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									     Relevant EquityWorks for Fund Raising & Investor Relations
     at Fund of Funds & Family Offices

                                     Are you ready to streamline your marketing and fund raising campaigns?
                                         Relevant’s solutions arm you with first-class tools enabling you to
                                     perform highly effective marketing and systematic fund raising campaigns,
                                     while quickly responding to LP inquiries.


     Prospective LP Identification   ✔ Imports Investor details from leading sources, while complying with local securities regulations.
     and Qualification

     Professional Fund Raising       ✔ Moves prospective LPs through the commitment process systematically, while tracking
     Campaigns                          all conversations, issued PPMs, and next steps.

     Fully Integrated                ✔ Integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook seamlessly, enabling fast and easy
     Contact Management                 sharing of contacts, reminders, and emails.

     Time-saving Form Letters        ✔ Produces frequently-used form letters (e.g., annual meetings, responses), enabling you
                                        to focus on more important tasks.

     Subscription Agreement          ✔ Assigns LP employees and third-party contacts to your fund’s mailing lists (e.g., Calls,
     Contacts                           Distributions, Financials).

     Answers to LP Fund              ✔ Provides fast and easy access to on-screen Capital Accounts enabling you to respond
     & Portfolio Questions              quickly to LP inquiries and build a strong rapport with your investors.

     Real-time, Web-based            ✔ Ensures 24/7 access to ongoing fund correspondence (e.g., closing documents,
     Reporting                          call & distribution letters, quarterly reports, tax forms).

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     Relevant EquityWorks for Fund Raising & Investor Relations
     at Fund of Funds & Family Offices

CORE           Fund Administration                                                Fund Raising & Investor Relations
MODULES        The Fund Administration module empowers you to model               The Fund Raising & Investor Relations module takes your
               the most complex fund structures and capital accounts,             marketing, fund raising, and investor relations activities to
               enabling you to better record partnership activity and             a new level of professionalism and efficiency. With tightly
               deliver informative fund correspondence. You also gain             integrated investor tracking and contact management
               instant visibility into your funds’ IRRs, waterfall obligations,   tools, you can perform proficient marketing and systematic
               and other key metrics, which helps you to better monitor           fund raising campaigns while quickly responding to LP
               fund performance.                                                  inquiries.

               Portfolio Management                                               Contact Management
               The Portfolio Management module arms you with all the              The Contact Management module increases your entire
               core transaction processing, reporting and analysis tools          firm’s productivity by providing a common area to store
               you need to more effectively manage your investments,              contacts, your interactions with them, and even copies
               while preparing deliberate, waterfall-driven exit strategies.      of the letters and emails you’ve sent. You can also share
               You also gain instant clarity into portfolio company               contacts, reminders and email with Microsoft Outlook,
               valuations, shareholder tables, financials and other               so your calendar and handheld are always current.
               monitoring tools.
               Deal Management & Fund Selection                                   The Reporting module sets the gold standard for Private
               The Deal Management module simplifies your entire                  Equity reporting. With a library of over 100 best practices
               deal management process from tracking pre-deal                     reports and dynamic formatting tools, you gain instant
               conversations, to collecting and processing deal flow,             clarity into your internal operations and the ability to
               to holding more efficient approval meetings. Team                  generate professional-looking quarterly reports.
               members are freed from tedious tasks to focus on                   With our time-saving Web-based Reporting product, you
               more profitable activities such as increasing value                can provide LPs with 24/ 7 access to fund correspondence.
               and planning timely and profitable exits.                          You can also enhance your fund raising capabilities by
                                                                                  posting PPMs and other fund due diligence to secure
                                                                                  web folders for each prospective LP.

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     Relevant EquityWorks for Fund Raising & Investor Relations
     at Fund of Funds & Family Offices

ADD-IN         Advanced Debt                                                           Fund Selection (for Fund of Funds/Families)
COMPONENTS     The Advanced Debt add-in component empowers you to tailor               The Fund Selection add-in component simplifies the process
               a note for a given opportunity.                                         of choosing third-party funds. It records incoming PPMs, their
               When negotiating a deal, your team can customize parameters             terms and your investment team’s analysis, while displaying
               of a debt investment and see its expected profitability and IRR.        active opportunities in the Fund Selection Pipeline.
               After investment, you can record principal and interest payments,       Mid-office Analytics
               and specialized fees (e.g., origination, late, termination). At any     The Mid-office Analytics add-in component enables your team to
               time, you can generate a debt schedule and Microsoft Word-              instantly envision the performance of a fund in a dynamic 3-D chart.
               based invoices.
                                                                                       Partner Attribution
               Compliance                                                              The Partner Attribution add-in component gathers realized and
               The Compliance add-in component ensures that your team is               unrealized value created by a fund and allocates it back to the
               applying the latest corporate governance standards to your              individual professionals and teams that created it. General Partners
               firm’s operations. During hectic fund raising efforts, this valuable    now have an unbiased way of measuring and rewarding value
               add-in component ensures your team is engaging only qualified           attribution over 1, 3, 5 and 10-year periods.
               LPs. It makes use of your attorney’s own certification checklist
               and tracks issued PPMs. Behind the scenes, its built-in audit           Waterfall Obligations
                trail automatically records all changes made to your data.             The Waterfall Obligations add-in component keeps your team
                                                                                       focused on building value and finding exits by demystifying the
               Fund of Funds                                                           payoffs that need to be made before carried interest becomes
               The Fund of Funds (FoFs) add-in component models                        available. When exiting investments, you can determine how
               partnerships that commit to underlying funds. Typically used            many “chits” you can pay down under different theoretical exit
               by FoFs and families that invest in third-party funds, this             prices.
               functionality is also quite popular for modeling GP Pools.

OPTIONAL       Accounting System                                Data Warehouse                                Web-based Reporting
PRODUCTS       Interface                                        The Data Warehouse optional product           The Web-based Reporting optional
               The Accounting System Interface optional         allows your Relevant EquityWorks system       product allows you to host secure,
               product integrates Relevant EquityWorks          to post core information to a separate        LP-specific folders on your web site.
               to leading, commercial-grade accounting          database for your enterprise. With this       You gain total control over which LP
               systems enabling you to create first class       configuration, you and your colleagues        representatives have access to what
               financials without switching GLs. This           will continue having rapid response times     data, how it’s shared, and when it’s
               approach allows your firm to deploy our          while sharing Private Equity data with        posted. Thus, you have complete
               top Private Equity system, Relevant              executives and other lines of business.       confidence that your investors are
               EquityWorks, and the most appropriate                                                          viewing the most up-to-date
               general ledger.                                                                                information.

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