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Case study:                         Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
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                                                                      personnel files to be raised. Considerable attention was paid to
                                                                      ensure that high levels of IT security and disaster recovery were
                                                                      in place including purpose-built IT environments; high security
The challenge
                                                                      safe rooms; network security devices; back-up scheduling
The key issue for the client, who was a consortium of London          every two hours; back-up call centre
Councils, was to appoint one single supplier to handle all back-
office recruitment functions including candidate response handling;   The results
interview administration; CRB and reference checking, and online
shortlisting for a long-term contract that could be procured and      There have been a number of key benefits that the consortium
marketed to other clients. The contract value was in excess of one    members have benefited from including:-
million pounds over three years.
                                                                      ■ Reduced costs that have brought cost per hire down to an
                                                                        average of below £50.00 per job which, in turn, has helped
                                                                        achieve considerable departmental savings
The solution
                                                                      ■ Reduced hire cycles that have ensured that candidates are
Tribal established and managed a supplier partnership that              better retained throughout the process and managers are
delivered all elements of the contract to established service           better focused on targeted outcomes
level agreements and key performance indicators. Initial              ■ Reduced interview to hire ratios as technology helps pinpoint
meetings were conducted with all Boroughs in the consortium,            the most appropriate candidates against pre-agreed
and a pre-implementation project plan was delivered against             screening criteria
challenging deadlines.
                                                                      ■ Enhanced candidate experience through more proactive
Process maps were put in place for the individual clients and           contact and improved candidate information through online
were revised in line with changing priorities. A project team was       and telephonic channels
established including a Project Director and three Project
Managers and was instrumental in delivering the contract on           ■ Massively improved and bespoke management information
time and to budget. Where possible, documentation such as               that is tailored to individual Borough requirements
recruitment request forms and management information was              ■ Simplified communication that means that the clients have
standardized across all Boroughs to facilitate consistency of           only had to speak to a core delivery team of three or four key
approach and quality of information provided. Pricing for each          individuals who have gained in-depth knowledge of any client
transactional element was provided to ensure transparency of            issues and have been proactive in resolving them
invoicing and accountability of Line Managers.
                                                                      ■ Considerable IT investment by Tribal that has ensured leading
Online solutions were provided for a number of Boroughs,                edge designed systems
enabling clients to manage all elements of the candidate
                                                                      In addition, the clients have had access to broader Tribal
fulfillment life cycle from online applications through to employer
                                                                      solutions including executive search and interim consultancy at
shortlisting. Interfaces were established with individual HR IT
                                                                      competitive consortium pricing.
systems such as SAP, Oracle and Northgate to ensure that
appointed candidates’ details were transferred across for

                                                                         Services for life

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