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									                              Ocean Oaks Builders, Inc.
                                            New Home Warranty
A home is the most important investment people ever make.            HOW LONG YOU ARE COVERED
Ocean Oaks Builders, Inc., feels it is important to offer you,       Your coverage for the items mentioned in this warranty
the original purchaser, a written warranty on your                   begins when the escrow closes. The duration of each
condominium. We take a great deal of pride in the                    warranty is one year unless limited to a shorter period;
condominiums we build, and we want to warrant the                    warranty periods are listed in "What You Are Covered For."
workmanship and materials that have gone into their                  The warranties will terminate automatically when either of
construction.                                                        the following occurs:
                                                                              $ When you sell the condominium;
We also want to make sure that, as the purchaser, you                         $ When each warranty period expires
understand the details of coverage provided by this                              (see "What You Are Covered For").
                                                                     If we correct a defect, or perform any repair not required by
This warranty guarantees that we will provide you with               the warranty, this does not extend the coverage beyond the
reasonable service in correcting defective materials or              specified warranty period.
workmanship in your new condominium, as specified by the
terms of the warranty.                                               WHAT YOU ARE COVERED FOR
                                                                     We will correct defective materials or workmanship in the
This is an express warranty, which means that it spells out          structural components of the condominium, or the lot on
in writing all of the details of coverage, including who is          which it is located, to the limits described on the following
covered, the limits of coverage, and how to make a claim, if         pages. The structural components of the condominium are
that becomes necessary. It actually consists of individual           the condominium itself, including the walls, floors, ceilings,
warranties on specific parts of your condominium and                 roof, doors, cabinets, shelves, floor covers, closets, patios,
provides how long each remains in effect, and indicates              balconies, bathroom fixtures, railing, shingles, gutters,
those corrections for which we are responsible and those for         ducting, wiring and pipes, within the condominium or on the
which you are responsible.                                           lot.

Any of the consumer items in the sale of this condominium,           If you find any of the defects mentioned on the following
such as a dishwasher, heating and cooling system, or                 pages, you should notify us in writing within the warranty
garbage disposal, are warranted by their manufacturer, not           period specified. (See "How to Make a Claim.") If it is
Ocean Oaks Builders.          Thus, the manufacturer is              determined that there is not a defect, we will bill you for
responsible for repair or replacement.                               return trips and repairs. If we find during our initial
                                                                     examination that the defect or deficiency was due to your
In our continuing effort to improve the development, Ocean           workmanship or hired subcontractor improvements to the
Oaks Builders reserves the right to make changes or                  original frame, we will bill you for any time and materials
modifications to maps, plans, specifications, features and           cost involved for investigation and/or to correct owner
colors without notice. Prices are subject to change and              caused problems.
availability. All maps, plans and elevation renderings shown
are artists’ conceptions and are not drawn to scale.                 THE ROOF ...
                                                                     Warranty - Ocean Oaks Builders warrants that the roof and
The model condominiums are decorated as examples for                 flashing will be free from leaks and defects.
potential buyers, to create a warm feeling and to give ideas
for placement of furnishings. Understand that alarm                       Warranty Period:     One year.
systems, deadbolt locks, window and wall coverings, and                   Exception:           This warranty does not cover
decorator paint are standard features in our model                                             defects which happen because of
condominiums. We have attempted to mark decorator items                                        acts or circumstances beyond our
with a full disclaimer in each model. If you have any                                          control - for example, damage
questions about an item, ask your Sales Representative                                         caused by something you do (or
before approving this agreement.                                                               someone you contract with) such
                                                                                               as attaching a solar water heater,
WHO IS COVERED                                                                                 superstructure    or    television
This warranty protects you, while you own the condominium,                                     antenna to the roof.
for the warranty period specified below in "How Long You
Are Covered."

New Home Warranty
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THE DRAINS, TOILETS AND FAUCETS ...                                   DRIVEWAYS ...
Warranty - We warrant that the faucets will function normally         Warranty - We warrant that your driveway will be free from
and that the drain will flow properly.                                material defects under normal use - which means use by
                                                                      family automobiles or vehicles of similar weight.
     Warranty Period:     30 days for toilets and faucet
                          mechanisms, one week for drains.                 Warranty Period:    One year.
     Exception:           If we repair any problem in the                  Exception:          We will not repair any damage
                          drains, toilets, or faucets which                                    which heavy trucks, heavy
                          was caused by your use of the                                        machinery or other unusual loads
                          condominium and not by defective                                     have caused.        Cracks in the
                          materials or workmanship, we will                                    driveway and garage slabs in
                          bill you for the cost of the repair.                                 excess of 1/4 inch in width or 1/4
                                                                                               inch in vertical displacement shall
PLUMBING SYSTEM ...                                                                            be repaired by surface patching or
Warranty - We warrant the structural components of the                                         replacement at the discretion of
plumbing system (all pipes and their fittings, including septic                                the builder.
tanks and their pipe fields, if any) to be free from defects in
the material or workmanship.                                          MASONRY & STUCCO ...
                                                                      Warranty - We warrant all stucco, brick, stone and other
     Warranty Period:     One year.                                   masonry in your condominium against substantial defects.
     Exception:           This warranty does not cover the            "Substantial defects" means cracks (in the house and
                          water heater or any other part of           garage slabs, driveways, basement floor and walls, walks
                          the plumbing system which is not            and other masonry) which significantly interrupt the surface
                          part of the structural components           or which reduce the required structural strength.
                          of the condominium for which the
                          manufacturer provides a warranty.           Because of the drying of your condominium's wood frame
                          (See      "Defective     Appliances/        and stucco, hairline cracks will form. It is a normal
                          Equipment.") If we repair any               occurrence and cannot be prevented. Should these cracks
                          problem in the plumbing system              be excessive (over 1/4 inch in width) Ocean Oaks Builders
                          which is caused by your use of the          will repair these defects as described by Industry Standards
                          condominium and not by defective            at the discretion of the builder.
                          materials or workmanship, we will
                          bill you for the cost of repairs.                Warranty Period:    One year.
                                                                           Exception:          We will not repair hairline cracks
GRADING/ DRAINAGE ...                                                                          or minor separation of grouting, as
Your lot has been graded to meet the requirements set forth                                    described in more detail in "What
by VA, FHA, and the local government agencies. It is your                                      You Are Not Covered For."
responsibility to maintain this pattern. Damage to adjacent
properties caused by runoff water from your property could            ELECTRICAL SYSTEM ...
result in a civil suit between you and your neighbor.                 Warranty - We warrant the system, including all wiring,
                                                                      connections and electrical boxes.
     Exception:           We are not responsible for
                          damage that occurs when you                      Warranty Period:    One year (except for minor repairs
                          have changed the grade of the lot,                                   and adjustments, as noted below.)
                          thus changing the drainage                       Exception:          Any alteration to the electrical
                          pattern.                                                             system by you or someone you
                                                                                               contract with will invalidate the
As you install and maintain the landscaping, you should be                                     electrical warranty.
careful not to alter the grade of the land surrounding your

New Home Warranty
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HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING ...                                    rigid materials in interior and exterior walls, driveways,
Warranty - We warrant that the heating and air conditioning         garage floors, patios, balconies, or in ceramic tile in kitchen,
systems (if applicable) included in the sale of your                shower, bathroom and entryway areas.
condominium were installed in accordance with good
heating and air-conditioning practices. We also warrant             Imperfections in Wood
they meet inspection agency standards, and they will                Ocean Oaks Builders will not repair wood cracks and minor
operate properly in the original finished rooms of your             openings of wooden joints such as in paneled doors,
condominium, considering its architectural style and other          mitered casings, and solid paneling; these are caused by
design features.                                                    shrinkage during the normal drying out process of your
                                                                    condominium. Also, we are not responsible for cracking,
     Warranty Period:    One year.                                  checking, twisting or turning of wood beams, unless such a
     Exception:          We do not cover the furnace or a/c         condition prevents the beam from meeting industry
                         unit itself or any other portion of        structural standards.
                         the heating or cooling system
                         which is not part of the structural        Grouting of Ceramic Tile
                         component of your condominium              Ocean Oaks Builders will not repair minor separations of
                         or which carries an express                grout in ceramic tile, synthetic marble or other similar
                         warranty by its manufacturer (See          materials.
                         "Defective             Appliances/
                         Equipment.")                               External Painting
                                                                    Ocean Oaks Builders will not be responsible for fading,
WHAT YOU ARE NOT COVERED FOR                                        chalking or checking of outside paint caused by the sun or
This section identifies what is not covered by this warranty.       weather. If we do any repair or patching, we cannot
Generally these exclusions are corrections which do not             guarantee that the new paint will match perfectly.
occur in the structural components of the condominium, or
are caused by factors out of our control, or are relatively         Defective Appliances/ Equipment
minor and common in most condominiums.                              Appliances, equipment and other consumer goods are
                                                                    covered by warranties from manufacturers of those items,
Owners Repairs or Alterations                                       not by Ocean Oaks Builders. If you find defects in any of
We are not responsible for repairing any part of the                those items, please follow the procedure in the warranty
condominium, structural or otherwise, which you, your               which came with the item, and deal with the manufacturer or
employees or agents have modified or added to in any way,           the local representative.
including attempted repairs.
                                                                    Following is a partial list of what we consider to be
Ordinary Wear and Tear/ Major Catastrophes                          consumer items, not a part of the structural components of
We do not cover damage to your condominium due to                   the condominium and, therefore, not covered by this
ordinary wear and tear, casualties normally covered by              warranty. (Your condominium may not have all of the listed
standard homeowner's insurance or major catastrophes                consumer items, or it may have other such items not listed.)
such as earthquakes, flood and high winds.
                                                                    Air-conditioning system    Ice maker
                                                                    Alarm System               Intercom
Normal Maintenance                                                  Barbecue Grill             Landscaping (when provided)
Ocean Oaks Builders does not repair damage caused by                Burglar Alarm              Microwave
failure to properly maintain your condominium. If we do             Central vacuum system      Oven (and hood)
perform any normal maintenance task (i.e., you request the          Chimes                     Range
                                                                    Dishwasher                 Refrigerator
repair during the pre-occupancy orientation), this does not         Electric meter             Smoke detector
imply that we will perform the same or similar task again.          Electronic meter           Space Heater
                                                                    Electronic air cleaner     Thermostat
Abusive Use                                                         Exhaust fan                Trash compactor
                                                                    Furnace                    Washer/ Dryer
Ocean Oaks Builders will not repair any damage caused               Garage door opener         Water heater
either by abuse of your condominium or by use in a manner           Garbage disposal           Water meter
for which it is not intended.                                       Gas meter                  Whirlpool bath

Hairline Cracks
We are not responsible for repairing hairline cracks in
stucco, concrete, plaster, masonry, ceramic tile, and other

New Home Warranty
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AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION SYSTEM ...                                       Warranty - we will correct the following deficiencies if they
Ocean Oaks Builders warrants the irrigation system                    are readily visible, if they exceed industry standard or
supplied with your condominium to be free from defects in             normal production tolerances and if they are noted and
materials and workmanship.                                            reported to us during the orientation:
                                                                              $ Defects or smudges of painted surfaces and
     Warranty Period:     One year.                                             counter tops.
     Exception:           Damage caused by abuse, neglect                     $ Chipped porcelain or tile.
                          or vandalism. Modification by                       $ Chipped or otherwise defective surfaces of
                          others will void all warranty.                        appliances or plumbing fixtures.
                                                                              $ Torn or defective screens.
LANDSCAPING ...                                                               $ Defects in carpets or other floor coverings.
Warranty - Ocean Oaks Builders warrants that the plants                       $ Defects in cabinet surfaces or finish.
and shrubs will be disease free and the grass will                            $ Broken or scratched windows and mirrors. You
germinate.                                                                      may find that some windows will have minor
                                                                                scratches. The industry standard as to whether a
     Warranty Period:     90 Days.                                              window will be replaced is to stand ten feet away,
     Exception:           Any damage caused by failure to                       looking through the viewing area. If the scratch
                          properly maintain (water) or by                       can be seen from that distance, then it is
                          abuse or vandalism.        (See                       unacceptable and will be replaced. However, if it
                          Maintenance Manual.)                                  cannot be seen from that distance, it will be
                                                                                deemed acceptable.
HOW TO MAKE A CLAIM                                                           $ Any defects of a similar nature.
What You Must Do to Make a Claim:
If your condominium has a defect which is covered by this                     Warranty Period:          Must be reported at the
warranty, notify us in writing within the applicable warranty                                           time of the orientation.
period. It's best, of course, to notify us as soon as you                     Exception:                We will not repair hairline
discover the defect.                                                                                    cracks, wood cracks, or
                                                                                                        minor     separation      of
What We Will Do:                                                                                        grouting, as explained in
After we receive from you written notice of a defect, and if it                                         more detail in "What You
is covered by this warranty, we will decide whether to repair                                           Are Covered For."
the defect or to replace the defective item, and will then do
so at no charge to you, within sixty (60) days of the request.
If weather conditions, labor problems or material shortages
cause delays, the time may be somewhat longer. The work
will be done either by us or by subcontractors we have

We are only responsible for restoring the condominium to its
condition when the defect occurred.

We will not pay for any repairs or work to be done by you,
your employees, or agents, unless the work has been
authorized in writing in advance by our Customer Service

Items Noted Before Occupancy:
Before you move into your condominium you will be asked
to participate in an orientation, at which time you should
carefully note any of the deficiencies listed below.

This inspection will help ensure that we agree on whether a
deficiency existed before or after take occupancy.


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