A History of US book 2, pages 26-30
  • Nat’l Geographic Society’s: Colonial America
    overheads 6,7,8,11,12 (These are visuals of Jamestown
    scenes, other resources may be used instead.)

Website resources: www.virtualjamestown.org
Lesson: Students will read about the history of
Jamestown using the above resources. Tell students they
will be making a class timeline and a partner Inspiration
5Ws web (or you may want to copy the included web if
the Inspiration program is not an option). While reading,
the students will take notes using the 5Ws format.
Next create a class timeline (TCR Connections Timeline
Maker may be used) using the Smart Board or poster
paper. Note: It is important that while discussing the
timeline that the teacher focus on Jamestown’s struggles
and eventual success. Discuss with the class the
cause/effect relationship between Jamestown’s success
and the development of other settlements. Students will
then work with a partner to share and compare their
notes which they will use to create one 5’Ws Inspiration
web. (Sample attached) Students will work with their
partner to create one Inspiration 5Ws web. Informally,
each pair can share their web with the class.

Assessment: Students will reflect upon “the importance
of Jamestown in American History,” by creating a well-
developed paragraph that includes three pieces of
historical evidence to support their position.
Note: See scoring guide for criteria.

                                                           Where did
                                                          they settle?

Why                             Jamestown

                                         What happened?

      Include dates on all events (if available)
                             Jamestown Historical Significance Scoring Guide

Student Name:   ________________________________________

CATEGORY                     4                             3                              2                              1
                 Student is able to           Student is able to             Student attempts to            Student does not
Organization     effectively organize ideas   adequately organize            organize ideas in a            organize ideas in a
  of Ideas       in a paragraph.              ideas in a paragraph.          paragraph.                     paragraph

                 Student has an excellent     Student has a strong           Student has a basic            Student does not
                 understanding of essential   understanding of essential     understanding of               understand essential
                 historical events and is     historical events and is       essential historical events    historical events and is
  Use of         able to demonstrate          able to demonstrate            and is able to demonstrate     unable to demonstrate
Vocabulary       understanding by             understanding by               understanding by               understanding by using
                 referencing three pieces     referencing two pieces of      referencing one piece of       historical evidence in their
                 of historical evidence in    historical evidence in their   historical evidence in their   writing.
                 their writing.               writing.                       writing.
                 Student is able to write a   Student is able to write a     Student is able to write a     Student is unable to write
                 well-constructed             paragraph explaining the       paragraph but is unable        thoughts and is unable to
 Reflective      paragraph explaining the     significance of Jamestown      to explain the significance    explain the significance of
  Writing        significance of Jamestown    in American History            of Jamestown in American       Jamestown in American
                 in American History.                                        History.                       History.

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