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FCAT Explorer Instructions


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									FCAT Explorer Instructions
To use FCAT Explorer at home you will need the following: *Computer that has Internet access *Web Browser (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) *Headphones (optional) To login to FCAT Explorer: 1. go to www.fcatexplorer.com 2. click in the window that says “Sign-In Name” 3. type in the child’s last name and first initial (for example:student John Smith would type: smithj) 4. click in the window that says “password” 5. type in 27, the child’s first four letters of their last name, their birth month, and birth day (for example John Smith’s birthday is January 1st so he would type: 27smit0101) 6. click on the words “sign in” Now the child can click on any thing that is available. Reading Island, Reading Boardwalk, Math Station, Math Navigator, Science Station or Science Navigator are the parts available for middle school. This is a great resource for students to prepare for the FCAT test that they must pass in order to move to the next grade, which is what we want for them! It’s also fun for them, which is what they want! It’s a win/win situation.

Other Resources
West Hernando Middle School has resources located on its webpage. To access West Hernando Middle School go to: www.hcsb.k12.fl.us/whms

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