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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology by historyman


									                                                                                           HOW TO FIND US . . .

                                                          FACULTY OF HISTORY                                  WELLCOME UNIT FOR THE
         UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD                             Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BD                        HISTORY OF MEDICINE
                                                                                                              45–47 Banb ury Road, Oxford OX2 6PE
             Faculty of History                           Robert Fox
                                                          Professor of the History of Science and Faculty     Mark Harrison, Reader in the History of
                                                          Interviewer for the History of Science, Medicine,    Medicine and Director of the Wellcome
                                                          and Technology (Group V)                             Unit, Tel. [2]84629
                                                          Tel. [2]77277                                        <>
History of Science, Medicine,                             <>
                                                          Secretary: Stephanie Jenkins , Tel:     [2]77277    Margaret Pelling
                                                          <>                 Reader in the Social History of Medicine
      and Technology                                                                                           Tel. [2]74602
                                                          Graduate Studies Office, Modern History              <>
                                                          Research Unit, Block 11 –2
                                                          Radcliffe Infirmary, tel. 553 24430                 Sloan Mahone, University Lecturer in the
                                                          <                     History of Medicine and Deputy Director
         Seminars, lectures,                              MUSEUM OF THE
                                                                                                              Pratik Chakrabarti, Research Officer
   conferences, and other activities                      HISTORY OF SCIENCE                                   <>
                                                          Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AZ
                                                          Jim Bennett, Director                               Karen Brown, Research Officer
                                                          Tel: [2]77281; Fax: [2]77288                         <>
             Michaelmas Term                              <>                          Daniel Gilfoyle, Research Officer
                  2005                                    Stephen Johnston, Assistant Keeper
                                                          Tel: [2] 77282; Fax: [2]77288                       Margaret Jones, Research Officer
                                                          <>                      <>
                                                          Rachel Mellor,         Collections     Manager      John Manton, Research Fellow
                                                          (to 31 October 2005)                                  <>
                                                          Tel: [2]77452; Fax: [2]77288
                                                          <>                        Jo Robertson, Co-ordinator, Global History of
                                                                                                                Leprosy Project
                                                          Margaret Hauser, Administrator                        <>
                                                          Tel: [2]77280; Fax: [2]77288
                                                          <>                      Helen Sweet, Research Officer
                                                          Andrew Hudson, Librarian
                                                                                                              Carol Brady, Administrator
                                                          Tel. [2]77278; Fax: [2]77288
                                                                                                               Tel. [2]74618
                                                          <>                        <>
                                                          Tony Simcock, Archivist                             Belinda Michaelides, Secretary
                                                          Tel: [2]87241 (Mon & Tue only)                       Tel: [2]74600
  If you are interested in attending any of the events    <>                          <>
  listed in this booklet, you are advised to check the
 details in the lecture list or to contact the convenor                                                                                  See also page 14
     or the source of further information indicated

                                 SEMINARS                                             WELLCOME U NIT FOR THE HISTORY OF M EDICINE

FACULTY OF HISTORY                                                                    Veterinary Science and Medical Entomology
Problems in the History of Science and Technology                                     Convenor: Dr Karen Brown
Convenor: Professor Robert Fox
                                                                                      The following seminars will be held at 47 Banbury Road on Mondays from
The following seminars will be held on Wednesdays at 5pm in the History of Science    2.15 to 4.15pm (coffee from 2pm). All welcome.
and Technology Seminar Room, History Faculty Building (except in Week 6, when
the seminar will begin at 4pm). They will be preceded by tea in the Faculty Common
Room at 4.40 p.m. (except in Week 6, when tea will be available at 3.45pm)            Week 1        William Beinart (University of Oxford):
                                                                                      10 October    Transhumance, disease, and veterinary regulation in South Africa
Week 1             Dr K. D. Watson (Oxford Brookes University):
12 October         The rise of the expert in trials for criminal poisoning            Week 2        Gabriel Gachelin (Pasteur Institute, Paris):
                                                                                      17 October    The construction of French medical entomology, c. 1880–1914
Week 2             Dr Aileen Fyfe (National Unive rsity of Ireland, Galway):
19 October         ‘Creating a proper system of publishing’: information,             Week 3        Paul Brassley (University of Plymouth):
                   technologies, and communications in the transatlantic world,       24 October    Vets and other actors in the artificial insemination of pigs
                                                                                      Week 4        Dan Gilfoyle (University of Oxford):
Week 3             Dr J. R. Ravetz (Saïd Business School):                            31 October    South Africans abroad: science and sub-imperialism in the control of
26 October         Galileo’s mistakes                                                               rinderpest in Tanganyika, 1938–42

Week 4             NO SEMINAR on 2 November                                           Week 5        Abigail Woods (Imperial College London):
                                                                                      7 November    ‘Physician of the farm’: the reorientation of British veterinary
Week 5             Dr Anna Guagnini (University of Bologna):                                        practice, 1930–50
9 November         Full-scale experiments and knowledge development in Marconi’s
                   wireless telegraphy stations, 1897–1901                            Week 6        David Bourne (University of Oxford):
                                                                                      14 November   Reflections on tsetse and trypanosomosis control in Africa over the
Week 6            Dr G. J. N. Gooday (University of Leeds)                                          past 50 years
16 NovemberElectrifying the House: the Marquis of Salisbury
Begins at 4pm     illuminates Hatfield, Westminster, and the world                    Week 7        Annick Opinel (Pasteur Institute, Paris):
                                                                                      21 November                               t
                                                                                                    Field medical entomology: h e studies on glossinae (tsetse fly) by
Week 7             Dr Viviane Quirke (Oxford Brookes University):                                   Emile Roubaud in Africa in 1906
23 November        Pharmaceutical innovation and technological path-dependence:
                   ICI in comparative perspective, ca. 1935–75                        Week 8        John Clarke (University of St Andrews)
                                                                                      28 November   ‘The eyes of our potatoes are weeping’: the spectre of the Colorado
Week 8             Professor J. A. Secord (University of Cam bridge).                               Beetle in late nineteenth-century Britain and North America’
30 November        A planet in print: rethinking the discovery of Neptune
                                                                                                    Details of all Wellcome Unit events can be found at
      Summaries of all the papers in this series can be found in PDF format at                            

                                                                                  3   4
DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS                                                                                  LECTURES AND OTHER EVENTS
Physics in Oxford 1839–1939
                                                                                          M USEUM OF THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE
Robert Fox will speak on ‘Physics in Oxford 1839–1939’ in the Physics Colloquium
on Friday 18 November at 4.15pm. The talk will be based on the recently published
volume Physics in Oxford 1839–1939. Laboratories, Learning, and College Life,
                                                                                          The Astrolabe East and West
edited by Robert Fox and Graeme Gooday (OUP, 2005). After the talk, which will be         Special exhibition opens 29 October 2005
the occasion for OUP’s launch of the book, there will be an informal drinks reception
                                                                                                The Museum is famous for its outstanding collection of astrolabes, easily the
to which all those attending the talk are invited. The talk will be given in the Martin
                                                                                                world’ s largest and finest collection of these ingenious, beautiful, and captivat-
Wood Lecture Theatre, in the Physics Department, Parks Road, where the reception
                                                                                                ing instruments. The exhibition is an outcome of a research project on the col-
will also take place.
                                                                                                lection, one that emphasises that the astrolabe, and the geometry and astronomy
                                                                                                it incorporates, is a resource shared between the cultures of Islam and the West.

                                                                                          10/10 Star
                                                                                                The Museum’s latest 10/10 day, combining our current focus on the astrolabe
This seminar meets in the Wharton Room, All Souls College on Tuesdays at 5pm. The               and the closeness of Christmas, will adopt the theme STAR on Saturday
following two seminars in the series concern the history of technology:                         3 December. The Museum will be open from 10 am to 10 pm for talks, trails,
                                                                                                workshops, music, film, and displays. Entrance to all events will be free. Pro-
Week 5              Professor Joel Mokyr (Northwestern University):                             gramme details from the Museum reception or at
8 November          Mobility, creativity, and technological development
                                                                                          Table Talks
Week 6           Karine Gabay (Jerusalem):
                                                                                                A large table in the basement gallery is used for informal talks and de monstra-
15 NovemberCoercion power, property rights, and technology adoption: construction
                                                                                                tions. During the special exhibition ‘The Astrolabe East and West’, each of the
                 of    watermills     in    Ponthieu,    France    during      the
                                                                                                regular Sunday table talks will be an ‘Astrolabe Story’. On every Sunday (ex-
                 eleventh–twelfth centuries
                                                                                                cept for 25 December and 1 January) Jim Bennett or Stephen Johnston will talk
                                                                                                about a different astrolabe in the exhibition.
                                                                                                In the quarter from October to December the talks will be at 2.30 p.m. on the
                                                                                                following Sundays: 30 October; 6, 13, 20, 27 November; 4, 11, 18 December.
                                                                                                No need to book.

                                                                                          Gallery Talks
                                                                                                Guided tours of the exhibition ‘The Astrolabe East and West ’ on Saturdays at
                                                                                                2.00 pm on 12 and 26 November, and 10 December. Free. No need to book.

                                                                                     5    6
WELLCOME U NIT FOR THE HISTORY OF M EDICINE                                                                                                    Science and
Children and Health
                                                                                                                                               On Saturday 1 October
This series of lectures will take place in The Summer Common Room at Magdalen                                                                  Christ Church Cathedral
College on Thursdays at 5pm .                                                                                                                  will be marking the 200th
                                                                                                                                               anniversary of the birth
Week 1         Laurence Brockliss (Magdalen College):                                                                                          of Samuel Wilberforce
13 October     Rousseau, French medicine and the invention of paediatrics                                                                      with a lecture at 4:30pm by
                                                                                                                                               Professor John Brooke
Week 2         Richard Smith (Cambridge ):                                                                                                     on Science and Religion
20 October     Epidemiological change and human agency in the determination of                                                                 and a commemorative
               infant and early childhood mortality in England and her neighbours                                                              evensong at 6pm, where the
               c.1650–1850                                                                                                                     preacher will be the Bishop
                                                                                                                                               of Oxford.
Week 3         Alice Reid (Cambridge):
27 October     Child Mortality in Britain 1880 to 1945

Week 4         Paul Weindling (Oxford Brookes):
3 November     Children as victims of Nazi m edical research: Context, motives, and

Week 5         Stuart Murray (Leeds):
10 November                                                      ontemporary
               Narratives of fascination: Children and autism in c
               literature and film                                                                                                             Left: Cartoon of Samuel
                                                                                                                                               Wilberforce by ‘Ape’,
Week 6         George Rousseau (MHRU, Oxford):                                                                                                 entitled ‘Not a Brawler’
17 November    Laurence Sterne’s ‘Tristrapaedia’ and other Enlightenment systems                                                               and published in Vanity
               describing the stages of child development                                                                                      Fair on 24 July 1869

Week 7         Ilana Lowy (CNRS, Paris):
24 November    Jozefa Joteyko (1866–1928) and the attempt to create a universal
               ‘science of childhood’
                                                                                        Professor John Brooke will also be giving two sets of lectures, open to all, in the
Week 8         Roland Littlewood (UCL):                                                 Examination Schools throughout Michaelmas Term:
1 December     Reason and necessity in the specification of genetic sexual attraction
               (incest)                                                                     • Science and Religion (Wednesdays 11.00).
                                                                                            • The Christian Doctrine of Creation and the Natural World
                                                                                              (Thursdays 11.00)

                                                                                    7   8
Lecture-courses in the History of Science                                                                             CONFERENCES
Robert Fox and John Roche will lecture on ‘The origins of modern science’ on
Tuesdays at 12.00 in the Tanner Room, Linacre College. These lectures are intended      MAISON FRANÇ AISE
primarily for undergraduates in Natural Science taking the Supplementary Subject in
History and Philosophy of Science, but they are open to all.                            Two international workshops will be held this term at the Maison française, Norham
                                                                                        Road, Oxford. The workshops, which are organized in the context of the Maison
Robert Fox’s lectures in the course ‘Introduction to the history of science and         française’s programme in the history of science, are open to all.
technology’ will be on the theme of ‘Revolutions in science from Copernicus to
Einstein’. They will be given on Wednesdays at 12.00 in the History of Science and
Technology Seminar Room in the History Faculty Building. These lectures form part       Friday 14 October and Saturday 15 October
of the course on ‘Methods and themes in the history of science and technology’ in the
M.Sc./M.Phil. programme on History of Science, Medicine, and Technology. But, like      Science, capitals, and expertise
the lectures on Tuesdays at 12.00, they are open to all.
                                                                                        Organized by Stéphane Van Damme (CNRS-MFO) and Christelle Rabier (Centre de
                                                                                        recherche en histoire des sciences et des techniques, Cité des Sciences et de
                                                                                        l’Industrie, Paris)
                        GREEN COLLEGE, OXFORD                                           The sessions on 14 October will be gin at 14.00 and end at 18.00. On 15 October they
                          McGovern Lecture:                                             will run from 9.30 to 18.30.
                            Professor Michael McVaugh
      (William Smith Wells Professor of History, University of North Carolina)
        will deliver the McGovern Annual Lecture in the History of Medicine
            Medieval surgery – one could do worse                                       Friday 4 November and Saturday 5 November
               in the E.P. Abraham Lecture, Theatre, Green College,                     Science, capitals, and sociability: Paris–London
                           on Thursday 27 October at 6pm                                Organized by Vittoria Feola (University of Cambridge) and Simona Girleanu (Ecole
                                                                                        normale supérieure and University of Lille 3).
                                                                                        The sessions on 4 November will begin at 14.00 and end at 18.00. Those on
                                                                                        5 November will run from 9.30 to 17.00

                                                                                        Also as part of the history of science programme, Jean-Jacques Kupiec (INSERM)
                                                                                        will lecture on ‘Schroedinger’s error: indeed, what is life?’ at the Maison française at
                                                                                        17.15 on Monday 28 November. The chairman for the lecture will be Professor Denis

                                                                                                         For further details of these events, please contact
                                                                                                 Dr Stéphane Van Damme <>

                                                                                   9    10
Clay Mathematics Institute
                                                                                                                  EVENTS AT
The Clay Mathematics Institute is organizing two conferences in Oxford this October.                      OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY
Both events are intended to be of interest to a broad audience, and no registration fee
will be charged.
                                                                                           CENTRE FOR HEALTH, MEDICINE AND S OCIETY: PAST AND PRESENT
The first conference, in St Catherine’s College, will take place on Friday 7 and
Saturday 8 October 2005. It will bring together mathematicians, classicists, historians,   Anatomy and Rethinking the Body
and philosophers for a fresh look at Euclid’s work: the transmission of Greek science
from ancient to modern times, and the influence over twenty-three centuries of the         Convenor: Dr Elizabeth Hurren <>
Greek revolution in mathematics. The occasion is the publication of the first digital
edition of the oldest surviving manuscript, which dates from AD 888. The digital           These seminars will take place in Semester 1 on the Tuesdays shown in T500, Tong
edition will be on display and will be featured in many of the lectures.                   Building, Oxford Brookes University, from 5pm to 6.30pm (refreshments from
                                                                                           4.45pm). All are welcome.
The second event, to be held on Tuesday 11 October in the Mandela lecture theatre of
the Saïd Business School, is in two parts:                                                 18 October     Michael Sappol (National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine
                                                                                                          Division, Bethesda)
   • a presentation of the Clay Research Awards, and lectures on the ground-                              The fruits of anatomy: anatomical storytelling and the performance
     breaking work of the recipients                                                                      of medical authority in nineteenth-century America – The case of
   • a public lecture by Sir Andrew Wiles, known for his work on Fermat ’s last                           Charles Knowlton (1800–1850), an ‘odd’, body snatching, ‘atheisti-
     theorem, on ‘Solving equations’.                                                                     cal’ physician of antebellum New England
All welcome.
                                                                                           1 November     Tatjana Buklijas (University of Cam bridge):
                                                                                                          Transforming the body: dissection, contagion and the visual appear-
                                                                                                          ance of the anatomical cadaver in Vienna, 1850–1900
               For further details, visit the Clay Mathematics Institute ’s
                             website at
                                                                                           15 November    James Hodgkinson (Oxford Brookes University):
                                                                                                          ‘…An endless chain of individuation’ : re-inventing the female anat-
                                                                                                          omy in German romantic medicine

                                                                                           29 November    Fiona Hutton (Oxford Brookes University)
                                                                                                          [Revised title] The medical education of anatomy students in Oxford
                                                                                                          and Manchester: a comparative analysis

                                                                                           6 December     Dr Andrew Williams (Consultant Paediatrics, Northampton General
                                                                                                          Thomas Willis’ practice of paediatric neurology and neurodisability .

                                                                                                                   Full details will be posted here:

                                                                                     11    12
                                                                                                                  S UPERVISORS
                                                                            In addition to those named on page 2, the following are currently engaged in the
       The following websites currently serve Oxford HSMT
                                                                            supervision of graduate students in Group V
                        General HSMT site:
                                                                            William Beinart                               Avner Offer
                                                                            Rhodes Professor of Race Relations and        Chichele Professor of Economic History
            Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine:                        Fellow of St Antony’s College               All Souls College, Oxford OX1 4AL
                                         St Antony’s College, Oxford OX2 6JF           Tel. [2]79348
                                                                            Tel. [2]84721, [2]84730                       <>
                 Museum of the History of Science:                          <>               John Senior
                                           Robin Briggs                                  Adjunct Fellow, Linacre College, and Research
                               ––––––                                       Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College       Associate, Wellcome Unit for the History of
                                                                            All Souls College, Oxford OX1 4AL               Medicine
           Details of all Faculty of History seminars are at                Tel. [2]79340                                 <>
                                                                                                                          Jackie Stedall
     and the Faculty lecture list (in PDF format) can be found at           Laurence Brockliss                            Junior Research Fellow in Mathematics, The
                           Reader in Modern History and Fellow and         Queen’s College
                                                                             Tutor, Magdalen College                        The Queen’s College, Oxford OX1 4AW
                                                                            Magdalen College, Oxford OX1 4AU              <>
                                                                            Tel. [2]76083
                                                                            <>            John Stewart
            JOINT CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE                                                                                  Centre for Health, Medicine and Society: Past
                                                                            Ruth Harris
               WITH GRADUATE STUDENTS                                                                                       and Present, Oxford Brookes University
                                                                            Fellow and Tutor in History, New College      School of Humanities, Oxford Brookes University,
                                                                            New College, Oxford OX1 3BN                     Gipsy Lane, Oxford OX3 0BP
              The termly meeting of the JCC is normally
                                                                            Tel. [2]79485                                 Tel. 01865 483478
                  held on the Tuesday of third week.                        <>                    <>
     Huw Price, Magdalen College <>
                                                                            John Heilbron
is the representative for Group V (History of Science, Medicine, and        Senior Research Fellow, Worcester College     Stéphane Van Damme
Technology). He will be pleased to know of any matters that graduate                                                      Maison Française, Norham Road, Oxford OX2
                                                                            Janet Howarth                                   6SE
              students in HSMT would like him to raise.
                                                                            Fellow and Tutor in History, St Hilda’s       Tel : 01865 274226
                                                                              College                                     <>
                                                                            St Hilda’s College, Oxford OX4 1DY
                                                                            Tel. [2]76851                                 Paul Weindling
                                                                            <>            Wellcome Trust Research Professor in the
          JANE WILLIS KIRKALDY SENIOR PRIZE                                                                                History of Medicine, Oxford Brookes
                                                                            Ian Maclean                                    University
   This annual prize, currently of £300, is offered for competition
                                                                            Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College     School of Humanities, Oxford Brookes University,
      to graduate students for an essay of between 10,000 and               All Souls College, Oxford OX1 4AL               Gipsy Lane, Oxford OX3 0BP
     15,000 words on a topic concerning the hist ory of science,            Tel. [2]79395                                 Tel. 01865 483485
        medicine, or technology proposed by the candidate.                  <>              <>
   Topics must be approved by Friday of 7th Week, Trinity Term,             Noel Malcolm
                                                                            Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College
 and essays submitted by Monday of 2nd Week, Michaelmas Term.
                                                                            All Souls College, Oxford OX1 4AL
        For full details, click on ‘Jane Willis Kirkaldy Prize’             Tel. [2]79344
              on the Links page of                        <noel.malcolm@all>

                                                                       13   14
Nuncius is a mailing list for the Oxford community of historians
of science, medicine and technology, and for those with closely
related interests. It can be used by students, staff and academic
visitors as a forum for discussion and a means of keeping in
touch, as well as a place where announcements can be made and
news posted, such as details of lectures, seminars and other
             To subscribe to Nuncius send an email to:
        To send a message to Nuncius, use the address:
      Messages you send to this address will be distributed                   This booklet is produced in the History Faculty Building,
       to all of the subscribers to the nuncius mailing list                              Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BD.
                For further help, send a message to:                         Information for inclusion in future issues should be sent to
                                                  Stephanie Jenkins at that address
Why ‘Nuncius’? Aside from its use as a title of a journal produced by                            Tel. 01865 277277
the Museum of the History of Science in Florence (to whom apologies                 E-mail <>
are due for our plagiarism), the most famous example of the use of
‘nuncius’, at least in the context that interests us, was by Galileo, who,
in March 1610, published his ‘Sidereus nuncius’, or ‘Starry
messenger’, announcing the discoveries made with his newly
constructed telescope. For this mailing list, however, it seems
appropriate to drop the scientifically -partisan word ‘Sidereus’, and in
so doing assert and encourage a firm belief in the coherence of the
history of science, medicine and technology in Oxford
Nuncius is administered at the Museum of the History of Science,
             and further enquiries can be made to:

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