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					Michigan Math Standards and Benchmarks: Content Standard 1: Students develop spatial sense, use shapes as an analytical and descriptive tool, identify characteristics and define shapes, identify properties and describe relationships among shapes  Benchmark 7: Use shape, shape properties, and shape relationships to describe the physical world and to solve problems. Michigan Technology Standards and Benchmarks: National Education Technology Standards: Objectives:  Students will write a diamante poem about a shape of their choice.  Students will type their shape poem in Microsoft Word.  Students will import clipart pictures about their poem. Materials:  Diamante Poem Outline  Pencil  Laptops  Microsoft Word  Overhead Projector  Thesaurus  Blank diamante poem worksheet Context:

Students will take what they learned about polygons and shapes in general to write poems. All of the students have a lot of background knowledge and experience using Microsoft Word. Procedures:

Anticipatory Set:
Before introducing the poem, have a mini review lesson on nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Show the students the format for a diamante poem. Go over the rules and parts of speech that are needed for each line of the poem.

Guided Practice:
1. Show the students a diamante poem already created about cookies (something other than shapes). 2. As a class, let the students pick a topic to write a diamante poem about together (in our class it was recess). 3. Display the rules of diamante poem on the board for the students to use as a reference. 4. As a class, write a diamante poem about recess. If students use the wrong parts of speech, discuss other possibilities and why that part of speech does not follow the poem pattern.

Independent Practice:
1. Allow students to pick any shape they want their poem to be about. 2. Have students write their poem using pencil on the diamante poem worksheet. 3. Take students to the computer lab and have them type their diamante poem in Microsoft Word. 4. Once the poems are typed, students need to import pictures of the shape that their poem is about.

5. Allow students to change the font and size of the writing and to utilize the entire page. Closure: As a whole class, have a discussion about incorporating writing into math. Ask students how they felt writing about shapes rather than just drawing or measuring them. Have volunteers present their poem to the class. Assessment: Students will be assessed according to the rubric that was made up for this assignment. They will be assessed on using the correct parts of speech, using words that are relative to their shape, and importing appropriate pictures.

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