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Dental Clinic

Annual Report
For more information or to request additional reports please contact:

                        Community Dental Clinic
                         520 Handeyside Lane
                                Suite 4
                       Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
              Attention: Barb Morrison, Clinic Coordinator

               Additional information is available at:
                 Jefferson County Health Department
                           1541 Annex Road
                         Jefferson, WI 53549
                 Attention: Gail Scott or Barb Dehnert


                           Fort HealthCare
                        611 E. Sherman Avenue
                       Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
                        Attention: Paul Hable

          Community Dental Clinic receives funding from
   United Way of Jefferson and North Walworth Counties Funds

                            Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report   1
                    Mission Statement

      To provide basic dental health
    services to uninsured and Medicaid
       patients in Jefferson County

  Kay Hackett, pictured below, welcomes all patients with a smile and
treats them with kindness and respect. Kay is always willing to help all
     the volunteers and staff to assure a smooth clinic operation.
                     In other words, “Kay cares!”

2   Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report
2008 Community Dental Clinic Board of Directors

                                Dental Director
                              Brian Turley, DDS
                   Smiles by Turley Dental Clinic – Jefferson

                                   Paul Hable
                         Lab Director - Fort HealthCare

                                  Dan McCrea
                               Executive Director
              United Way of Jefferson and North Walworth Counties

              Secretary                               Treasurer
          Gail M. Scott, RN                          Barb Dehnert
      Director/Health Officer                  Administrative Assistant
    Jefferson County Health Dept.            Jefferson County Health Dept.

                           Barb Morrison Gudgeon
                              Dental Assistant
                      Community Dental Clinic Coordinator

                                Board Members
          Debra Gatzke, RN                       Bob Karczewski, DDS
            Coordinator                               Professor
Jefferson County Tobacco Free Coalition      Marquette School of Dentistry

        Peter Nysather, DDS                       Juliet Slavens, DDS
     Fort Atkinson Area Dentist              Dental Associates of Lake Mills

          Virgil Simley, DDS                          Lynn Weber
           Retired Dentist                          Dental Hygienist
                                             Dental Associates of Lake Mills

                                 Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report    3
    2008 Community Dental Clinic Board Highlights
       Secured grant funding from United Way of Jefferson and North Walworth
        Counties, Kohl’s Foundation and the Wisconsin Dental Association

       Explored the purchasing of a digital x-ray system

       Purchased a digital x-ray system

       Completed all 6 operatories

       Wrote Operational Protocols, Policies and Procedures and Board Manual

       Coordinated clinic operations with Rock River Free Clinic including referrals
        and assistance with obtaining medications

       Participated in a Latino Health Fair

       Recruited professional volunteers including dentists, dental hygienists and
        dental assistants

       Completed application to the State Dept. of Administration, Bureau of Risk
        Management – Volunteer Health Care Program for volunteer liability

       Hired part time dental assistants in order to expand clinic hours

       Supported referral of patients who want to quit smoking to the Wisconsin
        Tobacco Quitline

       Welcomed Dr. Virgil Simley as a new Board member

       Submitted a Wisconsin Oral Health Access grant request for upgrading to
        a digital x-ray system and to hire a dental assistant

       Hired Kay Hackett as the clinic receptionist

4   Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report
Pictured above are Dr. Virgil Simley and Lynn Goetch, Dental Hygienist, clinic
volunteers, using the new digital x-ray system.

The Community Dental Clinic opened in June 2007. A generous grant from Delta
Dental of Wisconsin, financial support from United Way of Jefferson and North
Walworth Counties, Medical Assistance reimbursement and donations fund this
state of the art facility that offers a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for
patients, volunteers and staff.

This six chair clinic has new equipment, on-site x-rays and computerized patient
records. A digital x-ray system was implemented in 2008 decreasing the time
spent taking and developing x-rays.

      The Community Dental Clinic provides basic preventive and
                   treatment services such as:
                       Examinations and x-rays
                       Routine cleanings
                       Fillings/restorations
                       Extractions
                       Treatment of abscesses
                       Oral hygiene education

Services are provided to low-income, uninsured or Medical Assistant
patients who reside in the Jefferson County area.

                                  Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report       5
                                                  Clinic Director
                                                 Dr. Brian Turley
                                                 and Karen Nelson
                                                 provide care to a
                                                  young patient.

  Pictured at right is
part of the new digital
     x-ray system.

                                                   Dr. Jeff Winn
                                                   volunteers his
                                                    time at the
                                                   clinic assisted
                                                      by Karen

6   Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report
                           Patient Statistics
       Patient eligibility = uninsured and income 200% of poverty level or less or
               eligible to receive dental care through Medical Assistance
            Total Patients               2006           2007            2008
            Clinic Patients               31             315             808
         Head Start Screenings            NA             30               20

                        Age               2007             2008
                         <5                28               66
                       6 – 12              42               93
                      13 – 17              38               76
                      18 – 24              25               75
                      25 – 34              49               202
                      35 – 54              98               211
                      55 – 64              28               56
                    65 and over             7               29

                         Gender           2007             2008
                          Male             129              327
                         Female            186              481

        Fee Source      2007 2007 Percent 2008 2008 Percent
         Uninsured       65      21%       237     29%
     Medical Assistance 250      79%       571     71%

City          Zip Code    2007 2008         City               Zip Code   2007       2008
Cambridge      53523        5     13        Marshall            53559       0           3
Edgerton       53534        0      3        Oconomowoc          53066       0           5
Ft Atkinson    53538       59    148        Palmyra             53156       3          18
Helenville     53137        0      7        Reeseville          53579       0           8
Horicon        53032        0       1       Sullivan            53178       3           5
Ixonia         53036        4      8        Waterloo            53594      13          44
Jefferson      53549       59    104        Watertown           53094      96         266
Johnson Cr     53038       16     28        Watertown           53098      12          33
Lake Mills     53551       34     52        Whitewater          53190       11         62
                              Total                                       315        808

                                   Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report           7
          Missy Stark assists volunteer dentist Dr. Dan Harvey.

                        Dental Procedures

       Procedure                     2007                2008
Evaluations/Exams                     213                  341
       X-Rays                         174                  379
  Cleaning – Adult                    73                   156
  Cleaning - Child                    58                    84
Fluoride Treatment                     19                   13
      Sealants                         14                  131
       Fillings                       206                  701
    Extractions                       168                  292
       Other                          22                    56
         TOTAL                        947                2,153

8   Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report
             Changing Lives – Patient Stories
      Talented Patient Becomes a Valued Staff Member
         Written by Karen Steggall, Dental Assistant, pictured below with
                Dr. Virgil Simley, Volunteer Dentist from Madison

My family and I were
looking for a dentist for
about 3 years. We had
gone to a local dentist who
had done an initial exam
but when it came time for
the work to be done the
clinic put us on a waiting
list. After almost a year
of waiting to be called I
questioned what we were
supposed to do and what
options we had to get the necessary work done. They finally told me about a clinic
of volunteer dentists in Fort Atkinson.

I called right away and our appointments were all made at the same time. The
receptionist left me very confident that the dentists would do their best and treat
us fairly.

From the moment we arrived at Community Dental Clinic we were treated
respectfully not to mention everyone seemed happy to be working there! I was the
last one in our family to be seen and while I was waiting for the dentist, Barb
Morrison Gudgeon and I started talking. I mentioned I had been a dental assistant
years ago but it still didn't make being a patient any easier. That was Barb's open
door. She proceeded to tell me that they were always looking for volunteers and
that they would be more than happy to have me come and help. I was so impressed
with how she treated our family as if we were neighbors and the dentists and
assistants were so kind and thoughtful so I agreed to consider volunteering.

The first night I volunteered, I realized it was 16 years since I was an assistant!
This team was incredible to work with and didn't seem bothered that it had been
so long. Before the end of the night, Barb offered me a permanent position and I
was honored and amazed. Her offer included reacquainting me with procedures
and, most importantly, working around my full-time job as a homeschooling mother-
of-many. I have been part of this incredible team of people since. What a great
opportunity to give back what my family had been given.

                                  Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report         9
Compassionate Clinic Coordinator Honored to Work at Clinic

Written by Barb Morrison Gudgeon, Clinic Coordinator, pictured above

This year we saw 808 patients, which means there are 808 stories and lives that
walked through our door. So this has been a hard process for me to select one or
two patient stories. We have had many successes and some failures, but I believe
that these patients and their lives will touch me forever.

One of our patients has gone from being in and out of jail to being on the Dean's
List with a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) for two semesters and we had the honor
to help with his dental health during that time. Another young man had soda pop
syndrome so bad that he never smiled and it was hard for him to get a job. Since
he has changed his habits and we restored his smile he has gotten a job and comes
back to the clinic smiling. He told us that this is the first time in his life that he
really feels good. I had one young lady thank us because she had no idea how her
teeth had affected her health. She stated that she has so much more energy and
just feels great since having her oral health problems resolved by the clinic.

This year has had some sad times as we lost two patients to oral cancer. We have
had some children that we have had to refer out because their needs were too
great for our clinic. Luckily we have a wonderful Pediatric dentist we can refer to
- Dr Thomas Bittner. The clinic has such wonderful volunteers and staff and
everyone gives 150 percent. They give of their time and energy without a second
thought. I am very honored to be a part of this incredible team.

10 Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report
              2008 Volunteers & Staff
  Dentists                           Dental Assistants
  Dr. David Belardi & Staff          Dan Bono
  Dr. Thomas Bittner & Staff         Veronica Chapin
  Dr. Thomas Gobel                   Amy Griffiths
  Dr. Joseph Guros & Staff           Dawn Heling
  Dr. Dan Harvey                     Catlin Kudlata
  Dr. Lowell Lakritz                 Shannon Linse
  Dr. David Meade                    Karen Nelson
  Dr. Roy Nosek and Staff            Tasha Sawyer
  Dr. Pete Nysather                  Karen Steggall
  Dr. Robert Karczewski
  Dr. Virgil Simley                  Office Support
  Dr. Juliet Slavens                 Jason
  Dr. Brian Turley
                                     Clinic Staff
  Dr. Jeff Winn
                                     Dental Assistants
  Dental Hygienists                  Sherry Fischer
  Lynn Goetch                        Kelly O’Brien (11/30/07 – 07/25/08)
  Michelle Laesch                    Tasha Sawyer (08/01/08 – 09/05/08)
  Carol McCarten                     Melissa Stark
  Beth Nathan                        Karen Steggall
  Lynn Weber                         Clinic Coordinator
                                     Barb Morrison Gudgeon
  Clinic Support
  Robert Sa, Holt Dental             Receptionist
                                     Kay Hackett
A total of 2,145 volunteer hours of service were provided.

               2008 Financial Donations
         United Way of Jefferson and N. Walworth Counties
  Herb H. Kohl Charities            First United Methodist Church
  Rotary Club of Fort Atkinson      Fort Foundation
  Dr. Virgil Simley                 Bonnie Neumann

                           Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report 11
                                                        Pictured at left:
                                                        Carol McCarten,
                                                        Dental Hygienist
                                                           and Dental
                                                          Nicole Stark,
                                                        Karla Pierce and
                                                          Missy Stark

 Clinic Volunteers
including: Michelle
  Laesch, Dental
 Dr. Brian Turley
 and Lynn Goetch,
 Dental Hygienist

                                                  Karen Steggall assists
                                                volunteer Dentist Dr. Bob
                                                 Karczewski in creating a
                                                 patient’s beautiful smile!

12 Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report
2008 Statement of Income & Expenses
     January -- December                  2008

     Grant Funds                        $19,250.00
     Medical Assistance                 $48,143.75
     Patient Contribution                $5,973.54
     Community Donations                 $1,824.00
     Interest Earned                     $2,805.18

     Total Income                      $77,996.47

     Dental Supplies                    $25,600.00
     Hardware/Software                  $45,667.14
     Payroll                            $33,761.46
     Insurance                           $3,015.00
     Telephone                            $440.00
     Building Maintenance                $2,202.45
     Bank Fees                              $87.16
     Postage                                $50.00
     Office Supplies                      $886.07
     Other Expense                       $1,617.98

     Total Expense                    $113,327.26

     Total Income                       $77,996.47
     2007 Carryover                    $101,083.58
     Total Assets                      $179,080.05
     Total Expense                     $113,327.26

     Net Assets                        $65,752.79

                      Community Dental Clinic 2008 Annual Report 13