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Staff MBTI Team Building Workshop Executive Summary by mercy2beans125


									                                               Staff MBTI
                                          Team Building Workshop
                                            Executive Summary

Workshop Evaluation
1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 5 Scale
Not at all                   Very Good
            _4.7__    How well did the workshop meet the stated objectives?
            _4.7__    The handouts were informative and useful
            _4.5__    The workshop will help me be more effective in my job
            _4.7__    I learned something new at this workshop
            _4.8__    Meeting facilitator was helpful
            _4.5__    Physical surroundings were conducive to having an effective workshop
            _4.1__    Food and Beverage service

One thing I liked about the workshop was . . .
        It emphasized that whatever you are, there’s noting wrong with you
        Speaker, location
        Learning my coworkers personality traits
        The idea of the STAR was great!
        It brought us together to discuss how to be a better “team”. There was good camaraderie
        Team oriented
        Be longer and be done every two years
        Everyone’s participation
        Informative – food format for the staff
        Interaction with employees
        Different exercises
        Learning the profiles of the individuals in our organization

One thing I would change to improve the workshop would be . . .
        There’s not too much I could improve if anything
        Nothing – I think it achieve what I wanted to
        Make the workshop longer
        More calling on the “I’s”
        More time

Any other comments:
        Great job Greg!
        Good job
        Overall Excellent!

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