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									 Media and Investor Relations News

January 2005 This news sheet from Westbrook             Improving AGM preparation
Communications brings together a variety of
news and information around media, public               This involves asking shareholders in advance to
relations and investor relations issues nationally      advise issues of relevance so the chairman can
and internationally, and provides an update on          provide information on them in his address or
our news, activities and services                       have the company provide detailed answers at
                                                        the time of the AGM.
Is the AGM dead?
                                                        Making AGMs more effective
A recent Business Council of Australia (BCA)
                                                        In making AGM’s more effective, the AGM
discussion paper, Company and Shareholder
                                                        could be split into two components, discussion
Dialogue, has flagged the idea that with
                                                        and formalities. It could also involve having
changes in communication, sources of
                                                        heads of board committees give a presentation
information and technology, “the traditional
                                                        on their role and answer questions relevant to
AGM may now be redundant”.
                                                        their responsibilities.
This wouldn’t be good news to shareholder               Supplementing the AGM
activist, Jack Tilburn, or the Australian
Shareholders Association who see the AGM as             Introducing shareholder information meetings
a chance to elevate shareholder democracy.              once or twice a year may provide an opportunity
                                                        to put retail shareholders on a similar footing to
However, the thrust of the BCA report is not so         the investment community. This alternative
much towards abolishing the AGM as trying to            would enable the AGM to become a briefer,
make it work better, or be supplemented, as an          formal process.
information forum.
                                                        The BCA’s paper is intended to be a catalyst for
BCA points out that AGM attendance is half              companies to examine their communications
what it was 10 years ago and nearly half the            practices, with the general idea of making it
AGMs of the top 200 companies attract fewer             easier for shareholders to question companies.
than 200 people:
                                                        A further component of the paper invites
     No. of people             % of top 200 ASX         companies to look beyond their AGM at the
                               listed companies         various means available to them to encourage a
         <100                         22.4              greater dialogue with investors.
        100-199                       23.9
        200-299                       14.9              US election statistics
        300-399                       14.9              •       George W Bush visited 34 states during
        400-499                        6.0                      the presidential campaign; John Kerry
         500+                         13.4                      visited 41
Additionally, the majority of people who attend         •       There were 630,000 TV campaign
are retail investors who, while now representing                commercials aired this election season
51 per cent of the adult population, actually own       •       The total spent at all levels on
18 per cent of the market capitalisation of the                 campaign advertising this year was
ASX.                                                            $1.45 billion
                                                        •       The Democrats sent 2,256 lawyers to
Other factors influencing BCA thinking about                    Ohio to monitor voting
the AGM are that the majority of institutional
contact with public companies is by phone calls         2004 – The year that was
or visits to management and that the media is           The most-mentioned items across all media
still the main source of advice for buying              during 2004, were:
shares, not the AGM:
                                                        1.   Iraq                  4.   NRL rape allegations
 Source                  %     Source               %   2.   Athens Olympics       5.   Abu Ghraib prison abuse
 Newspapers              21    Accountant           6   3.   Federal Election
 Financial planner       19    Magazines            5
 Family/friends          16    Television           5
 Broker                  14    Other                4
 Internet                10
Source: ASX 2003 Australian Share Ownership Study
                                                                                            factors which have contributed to
                                                                                            communications success, such as:
                                       Westbrook Communications News
                                                                                            •      making a business easy to understand,
                                       Smaller PR firms taking a hold on the market                especially through succinct expression
                                                                                                   which reduces complexity to simplicity
                                       “The people being the most successful in this        •      creating a media profile, which can be
                                       (PR) market are the highly differentiated                   competitive for small to medium sized
                                       boutiques.”                                                 companies – this is invaluable in
                                       Alan Vandermolen, Asian-Pacific head of                     maintaining media coverage after listing
                                       Edelman Public Relations Worldwide                   •      building a CEO’s familiarity in dealing
                                                                                                   with the media and helping to establish
                                       The 1950’s was the start of public relations
                                                                                                   media relationships
                                       development in Australia when the majority of
                                                                                            •      developing a way of telling the
                                       practitioners were journalists. The profession
                                                                                                   corporate story to the investment
                                       evolved with more and more people pursuing
                                                                                                   community so that it adds credibility and
                                       tertiary education. Initially large firms occupied
                                                                                                   long term support
                                       the public relations landscape in Australia, but
                                       this has given way in recent years to new,           •      extending contacts with the investment
                                       smaller firms bearing dominance in the market.              community

                                       Another award                                        Our Services

                                       During 2004 we won another award for                 − Communications strategy -
                                       excellence in financial and investor                   development of the corporate story and
                                       communications from the Public Relations               how it is presented
Westbrook Communications is            Institute of Australia.                              − Media relations - achieving a media
Australia’s leading independent                                                               profile, positioning and management of the
financial public relations firm.       Our work on a M&A transaction was highly               news flow
                                       commended and contributed to extensive               − Investor relations - achieving investor
Our team comprises senior people       coverage and analysis by the media and                 understanding of your corporate story
with backgrounds in journalism and
                                       investment community.                                − Shareholder communication -
the investment markets, giving us an
edge in advice on communication of                                                            shareholders like to be informed – develop
business information.                  Speaking/Presentation tips                             a complete program
                                                                                            − Corporate affairs - conveying key
Our years of experience enable us to   •       If you do have to read or glance at            messages to the media and government
advise companies on communication              notes, move your eyes down, not your         − Marketing communications - contributing
with the media, investors and the              entire head                                    to the marketing function with
investment community.                  •       Give your audience time to react to            communications
                                               what you are saying – don’t rush             − Crisis management - preparation for and
Crucial to this is guidance on the
                                       •       The best way to seem spontaneous is            management of communication at times of
content of what is said and the how
and when to maximise its value.                to rehearse                                    crisis
                                       •       Nervousness is inversely related to          − Media training – rehearsing your story to
With our input your company                    preparation                                    sharpen the value of the outcome
can achieve the positioning and        •       If a PowerPoint presentation has just a      − Graphic design – achieving quality and
recognition it deserves.                       handful of words on it, you didn’t need it     consistency throughout your overall
                                               in the first place                             communications strategy
Level 3                                •       There is no perfect speech length –
23 Hunter Street                                                                            − Government relations – accessing key
Sydney NSW 2000
                                               focus on your message, your stories,           decision-makers on a local, state and
Telephone 61 2 9231 0922                       your audience; and the length of your          federal level
Facsimile 61 2 9231 0131                       speech will take care of itself                                                                    Address                40th IPO
                                                                                            Please note our recent change of address:
                                       Towards the end of this year, we completed the
                                       40th IPO we have managed over the past 17            Level 7
                                       years.                                               15-19 Bent Street
                                                                                            Sydney NSW 2000
                                       While these transactions have varied in size
                                       and breadth of appeal, there are some common

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