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ability accent access accidental accompany account(ant) achieve acid active actual(ly) adapt addition adjust admire admit adult advance(ment) He has the ability to type fifty Chinese characters per minute. She speaks English with a German accent, though she is not from Germany. The only access to the garden is through the kitchen. I don‟t think the meeting was accidental—actually, it must have been planned in advance. My mom accompanied my dad to Japan on business. My aunt is an accountant and she keeps financial accounts for many companies. By studying hard he finally achieved his goal of going to college. The lemon is an acid fruit. Your acid remarks are not welcome. He is an active member of DPP; he participated in every activity the party held. People think he is over sixty but his actual age is only fifty. She looks old, but actually she is very young. The world will be different, and we will have to adapt ourselves to the change. The lemonade tasted better with an addition of sugar. She speaks three foreign languages in addition to English. She adjusted the seat to the height of her child. She found it hard to adjust to working at night. Visitors to Taiwan greatly admire our National Palace Museum. He was admitted to the famous school after a series of examinations. This ticket admits only one person to the theater. This film is suitable for both adults and children. Japan has advanced from a rural, agricultural society to an urban, industrial power. He married the boss‟s daughter to advance his chances of promotion.


advertise advertisement affair affectation African agency agent agriculture aid aim aircraft alarm alcoholic

We advertise our new products in the newspaper. If you need a new secretary, why don‟t you put an advertisement in the local newspaper? The foreign minister handles international affairs. Her husband had an affair with her close friend. He raised his eyebrows with an affectation of surprise; in fact he was not surprised at all. We should always refer to the Blacks in the United States as African Americans. I got this job in the factory through employment agency. Most TV and movie stars and singers have their own agents. Our agent in Rome deals with all our business in Italy. Agriculture is farming and the methods that are used to raise and look after crops and animals. Without your aid, I couldn‟t have succeeded. One of the aims of attending college is to increase our knowledge. She aimed at the mosquito on the desk but hit the lamp instead. An aircraft is a vehicle that can fly, such as an airplane or a helicopter. A small girl saw the fire and sounded the alarm immediately. They were alarmed by the sudden attack. This restaurant does not serve alcoholic drinks, but they had soda, coffee and tea. I drink a lot but actually I am not an alcoholic. Drinks that can make people drunken such as beer and wine are referred to as alcohol. They kept her alive on a life support machine. Is the dog alive or dead? Children should not be allowed to watch TV programs with violence in them. The words in a dictionary are arranged in alphabetical order. We are flying at an altitude of 6,000 meters.

alcohol alive allow alphabetical altitude


amazing ambition amount amuse analyze annoy anticipate anxious apologize appeal appearance apply approach arch arise army arouse arrange article

It‟s amazing that the well-known signer was my classmate at elementary school. I can hardly recognize her. My ambition is to get rich and live in the mansion on the hill. Large amounts of money had been spent fixing the bridge. Your joke amused not only me but also my family. When I repeated it to them, they all laughed. The food was analyzed and found to contain a small amount of poison. The librarian was annoyed by the loud talk of the group of people. I anticipated that things would get worse, but I was wrong. All the problems were well solved. I was terribly anxious about the children when they didn‟t come home from school on time. I apologize to the teacher for being late. The product was designed to appeal to all ages. You could tell from her appearance that she was angry. She applied for a job as a teacher. This rule can be applied to any case. Be careful! The train is approaching the station. The cat arched its back in anger. Although we made our plan carefully, some problems still arose. Our army is well trained and is considered strong enough to protect our country. She was aroused from a deep sleep when the earthquake happened. These books are arranged in alphabetical order. There‟s an article about recycling in today‟s newspaper.


artificial aside aspect aspirin assemble assign assistant attempt attend attention attitude attraction audience automobile author available average avoid

This juice is free from artificial flavor; it‟s 100% pure juice. The path was narrow; they stood aside to let her pass. Had you considered the problem from all aspects before you reached the conclusion? The medicine, aspirin, can relieve your headache. I‟ve assembled all the information I need for my report. The math teacher assigned us a lot of homework. If I am to finish this work soon, I need to hire an assistant to help me. The prisoners attempted to escape but failed. She was attended well by the nurses in the hospital. You should pay attention in class or you might miss the points of the lesson. She refused to shake hands with me; I don‟t like her unfriendly attitude. The city‟s department stores, movie theaters, restaurants, etc., are attractions that are hard to resist. He‟s a very good public speaker because he knows how to get an audience on his side. An automobile accident happened on the highway; a car was hit by a truck. The author of the book was a famous writer in his time. I‟m sorry, sir, the shoes are not available in your size. Jane‟s work at school is above the average. She is always the first in our class. Jane has to avoid eating fried food because she is overweight.


background balance Bald(ness) bandage bankruptcy bargain battle Would you please provide the information about your educational background by listing the schools you have attended? The balance of nature may be broken if certain kinds of animals become extinct. Someone who is bald has little or no hair on the top of their heads. He wears a cap to cover a spot of baldness. The nurse wrapped around his wound with a bandage. (n.) The doctor bandaged the boy‟s broken wrist. (v.) There can be further bankruptcies among small business because of the weakening economy. These good shoes are real bargain at such a low price. The shortage of food caused a battle between two lions. (n.) The little ship battled against the storm and sailed back to the port safely. (v.) His father beat the naughty boy who broke the window with a stone. In the agricultural age, Chinese farmers ate no beef. Some people like to drink one or two cans of beer to cool down in hot summer. A street beggar held out his hand asking for a coin. It‟s difficult for some old people to bend down from the waist. He quitted smoking for the benefit of his health. Berries are small, round fruit that grow on a bush or a tree. After paying the cell phone bill of this month, I had only one hundred dollars left. I found an advertisement for used cars on the billboard near the campus. We can learn how to succeed by reading the biographies of well-know people.

beat beef beer beggar bend benefit berry bill billboard biography


blame blanket blend bless block border bother bound branch brand brave breast breath breeze brick bridge Britain broad brotherhood

The wet road was blamed for the accident. He laid a blanket over her because it was cold here. Blend the sugar, flour and eggs together is the first step for making a pancake. May God bless you and keep you safe from harm. Our house is three blocks away from theirs. You have to present your passport at the border between two countries. My brother kept bothering me when I was preparing my final exam. I could not concentrate on my studying. The United States is bounded on the north by Canada and on the south by Mexico. McDonald‟s has many branches around the world. Nike is a famous brand for shoes. Our soldiers were brave in fighting off the enemies from Japan. Breast cancer is one of the main causes for women‟s death. I went outside for a breath of fresh air; the air in the room was terrible. The flowers were gently swaying in the breeze. The house built of brick should be stronger than the one built of wood. Before the bridge was built, people in this village could not have any contact with the outside. London is the capital of Great Britain. An ocean is broader than a lake. People threw flowers into the river between the two countries as a symbolic act of brotherhood.


budget bump bunch burst bury button

As the budget for this project is reduced, we need to buy raw materials that are cheaper. The motorcycle bumped into a bus but the motorcyclist was not hurt at all. David bought a bunch of flower for his wife‟s birthday. We burst into laughter when Mr. Martin mistook the short-haired girl as a boy. We buried the dead bird under that tall tree. One of the buttons on the shirt was lost; I need to find one to sew it on.

café cafeteria calculator calm campaign cancel capable capital capture career careless carrot More and more people like to have coffee and snacks with friends at café during weekends. The food at the school cafeteria doesn‟t taste good but it doesn‟t cost much either. Calculators help us a lot when we are dealing with large numbers. Although he was facing the lion, the fiercest animal in the world, he remained calm and tried to find a way to escape. Bush won the campaign and was elected as President of the United States in 2000. The flight was cancelled because of the typhoon. A secretary should be capable of handling trivial things and dealing with human communication for his or her boss. The word “English” is written with a capital E. The animals were captured in nets and brought to the zoo. They use puppets to capture the attention of the young audience. She started her career as an English teacher as early as she was still a student at college. When he was driving, he was so careless that he hit a dog. Carrots are good for eyes because they contain rich Vitamin A.


carve case cashier cash register cast casual catalog(ue) cause cease celebrate cell century chain challenge channel chapter charge chart chase

The statue was carved out of a single piece of stone. The company only fires its employees in cases of serious misconduct. I cannot make an exception in your case. Mary asked the cashier whether she could pay by credit card because she did not have enough cash. The cash register at this counter was broken, and the line of customers went to another counter. The little boy cast a stone into the pond and got the fish in it scared. We had a casual visitor yesterday; he arrived without making an appointment in advance. Before you buy anything by mail, you‟d better read carefully about the information in the catalogue. Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. Welfare payments cease as soon as an individual starts a job. We held a party to celebrate Han‟s promotion. The guard put the prisoner into cell. The residents in this village have been making wine for centuries. The chain stores, such as 7-11, are driving small grocery stores out of business. Hosting a meeting is a challenge for a newcomer in a big company. The cable TV provides various channels for people to choose among. The description in this chapter is so complicated that I can‟t understand it at all. Everything you buy in Chicago will be charged 3.5% for the city tax. The bar chart indicates the decline of agriculture and an increasing in service business in Taiwan. The cat chased the mouse but did not catch it.


chat cheat check cheer cheese chew chewing gum Chinatown chip circle circular circulation civilization claim classification climax climb closet clown

We need to chat less and work more if we want to finish this project in two days. Cheating on the exams is a dishonest behavior. We should give the tires a check before we go for a long trip. I have no cash right now; may I pay by check? As the countdown for the new century began, the sound of cheer could be heard two miles from the gathering plaza. Cheeses are made from the milk of cows, sheep, or goats. You must chew your food well before you swallow it. Don‟t give chewing gum to the children under age three; they might swallow it. When you feel homesick at the United States, you can go to Chinatown to buy some Chinese food. Potato chips is one of the popular snacks in the United States. I use a coin to draw a perfect circle. The bus will take you on a circular tour around the city. Exercise is good for blood circulation. Chinese civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The last eyewitness claims for protection after other witnesses were killed. My job involves the classification of important information that relates to international trade for my boss. The climax of the movie came when Superman saved Louis from the enormous flame. The cat tried to climb to the top of the tree. It took us two hours to reach the top of the mountain. I have two closets in my room, but I need more to store all my clothes. In the circus, the clown usually attracts the most attention from young audience.


coating cocktail code collect comedy comfort command commerce common communicate companion compare complaint complete

Pills always have sugar coating on them. She prepares the cocktails with wine and fruit for the party tonight. Spies always send their messages in code to prevent people from uncovering their secrets. I started to collect stamps when I was at junior high school. Now I have over five thousand stamps. The actor liked playing in comedies because he loved to make people laugh. My husband was always a great comfort to me when I encountered difficulties. The captain of the ship commanded all the officers and crew to gather on the deck. Taiwan has grown rich because of its commerce with other nations. The fact that the sun rises from the east is common sense. The radio station communicated the typhoon warnings to the villagers. She lives alone and her cat is her only companion. If you compare his answers with mine you will find mine more accurate. She wrote a letter of complaint to the manager about the terrible service in the restaurant. I own the complete works of William Shakespeare. When will the work on the road be completed? I can‟t stand the noise anymore. Don‟t expect to find a simple solution to the complex problem. I can‟t concentrate on my work with much noise going on. As Richard does not do well on his study, his mother is concerned about his future. What conclusion did you reach by the end of the meeting?

complex concentrate concern conclusion



She looks very ill. She is certainly not in a condition to drive home.

congratulation(s) We sent our congratulations to him on his appointment as president of the university. connect conserve constant construction consumer As the bridge was completed, it connected the two cities and made the communication between them easier than before. We must conserve the country‟s natural resources for the next generation. You can save some gas if you drive at a constant speed. This building is still under construction; it will be completed next year. The department store provides low-priced products to attract consumers. The new telephone rate will affect all consumers including businesses. This suitcase contained nothing but dirty clothes. The guest speaker gave a speech with little content; we found nothing informative in his speech. (n.) I don‟t want more money; I‟m content with what I have. (adj.) He won the second place in the spelling contest. (n.) He quickly won his party‟s nomination to contest in the election. (v.) There was a continuous line of cars stretching for miles. Living in the city is convenient; you can go out and have meals at any time. I‟ve asked them politely not to play the music so loudly but they didn‟t seem to be cooperative. The doctor gave him some medicine to cope with his pain. The bookstore is just around the corner of the next street. The costumes in this film were well-designed. The characters looked like real historical figures. We need to count who‟s here, so we can make sure that no one is missing. One of the advantages of living in the countryside is the fresh air and the beautiful scenery.

contain content

contest continuous convenient cooperative cope corner costume count countryside


court courtesy crash crawl creative creature crew crime crisis criticism crop crown crush culture cunning curl curiosity current curse

The children were playing safely in the back court of our house. He was rude; he did not have the courtesy to say sorry. A truck went out of control and crashed into the back of a bus. Crawling is the first step for some animals after their birth. Great artists display their creative ideas when they are designing their works. All living creatures are created equal; therefore, they have their own right to live on the earth. The stage crew of the new play are rehearsing for tomorrow‟s performance. It is the duty of both the police and all the other people to prevent crimes on this island. The company is facing a crisis over demands for higher pay from most of its employees. John can‟t accept criticism. He just stops listening and ignores opinions from anyone else. In the 50s, the main crops grown in Taiwan for export are sugar cane and rice. For her official appearance, Queen Elizabeth wore her crown and robes. His arm was badly crushed in the car accident. Although the Americans and the British all speak English, they have developed different cultures. It was cunning of the managing director to sell his shares just before the company went bankrupt. I don‟t like straight hair. I‟m going to have it curled.

The letter wasn‟t addressed to me but I opened it out of curiosity. The current situation is very different from that in 1990. The tribe must be under a curse. They have suffered drought for more than three years.


curtain cushion

I couldn‟t see the inside from the window because of the curtains. Put a cushion on the bench for your grandfather; he may feel uncomfortable sitting on a hard surface. (n.) When he fell down from the third floor, he was not hurt seriously. The fall was cushioned by the deep snow. (v.)

damage damn damp daring deaf death decay define definition degree delay delete delight demand deny The typhoon caused widespread damage around Taiwan. (n.) Several vehicles were damaged in the accident. (v.) The play was bad and the newspapers all damned it. The damp in the air makes my old bones hurt. (n.) Everything gets damp on a rainy day. (a.) They made a daring attempt to rescue the climbers in bad weather. Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb. There were four deaths as a result of the fire; many others were heavily injured. Children‟s teeth will decay if they eat too many sweets. The dictionary defines a workaholic as „a person completely addicted to work. Happiness has various definitions, depending on one‟s views of what makes a happy life. These hard barriers will ensure a very high degree of protection for several hundred years. The plane was delayed for a few hours because of bad weather. If you delete something that has been written down or stored in a computer, you cross it out or remove it. The toy delighted the child and made him laugh loudly. He said the task of reconstruction would demand much patience, hard work and sacrifice. The employees‟ request for higher pay was denied by the owner of the company, who claimed that the budget was tight.


department deposit

A department is one of the sections in an organization such as a government, business, or university. You must pay a deposit to the hotel if you want them to keep a room for you. In Taiwan, you need to go to the bank to save the money, but in the United States, you can make a deposit at ATMs. The victim was trying to describe to the police exactly what happened in the accident. She deserved to win because she was the best. The director designated the deputy director to act for him while he is away. We all desire health and happiness. After learning that he failed the exam, he desired nothing other than to be left alone. After the meal, there‟s apple pie, ice cream, cheesecake or fruit for dessert. I never thought I would marry her, but I supposed it was destined. No one was injured in the explosion, but the building was completely destroyed. She told us how to get to her house, but she left out the most important detail—the name of the street. I‟m determined to succeed this time; therefore, I worked hard everyday. The place has rapidly developed from a small fishing village into a tourist resort. The water-saving device installed in the toilet actually save us a good deal of water. Poor diet and excessive smoking will seriously damage the health of your hair. Keep yourself from taking violent exercise within two hours after a meal; you may feel upset if you do that. She is not very clever, but she is very diligent. She works hard to succeed. A diploma is a qualification which a student may be awarded by a university or college. One of the main reasons for people to attend college is to get a diploma. Ang Lee is the director of the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

describe deserve designate desire

dessert destine destroy detail determined develop device diet digest diligent diploma



disagree disappear disaster discern discipline

They would keep communicating even when they disagree with each other. We went to the airport to see our friends off; we watched until the airplane disappeared in the clouds. Typhoon, floods, and earthquakes are all natural disasters. It was difficult for the judge to discern which of them was telling the truth. The school has a reputation for high standards of discipline. The classroom was in a total mess. The teacher could not keep discipline. Scientists around the world are working to discover a cure for AIDS. We discussed where we should go and what we should do during this summer vacation. If you‟re late again, you‟ll be dismissed from your job. The exhibition gives local artists a chance to display their works. If you get up early, try not to disturb others because they might just go to bed. We dived into the river to cool off. The boy ran to the side of the swimming pool and dive off. We divide the students into two groups. Let me see all the official documents about the sale of this land. I‟ve made a draft of my speech for Friday, but it still needs a lot of revision. He used to be a mild-tempered person, but his personality has a dramatic change after the accident. I drew Chris aside and told him our plan. I put the important documents in a locked drawer. The fire drill can prepare you to act correctly in a fire emergency.

discover discuss dismiss display disturb dive divide document draft dramatic draw drawer drill


drowned drugstore

More than one hundred people were drowned when the ship sank in a storm. In the United States, people can buy beauty products, snacks and also simple meals at a drugstore.

economics economy edit edge efficient effort elastic election elderly electricity emotion Economics is the study of how a society organizes its money, trade and industry. In the past, the economy of Taiwan was dependent on agriculture. This is the edited version of Harry Potter. It is different from the original version. Don‟t put the bowl by the edge of the table, or it might fall. An efficient typist can type at least 50 Chinese characters in a minute. You should put more efforts into your work. The boss is complaining about your performance. The nurse put an elastic bandage on my sore leg. Bush won the election in 2000 as the 41 st President of the United States. My father is getting elderly now and can‟t walk very fast. Leaving the room with lights on is a waste of electricity. A mixture of emotions started inside him when he learned that his ex-wife was getting married. Love, hate and fear are all emotions. A good public transportation system encourages people to leave their cars at home. We encountered a number of difficulties when we started working on the project. Teaching in a kindergarten is a tiresome job; the kids are too energetic. Engineering is the work involved in designing and constructing engines and machinery, or structures.

encourage encounter energetic engineering


entertain entire

He entertained the kids for hours with his stories, jokes, and funny gestures. The volcano explored and destroyed the entire village. He was in entire ignorance of the news; he knew nothing about the accident. Their conversation was interrupted by the entrance of four visitors. Parents wait anxiously for their kids at the main entrance of the school. Although the twins were separated at birth and brought up in entirely different environments, they still have much in common. He couldn‟t conceal his envy at your success. (n.) Jessica is good-looking, rich and intelligent—all the girls envy her. (v.) The female staff in this company demands equal pay for equal work. You can use correction pen to correct the typing errors. I was lucky to escape from the fire with minor injuries. He established himself as the most powerful minister in the new government. I planned to visit several European countries, including French, England, Germany, Italy and Swiss this summer vacation. When the police arrived, he had already flushed the drug into the toilet to destroy the evidence. The conflict between good and evil is a typical theme in the plays. You‟ve done a good job in this exam. Your performance is excellent. He gave me an apple in exchange for a piece of cake. We are looking forward to the exciting journey. The Roman Empire existed for several centuries. He picked up the suitcase and ran toward the exit to escape people‟s insults. We never had the experience of studying abroad before and had no ideas about what it is like.

entrance environment envy equal error escape establish European evidence evil excellent exchange exciting exist exit experience


experiment expert explosion export expose express extra

She did some experiments to show that water boils at 100°C. She is an expert in teaching little children. She knows their emotions and needs. The explosion of the atomic bomb killed millions of people in this city. Wool is one of the chief exports of Australia. (n.) Japan exports manufactured goods to almost every country. (v.) A wise mother never exposes her children to any danger. Children tend to express themselves easily to people they are familiar with. Breakfast is provided at no extra charge; it is included in the room rate.

factory fade Fahrenheit faint The car factory employed thousands of workers. The color of the curtains had faded in the sun. Today‟s average temperature in Taipei is 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It‟s about 30 degrees Centigrade. We could hear their voices growing fainter as they were walking away. She was badly hurt in the crash; there was only a faint hope that she might be cured. Was it really fair to him to ask him to do all the work? It‟s not fair! He always gets more cookies than me. That‟s not a real diamond ring. It‟s just a fake. David is quite familiar with Central Television. He worked there for 25 years. I just want a pair of white socks—nothing fancy. (adj.) He sells poor goods but charges fancy prices. (adj.) I think he will come but it‟s only a fancy of mine. (n.) She had a fantastic idea that I was poisoning her. Fashions change quickly. Long skirts are out of fashion now.

fair fake familiar fancy

fantastic fashion


fast-food fatal fault favor

He hates fast food such as hamburgers and french fries for its high calories. It was a fatal accident—both drivers were killed. It is a big fault to leave the baby in the car while we get off for shopping. I‟m afraid I‟ve been fallen out of favor with my boss since our last argument. Will you do me a favor and lend me your notes? I was sitting on the floor shivering with fear because a bullet had been fired through the window. A bird‟s feathers are the soft covering on its body. Birds of a feather flock together. Her features seemed to change. Her eyes look bigger than before. The female bird was sitting on the eggs while the male bird brought food back to the nest. They fenced off the lake in case the children might fall into it. (v.) They set up a fence around the farm in case some wild animals might get into it. (n.) Whole-wheat bread, fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. Our house is in the countryside surrounded by fields. He keeps doing exercises to improve his figure. I can‟t remember the exact details of the contract. I‟ll need to look at the file. (n.) A secretary can file papers as efficiently as a computer program can store them.(v.) You can use a filter to make sure the water is clean. (n.) The best prevention for diseases is to boil or filter water, and eat only well-cooked food. (v.) The finance committee controls the school‟s budget. No one could have predicted the final outcome. I was given a fine of NT$600 for parking my car on the red line along the street. (v.) The world‟s finest collection of Impressionist paintings is housed in the Musée d‟Orsay in Paris. (adj.)

fear feather feature female fence

fiber field figure file


finance final fine


firm fist flame flat flavor flight flock float flood flush

My house was built on a firm base. better than many houses.

I believe it resists earthquakes

The boxer hits with his fists. She clenched her fists because of the pain. There was an explosion and the plane burst into flames. I need a flat surface to sign my name on the document. The shop sells yogurt with an apple flavor, my favorite dessert. Flight number 301 from New York to London is boarding now at Gate 72. Birds of a feather flock together. (v.) Flocks of geese often fly in a V-shaped formation. (n.) At high tide there was enough water to float the boats off the rocks. After the rainstorm there were floods everywhere in the town. I‟ve tried flushing the toilet several times, but that doesn‟t work. badly clogged up. It is forbidden to smoke inside the buildings. I lost the key so I had to open my door by force. I have always been regarded as a foreigner by the local folks. We dress up and speak carefully on formal occasions. I have had the good fortune to work with some nice colleagues and brilliant supervisors. She is rich; she inherits a big share of her family fortune. The explosion shook the foundations of the houses nearby. Respect and trust provide a solid foundation for marriage. It was so hot that he stood under the fountain to get cool. He finally regained his freedom after twenty years in jail. It is

forbid force foreigner formal fortune

foundation fountain freedom




French frequent freshman friction front fuel fulfill function fund fur furniture

A freezer is a large container in which the temperature is kept below freezing point so that you can store food inside it for a long period of time. From these ports the goods are freighted to countries around the world. (v.) The ship carries both freight and passengers. (n.) It‟s said that the French people are a romantic people. She is a frequent customer of the café, and she has come to know almost every worker there. A freshman is a student who is in his or her first year at high school or college. There is a lot of friction between the older and the younger staff members. The noisy children were asked to sit in the front of the class. Coal, petrol and gas are different kinds of fuel. I think gas is the best fuel for central heating. She finally fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an actress. The function of heart is to send blood around the body. She established a scholarship fund for gifted students. Our cat has soft white fur. The only valuable piece of furniture in the room was the antique chair at the corner.

garage gardening garlic gasoline A garage is a building in which you keep a car. My mom likes gardening. She plants many roses, daisies, and some other flowers in our front yard. This sauce is tasteless. You should have flavored it with garlic. How many miles does your new car run in a gallon of gasoline?


general genius geography glare glory glow

You must supply more details; your description is too general. She has a genius for explaining difficult things in a simple way. Geography is the study of the countries of the world and of such things as the land, seas, climate, towns, and population. I was dazzled by the glare of headlights of the oncoming car. (n.) The sun glared down from a blue sky. (v.) It is not fair that I did all the work and he got all the glory. Kevin had his moment of glory when he won a 20 km race. The rising sun casts a golden glow over the fields. (n.) The autumn leaves glowed in the evening sun. (v.) The cat‟s eyes glowed in the darkness. (v.) She had always wanted to own her own house, and now she had achieved her goal. The watch is not made of gold; it is just a golden watch. A goldsmith is a person whose job is making jewelry and other objects using gold. She danced well, displaying grace in every movement. After he graduated from high school, he successfully passed the entrance examination and entered a good university. (v.) She‟s a graduate of Cambridge; she earned a degree at Cambridge University. (n.) You can‟t change your eating habit in one day or a month; it has to be gradually changed. They don‟t want a grand wedding. They want just a quiet family one. The CKS Memorial Hall is a grand building. They were granted permission to visit the palace. (v.) They awarded her a grant to study abroad for one year. (n.) He grasped the opportunity to show his talent. He grasped my hand and shook it warmly. The police have expressed grave concern about the safety of the missing child. (adj.) The coffin was slowly lowered into the grave. (n.) I need soap and hot water to get all the grease off this pan.

goal golden goldsmith grace graduate

gradually grand

grant grasp grave



greed greeting growth guard guide

I don‟t know why I‟m eating more—it‟s not hunger; it‟s just greed. “Hi!” I said, but she didn‟t return my greeting. A balanced diet is very important for children‟s growth. The prisoners overpowered their guards and locked them in a cell. The shop assistant guided me to the shelf I was searching for. (v.) She guided us through the busy streets to our hotel. (v.) The tour guide took us round the city and told us a lot of interesting historical facts. (n.) Her guilt was not proved and so she went free.


haircut hall hammer handle harmful harsh harvest hatch headline heal height Your hair is far too long; you need a haircut. The graduation will be held in the school hall. The carpenter used a hammer to nail down a loose board in the floor. I can‟t carry the suitcase if the handle is broken. (n.) If you can‟t handle the job, I‟ll get someone else to do it. (v.) The fruit juices can be harmful to children‟s teeth. The stone is not flat, it feels harsh to the touch. We thought the punishment was too harsh for such a minor mistake. Farmers always need extra hands in harvest time. Don‟t count your chickens before they‟re hatched. I never read a newspaper in detail; I just glance at the headlines. The cut will heal up in a few days if you keep it clean and dry. His height makes him stand out in the crowd.


hesitate hint honorably horn horror host household huge humble humid humor

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. She didn‟t actually say she needed more money, but she dropped a few hints. They acted honorably and returned the wallet. The young goat was just beginning to grow horns. The crowd cried out in horror as the car burst into flames. Nick is a perfect host; he always looks after his guests very well. Our host for tonight‟s show is Peter Jennings. Most households now own at least one car. Comparing to little mice, elephants are really huge. Even when she became rich and famous, she never forgot her humble background. The weather in Taiwan is hot and humid in summer. He has a good sense of humor; every sentence he says all makes me laugh.

identical illegal imagine immediate impatient imply import I can‟t see any difference between these two shirts—they look identical to me. It‟s illegal to run through the red light. I thought I heard someone whisper, but I must have imagined it because there was no one there. She‟s been ill for some time, but the immediate cause of her death was heart failure. I usually become quite impatient for the weekend to come on Friday afternoon. You do not say you were present, but your words imply that you were. This country imports much of its oil from the Middle East.


impress improve incident include income indicate infant infection inferior influence informal inform information initial injure insect insert insist instruct

The Grand Canyon never fails to impress its visitors. She improved the look of her house by painting it white. A 23-year-old man was seriously injured in the shooting incident. Your duties include typing letters and answering the telephone. It‟s sometimes difficult for a family to live on one income only. Smoke indicates fire. An infant is a baby or very young child. Washing hands helps prevent infection. The store sells goods at lower price, but the quality is inferior to that in other stores. Violence on TV is argued to have a potential influence on young people. Don‟t dress up for the party because it‟ll be very informal. I have informed my boss that I will leave for a vacation next week. An encyclopedia gives information on many topice. Her initial reaction was saying “yes”, but one minute later she changed her mind. He can‟t play baseball today because he got his knee injured yesterday. Ants, flies, beetles and mosquitoes are all insects. After switching on the computer, insert a floppy disc into the disc drive. The suspect kept insisting on his innocence. The judge instructed the witness that he needed to tell the whole truth.


insult insurance intellect intend international interrupt interview

The instructions are easy; they are an insult to your intelligence. (n.) I hope Andy won‟t feel insulted if I turn down his invitation. (v.) All drivers in Taiwan must have third-party insurance. Human beings‟ intellect distinguishes them from other animals. I had intended leaving the party before midnight but stayed rather late. My sister is studying abroad, so we need to make an international call to talk to her. The meeting was interrupted by the unexpected earthquake. We‟ve had 200 applicants for the job, but we only plan to interview about 20 of them. In a television interview last night, she denied she had any intention of resigning. Mary: Ken, this is Steve. Ken: Yes, I know him. We‟ve already introduced ourselves to each other. I‟m sorry to intrude, but I need to talk to you now. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. The accident involved two cars and a trunk. We try to play a game which will involve as many children as possible. Have you read the latest issue of Vogue. The journal is issued four times a year. Italic is a type of printed letters that lean to the right, often used to emphasize particular words. The most valuable item on the exhibit is a painting by Picasso. My ideal living environment is certainly not the big and polluted city.

introduce intrude invent involve

issue italic item ideal

jar jazz Would you please give me the jar of apple jam? Jazz originated among black musicians in the southern U.S.


join joking journalist journey junk judge

His wife and children moved to join him in their new home. I didn‟t think you meant that seriously. I thought you were joking. He‟s a freelance journalist who writes regular columns for Time and Newsweek. It‟s a three hour‟s journey on train from Taichung to Kaohsiung. The attic is full of junk. We ought to clear it out.

The judge ordered him to pay a $50 fine for illegal parking.

keen kin kindly kneel knife knit knock Be careful, the razor has a very keen blade. When she was killed in an accident, no one knew who was her next of kin, her closest relative. My teacher is kind, caring, and sympathetic. person I have ever met. She is the most kindly

She went into the church, knelt down and began to pray. Two robbers broke into her home, held a knife to her throat and took away all the valuables in the house. She is knitting her husband a sweater as a birthday gift. You have to knock on the door before you enter my room.

label lack lamp landlord All the products are labeled with comprehensive instructions for customers to read before using them. I haven‟t finished the painting for lack of time. (n.) The children lack for nothing though their parents are poor. (v.) She switched on the table lamp because it was getting darker and darker in this room. I need to pay my house rent to my landlord today or she will kick me out of the apartment.


lap last

The child sat on her mother‟s lap and listened to the story. This cheap watch won‟t last long; it will break soon. (v.) I wouldn‟t marry you even if you were the last person on earth! (a.) I saw him last in New York two years ago and I haven‟t seen him till now. (adv.) Latin Americans speak mostly Spanish or Portuguese. The whole class was filled with laughter because the teacher was telling jokes. I needed to do the laundry myself when I lived in the school‟s dormitory; at that time I learned how to wash clothes and socks. It‟s very cold. You‟ll have to put on more layers of clothing before going out. The guests leapt out of the windows of the burning hotel. He‟s got the least experience of all among all of us. (a.) That‟s the least important problems, so let‟s skip it. (adv.) I bought a pair of boots which were made of genuine leather, not plastic. He gave a very interesting lecture on art. She gave me a lecture on the importance of saving money. It‟s not legal to own a gun without a license in the United States. She is often busy on her work. She doesn‟t get much leisure time.

Latin American laughter


layer leap least leather lecture legal leisure level license lick

In the flood, the water reached knee-level, and the cars and motorcycles can not drive on the road. It‟s illegal to drive without a driver‟s license. If you want to drive, you need to get a license first. The cat licked up the spilled milk. This fried chicken is so delicious that after eating it I even want to lick my fingers. This case is heavy; I can‟t lift it off the floor. (v.) If you don‟t want to climb the stair to the fourteenth floor, you can take the lift up there. (n.) When you pronounce the letter “b, p, m”, you need to use both the upper lip and the lower lip.




liquor literature loan

Strong alcoholic drinks such as whisky can be referred to as liquor. He likes literature; he reads novels, plays and poetry of different countries. I loaned her my bike but now she won‟t give it back. (v.) She is trying to get a $50,000 loan from the bank to start her own business. (n.) I live locally, so it‟s easy to get to my office. Our classes are designed locally; they include visiting farms and factories around this area. We‟re trying to find a good location to hold our party. She kept her looks as a young lady even though she was fifty years old. I knew something was wrong. Everybody was giving me funny looks. These pants don‟t fit. They‟re much too loose round the waist. This pole is becoming loose; it‟ll soon fall over. The stores are lowering their prices to draw customers. (v.) The painting on the wall is too high, can you move it lower? (adv.) Luckily, she was finally in when I called her the third times today. His liver is damaged, probably because of drinking too much. In the forest, we chopped some logs to start a fire and make our dinner.


location looks

loose lower lucky liver log

machinery madam magnetic main mall mankind Many products are made by machinery rather than by hand nowadays. The servant asked Mrs. Jones, “Would you like more tea, Madam?” The iron has lost its magnetic force; it no longer picks nails up. She doesn‟t earn very much but she‟s happy. That‟s the main thing. A mall is a very large shopping area where many department stores gather. When stepping on the moon, Armstrong said that although it was his small step, it would be a giant leap for mankind.


manner margin marvel mask mass massive master

Good table manners include the followings: don‟t talk when your mouth is full and don‟t make noise when eating, etc. Kenting is located at the margin of southern Taiwan. What marvels met our eyes when we opened the treasure chest! It is a marvel to me that they built a tunnel in three days. The doctors and nurses wear surgical masks to prevent infection. A great mass of rock had fallen from the cliff and now blocked the road and caused severe traffic jam. This is a hard task; we must make massive efforts to complete it. If you master a language, you have excellent control of it. (v.) The dog has been trained to carry its master‟s newspaper and watch over the house. (n.) Wood and stone are necessary for the building materials. What‟s the matter; why are you crying? A monkey is mature at a few years old, but a human being isn‟t mature until at least 16. She likes to cook the nice meal for her lovely children. Breakfast is the first meal we have in the morning. She believes these talks will be the start of a constructive and meaningful dialogue. Do you have a ruler? I want to measure the length of the line. If you smell something unusual (gas fumes or burning, for instance), take the car to your mechanic. Blood is the medium in which oxygen is carried to all parts of the body. Sound travel through the medium of air. The snow melted in the spring sunshine. This door needs mending; it won‟t shut properly. The environment has a significant influence on the mental development of the children.

material matter mature meal meaningful measure mechanic medium

melt mend mental


mention merchant merely message method millionaire mineral minor mirage misfortune mixture mold

We‟d expected him to discuss the new plan in his speech, but he even hardly mentioned it. If you want to buy tea in large quantities, you can go to the tea merchant. I merely suggested you should do it again; there‟s no need for you to get annoyed. Let‟s leave her a message to meet us at the station. Christ brought the message that God loved the world. Teaching methods affect students‟ learning motivation. You want me to buy you a new car? Do you think I‟m a millionaire to afford it? A good diet should supply the minerals you need. (n.) Salt is a kind of mineral substance. (a.) He left most of his money to his sons; his daughter received only a minor share of his wealth. The travelers in the desert saw in the distance a lake with trees growing beside it, but it was only a mirage. His failure in business was not due to misfortune, but to his own mistakes. The mixture of green, red and blue light creates white light. She is shaped in the same mold as her mother. (n.) His character has been molded more by his experiences in life than by his education.(v.) The monks in Taiwan are not allowed to get married, but they are in Japan. His moods change very quickly; at this moment he‟s cheerful, and the next moment he‟s complaining about everything. The rocks near the river tend to be covered with moss because of moisture. The swaying motion of the ship was making me feel seasick. The cat remained motionless, waiting for the mouse to come out of its hole. The heavy rain caused a landslide of mud and stones.

monk mood moss motion motionless mud


murmur muscular mushroom mute mystery

She always murmurs to herself; we don‟t understand what she tries to say. He wished he was more muscular and didn‟t want to look thin and weak. After a few days‟ rains, mushroom can be found on the ground or under the tree. My wife is sleeping, so I turn the volume to mute. Everything about the Pyramid is still a mystery now.

native naughty navy nearby People think that kiwi is the product of New Zealand, but actually, it is native to China. You naughty boy, stop pulling my hair! The Navy wants more money for ships to maintain the national security around the island. I live in a nearby town in case my mom needs me in a hurry. (adj.) The car is parked nearby; you will see it when you walk out of the door. (adv.) Cats are neat animals as they always lick themselves. Clean water is an absolute necessity for our body. Fred was nervous before the interview—his face pale, hands shivering and rubbing. In the game, they were losing the points. Nevertheless, they kept on trying to gain more scores during the last five minutes. If you want to eat, drink, dance and see shows late at night, you can go to the night club. He was an upright and noble man who was always willing to help in any way he could. It was very noble of you to look after your old neighbor when she was sick. Do you have any notion how much it costs to keep an old house? Plants get nourishment from the soil, sun, and water.

neat necessity nervous nevertheless night club noble

notion nourishment


novel nuclear numerous

“War and Peace” is considered as one of the greatest novels in the 20th century. Nuclear bombs can destroy the world in a moment. She is falling in love. She has numerous phone calls from her boyfriend every day.

obey object observe obtain occasion occupy occur officer official Soldiers are trained to obey orders. Look! A big black object is falling into the middle of the field. Is that a UFO? Do you observe anything unusual in his behavior? He must have been fallen in love. These books were published years ago. First editions of them are now almost impossible to obtain. I only wear a tie on special and formal occasions, such as meeting, conference, and speech. Writing is very time consuming. It occupies most of my free time. Once an earthquake occurs, we‟d better run out of the building or find a shelter as soon as possible. The personnel officer of the company announces that they will stop hiring people because of financial problems. A rumor has been spread that there will be another earthquake in two days, but the news is not yet official. (adj.) The president is the most powerful government official. (n.) In Taiwan, the soap operas always start from 8 P.M. to 9 P.M. As my flight was delayed, I took the opportunity to do some shopping. Jane is rather quiet, but her sister is completely the opposite. Her sister is very talkative. She works for a voluntary organization helping the needy children. Korea and Japan are in the Orient.

opera opportunity opposite organization orient


oven overcome oxygen

It‟s like an oven in here; open the window! Put the turkey in the oven and roast it for at least four hours. She was afraid of darkness before, but now she has overcome the fear. All plants and animals need oxygen in order to live.

pace package palm paragraph pardon She walked at a very fast pace; I couldn‟t keep up with her. After the 921 earthquake, a large number of packages of food and clothing were sent to the Nantou area. Fortunetellers can see what will happen to you in the future by looking at the lines on your palm. In an English paragraph, the main idea is usually conveyed right in the first sentence. Please pardon me for my rude words. (v.) John, who had been often late for my class, asked my pardon for the same reason again and again. (n.) Her car was towed away for illegal parking. When you said we should eat out, did you have a particular restaurant in mind? He is my old business partner. We have run this company together for almost 10 years. The plane can carry 400 passengers. When you go through the immigration customs, you need to show your passport to the customs officer. Put some paste on the back of the picture before you stick it in the book. (n.) Since nobody seemed to be home, I pasted a note on the door. (v.) When I did a good job, my mom patted me on the shoulder and said, “Good girl.” (n.) I give my dog a pat as I come back from school everyday. (v.) After the heavy snow last night, the path to the garage could not be seen at all. You have to be patient if you are at the end of a long line.

parking particular partner passenger passport paste


path patient




payable pea pearl peer pepper perfect perform personality pet

The pattern of family life has been changing over recent years from big family to nuclear family. There are two patterns for the curtains; one is striped, the other is checked. After asking the question, the teacher paused and waited for students‟ answers. (v.) The teacher has been talking for more than two hours without a pause. (n.) This bill should be payable now, but we don‟t have money. As green peas are a good source of fiber, they are often included in the meals in the United States. The string of pearls on your neck goes well with this dress. For teenagers, the opinions of their peers are more important than those of their parents. Would you like some freshly ground black pepper on your pizza? Pass the salt and pepper, please. The car is ten years old but it is still in perfect condition. The school club of drama will perform Shakespeare‟s “Hamlet” at the end of the semester. She has such a kind and friendly personality that every classmate likes to make friend with her. The five-star restaurants reject my request for bringing my pet with me. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets. My philosophy of life is to seize the day. Before swimming, we should do physical exercise to warm up. Two hundred people were killed in the air crash, including the pilots and the crew. It was a plain, gray stone house, distinguished for its simple style. He prefers plain coffee; he adds neither sugar nor cream. The Earth is a planet. There are nine planets in the solar system. The children were so hungry that they ate up the pancakes on their plates.

philosophy physical pilot plain planet plate


platform pleasant pleasure

A crowd of passengers waited on the platform for the train to Taipei. I live in a very pleasant neighborhood. It‟s my great pleasure to deliver a speech today. The children used to get a lot of pleasure out of the game “hide and seek” when they were young. You‟d better fix the toilets by yourself because it‟s too expensive to ask a plumber to come. Students majoring in English have to read contemporary poetry, prose, novel, and drama. The main point of this speech is to teach us how to recycle useful resources. (n.) “I‟ll have the one,” she said, pointing to a big chocolate cake. (v.) As he had been ill for a long time, death seemed to be a blessing from his point of view. He was bitten by a poisonous snake and was rushed to the hospital immediately. The two main political parties in the U.S. are the Democrats and the Republicans. People should be more concerned about consequences of pollution on the environment. Mom cut the cake into five small portions for her five lovely kids. The movie stars‟ portraits in the museum are very vivid and look like real figures there. My arms were aching so I changed my position slightly. In the ancient times, a king had the highest position in a country. Everybody should obey his orders. There were two possibilities for him to be absent; one was that he was sick, the other was that he overslept. The postage of airmail is 60 cents in the United States. When he travels, he likes to collect postcards of different places. Remember that when you sending a postcard, you don‟t need to use an envelope. We had a pot of tea and cookies for our tea break. We bought a pot of light blue paint to paint my room blue.

plumber poetry point

point of view

poisonous political pollution portion portrait position

possibility postage postcard



powder praise precious precision predict preferable preschool present

I don‟t like milk powder; I drink fresh milk only. Ang Lee‟s films receive high praise from the Hollywood. (n.) My parents always praises me when I do well at school. (v.) My time is precious; I can only give you a few minutes. (a.) Diamonds are very expensive; they are precious stones. Scientific instruments have to be made with great precision. Precision is the basic requirement for science experiments. Who could have predicted that the typhoon caused lots of damage in western Taiwan? He finds country life preferable to living in the city because there is less pollution in the countryside. In Taiwan, many preschool children have already started to learn English before they go to school. Steven has already moved to Taipei. I can give you his present address for you to write him. (a.) My parents gave me a watch as a birthday present. (n.) They are working on the preservation of endangered animals, such as bears, lions, etc. My elder sister is 30 years old, so my parents put much pressure on her to get her married. Our teacher asked us to preview the lesson in advance in order to get a better understanding during the class. They take great pride in their daughter, who is now a famous scientist. The priests in the nearby church are kind and willing to help people in this community. A principal is the person who is in charge of the school. He has no principles at all; he‟ll do anything as long as it‟s profitable. He committed many crimes and was sentenced to life in prison. Coal was formed out of dead forests in a long slow process of chemical change. Some trees go through the process of growing and losing leaves every year. Teaching is a profession that requires total commitment. The nursing profession requires caring and patience.

preservation pressure preview pride priest principal principle prison process



profit promise

You cannot expect to make much profit within the first couple of years after setting up a new company. (n.) You‟ve broken your promise, Dad. You said you‟d take me to swim this week and you haven‟t! (n.) Her parents have promised her to buy a new bike if she passes the exam. (v.) She was promoted from secretary to manager for her outstanding performance. The prompt actions in an accident can help to reduce the damage. She never seems to eat a proper meal; she has only some cookies and soft drinks. This is Sara‟s first proper job. She usually does temporary work. He seems to have absolutely no respect for other people‟s property; he‟s already smashed up two cars belonging to other people. The proportion of women to men at my college was about five to one. Always wear helmets as a protection for your life when riding motorcycles. Groups of women walked to the streets to protest against the sexual discrimination in pay. Working with children proved to require more patience than he‟d expected. The fingerprints on the gun proved that she was the murderer. An old proverb says, “Knowledge is power.” Since we were born, parents have provided us with food and shelter. Teenagers under 18 are not allowed to enter a pub because the pub only provides alcoholic drinks. It‟s a good story, but we can‟t publish it because that would offend too many people. Did you come to London to see your family or on business? The woman‟s illness puzzled the doctor. He couldn‟t find the cause. (v.) No one has yet succeeded in explaining the puzzle of how the human brain works. (n.)

promote prompt proper

property proportion protection protest prove

proverb provide pub publish purpose puzzle


qualify quality quarrel queer quit quiz After seven years‟ study, he is finally qualified as a doctor and worked in a big hospital. Air and noise pollution has made worse the quality of life in big cities. I had a terrible quarrel with my brother. We didn‟t talk to each other all day long. His clothing was queer. He worn a shirt with a tie and swimming trunks. I quitted the job last month because I found a better one in another computer software company. The teacher will have quizzes at the beginning of each class to prepare the students for the exam later.

rage rainbow raise range My father was in a rage after he was informed that my brother skipped today‟s class. Sometimes rainbow appears in the sky after a rain. Usually teachers ask students to raise their hands before they want to speak in class. The average age range of senior high school students is usually between 15 and 18. The Central Mountain Range separates Taiwan into east and west parts. The rapid increase in the birth rate has resulted in the problem of over population in Mainland China. This species of animal is becoming increasingly rare. The preservation of it becomes more important. To save fuel, you can drive at a steady rate when driving on the highway. I was rather surprised to see him with his ex-wife because he had once told me that he didn‟t want to have anything to do with her. How did he react to your suggestion? Agree or disagree? When hearing the death of his wife, he refused to face the reality. Henry always seems confident, but in reality he is extremely shy.

rapid rare rate rather react reality


realize recent recipe recollect recover reduce

He finally realized that time is money. He couldn‟t be young again. The recent domestic news focused on the damage caused by the typhoon in Peng-Hu. My sister followed a recipe to make a birthday cake for her boyfriend. I ran into my classmate in high school on the street, but we couldn‟t recollect each other‟s names. He has recovered from his bad cold and can go out camping tomorrow. You need to reduce the weight of your pack by taking some useless things out or it will be difficult for you to climb the mountain with a heavy pack. In order to save the resources available on the earth, we need to recycle usable materials such as glass bottles, cans, and paper. If you don‟t know what this word means, refer to dictionary. Although she didn‟t mention any names, space everyone knew who she was referring to. We should put the milk in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. If you don‟t like the dress you bought last week, you can bring it back to the store and refund it with the receipt. (v.) I found a problem with the microwave oven I bought yesterday. Perhaps I should return it and get the refund. (n.) Ang Lee is regarded as the most successful Chinese director in Hollywood. To take regular exercise, such as swimming every day, will keep you in good shape. I felt very sad when she rejected my invitation to my birthday party. The terrorists released the women and children but held the men hostage. It was a great relief to me when I heard my husband was safe. The medicine will give you some relief. Therefore, you will feel less painful while you sleep. She believes in Christian religion but I believe in Buddhism. We believe in different religions. In the class reunion, we relived our school days with our old friends.

recycle refer

refrigerator refund

regard regular reject release relief

religion relive


remove renew repay repeat reply require research reserve

I would like you to remove my name from your guest list because I can‟t go to the party. I feel really sorry about that. After a long and tiring semester, we need a vacation. Would you please lend me $10,000? I promise to repay you the money in three months. Sorry, I didn‟t get your point. Could you repeat it? I asked Vicky how she had got the job but she replied that it was none of my business. The teaching profession requires patience as well as knowledge. The institute is conducting research into the causes of cancer; they are trying go find out a cure for it. There are always seats reserved for old and sick people in buses and commuter trains. (v.) I have a reserve of food in case of emergencies, such as earthquake and typhoon. (n.) I wonder why she resigned her job because she was well-paid. The criminal was caught by the police without any resistance. It‟s easy to make good resolutions but it‟s difficult to carry them out. Jane made a New Year‟s resolution to give up smoking. Oil is Kuwait‟s most important natural resource. Chinese people are taught to show respect for the teachers and elders. (n.) You should not read my personal paper. I would appreciate if you would respect my privacy. (v.) You are an adult now and have the right to decide what to do. Therefore, it‟s your responsibility for your own decision. The teacher gave five extra points as a reward to the students who answered the question correctly. (n.) Tom was rewarded for diligence by his teacher; he helped clean the whole classroom. (v.) I can‟t sing because I don‟t know the rhythm of the song. In Bible, God creates Eve with Adam‟s rib.

resign resistance resolution resource respect

responsibility reward

rhythm rib


rid ridiculous ripe risk

We got rid of our unwelcome guests by saying we had to go to bed. Don‟t be ridiculous. He is not the kind of person who will give up the high-pay job and teach in a small town. Those bananas aren‟t ripe yet. They are still green. When children start smoking, they don‟t realize that they are risking their health. (v.) The firemen wouldn‟t allow anyone back into the building because there was a risk of the fire breaking out again. (n.) The police believe the fight was due to a dispute between rival teenage gangs. (adj.) Bob and I both adore Catherine; therefore, we are rivals in love now. Yesterday was not my day. A robber knocked me down and took my purse. I often hear the father roaring at the children when they play the computer games all night. (v.) The lion let out a loud roar. (n.) You should roast the chicken in a hot oven for at least two hours for it to be ready. In the movie “Start War”, the robots R2 D2 and 3PO attract audience a lot. Robots replace human workers in some mechanical job to avoid danger. In the earthquake, a big rock rolling down from the top of the hill and hit a car passing by. (v.) Egg rolls are one of my favorite cookies. (n.) Shakespeare‟s play “Romeo and Juliet” is a romance. The rain is coming in. The roof must be leaking. The function of plants‟ roots is to absorb water in the soil. My daughter delivers the milk in the morning. She has her own milk route. I live on a bus route so I can easily take the bus to work. Princess Diana was the most popular royal member in England. She rubbed her hands to get warm in cold days.


robber roar

roast robot role roll

romance roof root route

royal rub


rude ruin

It is rude to enter someone else‟s room without knocking the door. Most of the natural scenery has been ruined by the garbage disposed by the tourists. (v.) Drinking will be the ruin of our health. (n.) If your hand gets burned, you should put it under the running water immediately. The air crash happened because the plane landed in the wrong runway. People rushed out of the movie theater when hearing the fire alarm. (v.) I hate to drive during the evening rush hour because of the heavy traffic. (n.)

running runway rush

salary salmon satellite sauce saucer savings scale scatter scene schedule scholar scold The boss raised everyone‟s salary by NT$5,000 last year because profits were good. One characteristic of salmons is that they swim up rivers to lay their eggs. The moon is the satellite of the Earth. The NBA Final was transmitted live around the world by satellite. Do you want any chocolate sauce on your ice cream? I like to eat rice dumplings with sweet and sour sauce. We often put the cup on the saucer when drinking coffee. All our savings are in the bank. He spent all his savings on an expensive car. The 921 earthquake measured about 7.2 on the Richter scale. The police blew his whistle; the rubbers scattered in all directions. The farmers were scattering seed on the fields. The police looked into the scene of the murder carefully to search for possible clues. I‟m afraid I won‟t have any free time this week because my schedule is very tight. Due to the abundant collection, the library attracts thousands of scholars and researchers. She scolded her daughter for coming home from the party so late.


sculpture seafood seal

The marble sculpture of Venus is the one of most famous one in the world. There are many seafood restaurants around the Tan Shuei fishing port. Seals live partly on land and partly in the sea. (n.) Don‟t use that jar of baby food if the seal is broken. (n.) He sealed the envelope and put on the stamp. (v.) After the child was missing for three days the police conducted a long search for him. (n.) I‟ve been searching all day, but I can‟t find my lost keys. (v.) That section of the road is closed for it is still under construction. The computer files must be saved regularly to be secure from accidental deletion. The farmer scattered the seeds into the field to grow vegetables. It‟s not easy for new graduates to seek employment this year because of rise of unemployment rate. He seized my hand and dragged me away from the window. He was granted a huge scholarship to Yale University, and I told him to seize the good opportunity to study abroad. John was selected as the captain of the basketball team for his good skills. Teachers can help their students build up the sense of self-esteem. In this way, they will act confidently. The self-image is the idea you have of your own abilities, physical appearance, and character. Taiwan cannot be self-sufficient in oil. Mid-East countries. We need to buy it from


section secure seed seek seize

select self-esteem self-image self-sufficient separate

series serve setting settle

Illinois and Missouri are separated by the Mississippi. The two friends said good-bye and separated their ways at the crossroad. There is a series of Harry Potter‟s stories. Have you read all of them? Breakfast is served at the restaurant from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. The movie “Star War “ has the space as its setting. It‟s time for you to settle your arguments with your father. Many Asians settled to the United States after the War World II.


sewer sexual shade shadow shallow shameful shampoo shape share sharp shave sheet

A complete system of sewer that runs under the city can carry away wastewater. Women groups in this area have been protesting for years against sexual discrimination in pay. The trees give shade for the animals in the summer. The shadow lengthened as the sun went down. He walked along in the shadows hoping no one would recognize him. The stream was quite shallow so we were able to walk across it on foot. Cheating in the exams is a shameful behavior. We use shampoo to clean our hair. Apples and oranges have a round shape. We eat health food to keep ourselves in a good shape. There is only one piece of cake left; I can share it with you. We must make sure everyone gets equal shares of food. To cut a steak, you need a knife with a sharp edge. I‟ve decided to shave off my beard. We change our sheet and put a clean one on the bed every week. Pick up one of our free information sheets at reception. In the earthquake, many books on the shelves in the library fell down. We collected shells of different shapes on the beach. They opened a shelter to provide temporary housing for the homeless people in the city. The child was too short to see the penguins, so the father put the little boy on his shoulders. Dad shouted at me in anger when I went to motorcycle racing last night. The driver gave a signal that he was going to turn right.

shelf shell shelter shoulder shout signal


signature silence silk silver sin site skip slip snack snare sob society soil solar soldier solid solution solve sore

Fans are eager to get pictures or posters of movie stars with their signatures. A scream broke the silence of the night. Her skin is as smooth as silk; I can‟t stop myself from touching it. She won the second place in the race; she was rewarded a silver medal. The Bible says that stealing is a sin. When entering the construction site, you should wear a helmet for your safety. When you read, you can skip the uninteresting description in a book. The ground was icy; my feet slipped and I nearly fell down. I was used to eat snacks during the breaks. We set snares to catch the rabbits. I hear a puppy sobbing; it must be deserted by its keeper. It‟s impossible for the modern people to live separately from the society. Peanuts and watermelon grow best in sandy soils. If we could use solar power well, we could save lots of electricity. The duty of the soldiers is to protect our country. It was so cold that the lake had frozen solid. No baby should be given any solids before four months old. They help you think through all the problems but they don‟t give you any solutions. The government is trying to solve the problems of unemployment. Watching TV for hours has made my eyes sore.


sort soul sour source southern souvenir sow specialty speed spice spill spit splendor spoil

Is there any sort of animal which you particularly like? She suffered greatly while she was alive. Let us hope her soul is now at peace. Lemons always taste sour, even when they are ripe. Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C. Kenting is located at the southern part of Taiwan. He bought a model of a red London bus as a souvenir of his trip to England. As you sow, so shall you reap. The artist‟s specialty is painting portraits. The car has a top speed of 155 miles per hour. Spices are widely used in Indian cooking. The glass is full so be careful not to spill anything. I didn‟t want to eat the beans, so I spat them out. The palace was damaged in a fire in World War II, but now it has been restored to its former splendor. Jimmy‟s grandmother always spoils him with candy and expensive toys. The countryside has been spoiled by the new freeway. In the 5,000 meter race, we encouraged each student to finish it to show good sportsmanship. Hawaii is one of travelers‟ favorite holiday spots. You can use water and soap to clean off the ink spots on the clothes. Stars are always in the spotlight. After they retire, some of them cannot get used to the normal lives. The doctor said that he was in a stable condition and allowed him to leave the hospital tomorrow.

sportsmanship spot spotlight stable


stage stagger statement stretch string structure struggle subtract sum suppose surface suspect swallow sympathy

He has stage fright whenever he needs to give a public speech. He lost his balance, staggering back and forth, nearly falling to the ground. The statement by the TV company denied any involvement of the sexual harassment with the news reporter. He stretched out his arm to get the book on the highest shelf. She tied the package up with a red string. The structure of this family is very simple with merely two parents and two daughters. A man caught Mary from her back in a dark street; she struggled but couldn‟t get free. If you subtract 10 from 30, you get 20. The sum of five and seven is twelve. As she is not here, I suppose she must have gone home. Armstrong was the first man who stepped on the surface of the moon. No one knows who killed her, but the police suspect her husband. My throat is so sore that it really hurts when I swallow anything. The president sent a message to express his sympathy for the families of the death in the air crash.

tact talent tap water tar The young nurse showed great tact in dealing with worried parents. She has a great talent in music; she could play many kinds of musical instruments when she was five. The tap water in the United States is drinkable. The road was covered with new tar and become flatter than before.


target task

He is an excellent shooter; he rarely fails to hit the target. Your first task will be to type these letters. Then, you will need to arrange the files on the desk. It is a difficult task; it requires determination, patience, time and hard working. The ice cream looks tasty; it has chocolate square and peanuts on it. At school children like to tease the students who are short, fat, or funny in appearance. The coffee is bitter. I need a teaspoon to get some sugar in. You need to have excellent communicative techniques in order to be a negotiator. Teenagers are young people between thirteen and nineteen. Telegraph is a method of sending messages either by using radio signals or electrical signals along wire. I carelessly stepped on his pet and made him lose his temper. Students tend to rely on guessing when working on questions that puzzled them. She has a tender heart; she treats both people and animals gently and sympathetically. You can feel the tension in this classroom when you walk in because the final exam is going to begin in five minutes. Mary was so terrified by the big spider that she cried out immediately. About thirty years ago, the main exports of Taiwan were textiles, especially silk and cotton. Different kinds of clothes have different textures; you can tell when you touch them with your fingers. We are running out of gasoline; we need to find a gas station as soon as possible. They did a thorough search of the house; they checked each drawer, looked under each table and chair, and even looked into the trashcans to find any useful information. It was very thoughtful of you to invite your teacher to attend your wedding because she was the matchmaker.

tasty tease teaspoon technique teenager telegraph temper tend tender tension terrify textile texture therefore thorough



threaten throat thunder

Since I was the only one who knew his secrets, he threatened me with a knife to ask me to shut my mouth. She got a bone stuck in her throat when she was eating fish last night. The thunder usually comes after the lightning. In Taiwan, there are usually thunderstorms in the afternoon during hot summer. The tick of the new clock made me sleepless last night. We must leave the beach now because the tide is on the flow. He tied the birthday gift with a blue ribbon. (v.) The tie goes with the shirt very well. (n.) Canada owns a large area of forests, so it is also famous for its timber industry. We don‟t need to leave a tip for the waiter because we are not satisfied with his service. He has the tiresome habit of looking into one‟s privacy. If you cannot stand it anymore, ask him to stop it. Can I have a tissue to wipe out the dust on my glasses? The title of this movie is “The Titanic”. You should call him “Dr. Chen”, his professional title. Teenagers under 18 should not be allowed to buy any tobacco or alcoholic drinks. After eating the spoiled seafood, the guests rushed to the toilet one by one. Pyramids are the tombs of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. This is an old graveyard. We can hardly see the words that were carved on the tombstones. If you speak Chinese as your first language, Chinese is your mother tongue. Our discussion changed among various topics, including weather, fashion, and food. If you put the seed in the soil and water it everyday, you will see it grow a week later.

tick tide tie timber tip tiresome tissue title tobacco toilet tomb tombstone tongue topic topsoil


total tough tourist toward towel trace tract tractor trade

He spent one hundred dollars everyday. In another words, he spent a total of three thousand dollars per month. Many homeless people are facing a tough winter because they have no place to hide. Nice beaches attract plenty of tourists to the area. The ship is sailing toward the rocks and the captain is ordering his crew to change the direction. After taking a shower, she wrapped herself with a bath towel. There is no trace of human beings on this small island; we‟d better make a signal and wait to be rescued. Vast tracts of woodland surround this house; you need to walk through woods in order to find another house. Farmers use tractors to pull farm machinery. People did not use money in ancient times. They traded goods for the things they needed. (v.) Taiwan has a log history of trade with Japan. (n.) Eating moon cakes has long been a Chinese tradition on the Autumn Festival. His friends were deeply shocked and upset by the tragic news of his death. After the military training, he was transformed from a little boy to a grown-up man. Mass Rapid Transportation is a very convenient transit system. Such a heavy item is expensive to transport by plane. Why don‟t you send it by sea? The rabbit‟s leg was caught in the trap; it could not get away from it. In the restaurants, the cashier will put the change on a tray and pass it to the customers. Stories about pirates often include a search for valuable treasure that has been buried long, such as gold, jewelry, and diamonds. This meal is my treat, so put your money away.

tradition tragic transform transit system transport trap tray treasure treat


tree-shaded trial trick tropical trust tuition tunnel typical typist

It is cool under tree-shaded places in hot summer days. After the new secretary work for a three-month trial period, the company will decide whether she will be hired. No one could figure out how the magician did the card tricks. Coconuts, papayas, mangoes and pineapples are tropical fruits. You can trust him. He will never tell the secret to anyone else. Many college students earn money during summer vacation in order to pay the tuition for the coming semester. Whenever you drive in the tunnels, you need to turn your lights on. In Taiwan, the hot and humid weather is typical of July. He is a good typist; he types sixty words per minute without any typing errors.

uncomfortable undertake unemployment unfair unfriendly unit united unless unnecessary He is so shy; he feels uncomfortable in front of the girls. The task was so difficult that I had been feeling regretful ever since I undertook it. The closure of this company will result in unemployment for about 500 workers. It‟s very unfair that the whole class should be punished for one person‟s mistake. His attitude was very unfriendly; he refused to shake hands with me. Each unit of the grammar book focuses on a single grammatical point. We are united in our determination to solve the problem of water shortages. You can‟t get that job unless you‟ve got similar experiences. We will spend only two nights at the hotel. Don‟t bring too many unnecessary things.


unrealistic upper upset urge

His adventure story was unrealistic; no one would have believed it. There‟s a fast food restaurant on the first floor, and there‟s a French restaurant on the upper floor. He upset the cup and the coffee went all over the floor. You will upset her if you cannot come because you mean a lot to her. I urge you all to take the time to read at least three novels on the list. She has been sick for a week; we urge her to go to the hospital for a medical examination. The computer is slow but still usable. The rent of this apartment includes some public utilities such as gas, water and electricity.

usable utility

vain valuable value vanity vapor variation variety vase vehicle victim view We worked hard all night long in attempt to finish the assignment, but it was a vain attempt. We got it done two days later. If you decide to do your own make-up, here are a few valuable tips that will help you look your best. You‟ll find this map of great value in helping you get around London. She was considered as a material girl; she married the rich old man out of vanity. Warm air is able to hold more water vapor than cold air, and as a result it has a higher humidity. Because these clothes are handmade, there may be some slight variations in color. She didn‟t like the work because it lacked variety. Sarah bought many vases of different shapes for different kinds of flowers. Road vehicles include cars, buses, and trucks. The children are the innocent and helpless victims of divorce. The only view from my bedroom window is some factory chimneys.


village violent visible visitor vital vitamin vocational volume volunteer vote

We really enjoy village life and plan not to return to the city again. The madman was violent; he kept throwing stones at people. Most stars are not visible to the naked eyes. telescope to see them. We have to use a

We got rid of the unwelcome visitors by saying we had to go to bed. The support from the family is vital for the success of our future. Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits contain rich Vitamin C. After graduation, some people take vocational training courses to learn working skills. Turn the volume down while you are watching TV in the midnight because most people might be sleeping. After the earthquake many people volunteered to provide housing for those who lost their houses. In a democratic country, all adult citizens have the right to vote.

wage wagon waist waitress wallet wander ward warmth The workers asked for a wage rise of 10%. Wagons are usually used to carry heavy loads by horses or oxen. The pants are a little bit tight around my waist. Can I try on a bigger size? We were ready to order and asked the waitress to come. I don‟t have much money; I only have a few coins in my wallet. Wandering around the street, she ran into one of her high school classmates. The criminal was finally put into the ward. The colorful paintings of the walls give a sense of warmth.


warning waterfall wave wearily weed weep

There is a warning on the cigarette packet that says, “Tobacco seriously damages health.” Niagara Falls is one of the greatest waterfalls in the world. I waved to him across the street but he didn‟t see me. I went to bed late last night and the next morning I dragged myself out of bed wearily. Many chemicals can be used to stop weeds from growing in the gardens, but most of them have side effects. She weeps whenever she thinks of her daughter dying in the fire.

well-intentioned The teacher told him that he would fail the course. It was not a threat but a well-intentioned warning. western whale wheat whip whirl whisker whiskey whisper widely widespread width willing Most of the population in Taiwan live in the western part of the island. Whales are the biggest mammals in the world. The bread is made from wheat. The whole-wheat bread is good for our health. He cracked his whip and the horses began to run. The leaves whirled in the wind. Tom whirled her across at the dance floor. After drinking milk, cats usually clean their whiskers. Whiskey is a strong alcoholic drink made from grain. She whispered the secret by my ear. His plays are still widely performed in many places in the United States. AIDS is becoming widespread all over the world. The length of the book is 10 cm and the width is 6 cm. I will be willing to do anything for you as long as you don‟t tell the secret to anybody.


win windmill windshield windstorm witch wither witness woe wooden woody works worth wreck wriggle

What year was it when Italy won the World Cup? Windmills and wooden shoes are the noted symbols of Holland. When I was driving on the highway, a bird hit the windshield right in front of me. The violent windstorm whipped America‟s East Coast. Nobody dared to live in the house, which was said to be cursed by a witch. The plant will wither if you don‟t water it. Anyone who witnessed the accident should report to the police. Last Saturday was a day of woe for me; I did not pass the exam and I was bitten by a dog on my way home. Wooden houses are easier to catch fire than those made of brick. The furniture has a lovely woody fragrance. When you open the back cover of a watch, you will see its works. The vase of the Chin Dynasty must be worth thousands of dollars. The explosion was too big that it shattered the windows in nearby houses and wrecked two cars. The little boy got bored and began wriggling in his seat.

yawn yell I did not sleep well last night, and I kept yawning in class this morning. I broke his favorite vase, and he yelled at me angrily.

zero My car goes form zero to 60 mph (mile per hour) in four seconds. It was snowing outside. The thermometer said it was ten degrees below zero.

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